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Bibi1581 Blog For 06/05/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………>Chinese Dr. “Sorge”: Ron Hansen 

Ron Rockwell Hansen, 58, a resident of Syracuse, Utah, and a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer, was arrested Saturday afternoon on federal charges including the attempted transmission of national defense information to the People’s Republic of China. The FBI agents took Hansen into custody while he was on his way to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Seattle to board a connecting flight to China. 

“Ron Rockwell Hansen is a former Defense Intelligence Agency officer who allegedly attempted to transmit national defense information to the People’s Republic of China’s intelligence service (PRCIS) and also allegedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars while illegally acting as an agent of China,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers. “His alleged actions are a betrayal of our nation’s security and the American people and are an affront to his former intelligence community colleagues. Our intelligence professionals swear an oath to protect our country’s most closely held secrets and the National Security Division will continue to relentlessly pursue justice against those who violate this oath.” 

Hansen retired from the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer with a background in signals intelligence and human intelligence. He speaks fluent Mandarin-Chinese and Russian. DIA hired Hansen as a civilian intelligence case officer in 2006. Hansen held a Top Secret clearance for many years and signed several non-disclosure agreements during his tenure at DIA and as a government contractor. 

Between 2013 and 2017, Hansen regularly traveled between the United States and China, attending military and intelligence conferences in the U.S. and provided the information he learned at the conferences to contacts in China associated with the PRCIS. Hansen received payments for this information by a variety of methods, including cash, wires and credit card transactions. He also improperly sold export-controlled technology to persons in China. From May of 2013 to the date of the complaint, Hansen received not less than $800,000 in funds originating from China. 

In addition, Hansen repeatedly attempted to regain access to classified information after he stopped working on behalf of the U.S. Government. Hansen’s alerting behavior ultimately resulted in the participation of a law enforcement source from whom Hansen solicited classified information. Hansen disclosed to the source his ongoing contact with the PRCIS, including in-person meetings with intelligence officers during his trips to China. Hansen told the source the types of information his contacts in China were interested in and discussed working with the source to provide such information to the PRCIS. Hansen suggested he and the source would be handsomely paid.

2…………> Crooked Banker: Societe Generale 

Yet another exponent and member of the New World Disorder bank with a “license to steal” and legacy more crooked that dog’s hind legs was cornered by the US and French authorities, Société Générale S.A. (Société Générale) in to be specific, a global financial services institution based in Paris, France, and its wholly owned subsidiary, SGA Société Générale Acceptance N.V., have agreed to pay a combined total penalty of more than $860 million to resolve charges with criminal authorities in the United States and France, including $585 million relating to a multi-year scheme to pay bribes to officials in Libya and $275 million for violations arising from its manipulation of the London InterBank Offered Rate (LIBOR), one of the world’s leading benchmark interest rates. SGA Société Générale Acceptance N.V. will plead guilty in the Eastern District of New York in connection with the resolution of the foreign bribery case. Together with approximately $475 million in regulatory penalties and disgorgement that Société Générale has agreed to pay to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in connection with the LIBOR scheme, the total penalties to be paid by the bank exceed $1 billion. 

In related proceedings, Société Générale reached a settlement with the Parquet National Financier (PNF) in Paris relating to the Libya corruption scheme. The United States will credit $292,776,444 that Société Générale will pay to the PNF under its agreement, equal to 50 percent of the total criminal penalty otherwise payable to the United States. This is the first coordinated resolution with French authorities in a foreign bribery case.

3…………> “Antifa” Thugs Face Trump Supporters: Seattle 

“Deep State” Antifa punks faced a crowd of Trump supporters in a rowdy demonstration on Sunday in downtown Portland, marking the first large street protest of the spring, using pepper spray, throwing fireworks, bottles, rocks and ball bearings at each other. 

The rallies drew hundreds to parks near City Hall, led by right-wing Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson of Vancouver, his supporters, and counter-protesters, including black-clad antifascists, known as Antifa. 

The rallies began peacefully and escalated with shoving, a small bonfire on the Antifa side of the gatherings and punches thrown. Portland police stepped in to quell the fights and asked people to stay away from the area as Patriot Prayer supporters started marching. 

Portland police said officers with the Federal Protective Service and a Multnomah County sheriff’s deputy used pepper spray twice when protesters fought. They said four people were arrested on various allegations including disorderly conduct. 

Police said several people received medical evaluations at the scene but didn’t need to be taken to a hospital.

4…………> Trump, Un Meeting: Gurkhas Security 

In addition to US and DPRK security teams at the June 12th meeting between President and Comrade Un, elite Singaporean police, including its Gurkha Contingent, will be securing the summit venue, roads, and hotels, according to diplomats familiar with VIP security in the island state. 

The Gurkhas of Nepal are recruited at 18 or 19 and serve until they are 45, carry a special knife called a khukri, which must draw blood every time it is unsheathed, wearing head to toe body armor, Belgian-made FN SCAR combat assault rifles and pistols in leg holsters at the conference. 

Gurkhas serve in the British, Indian and Nepalese armies, as well as in Brunei and Singapore, were in what some security experts believed was a dry run for the US-North Korea summit.

5…………> The “Hand Of Virgin Mary”: Santuario di Gallivaggio 

A 420-year-old church where two young girls claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary in 1492 and consecrated in 1598, didn’t suffer any significant damage despite being hit by rocks, spearing the sanctuary and the bell-tower when a rocky hill collapse after rain in a thick dust cloud. 

Italian authorities reported 5,000 cubic meters of debris fell, after the town received 60 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, yet Santuario di Gallivaggio (Sanctuary of Gallivaggio), close to the Swiss border, appeared to be unscathed by the mudflow.

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