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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/31/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> A Moment Or Eternity: Trump

“There has never been a better time to start living the American dream. “Tonight I am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, to protect our citizens, of every background, color and creed.” a bullish President Trump proclaimed a “new American moment” as he delivered his maiden State of the Union speech to Congress. 

As 40 million television viewers were watching his address, he implored the nation to come together as “one team, one people and one American family, building a safe, strong and proud America”. 



2…………> Sins Of Ayatollah Obama: Trump’s Speech

“In the past, we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terrorists, only to meet them again on the battlefield — including the ISIS leader, (Abu Bakr) al-Baghdadi, who we captured, who we had, who we released. So today, I am keeping another promise,” Trump said, referring to the terror group by its other name, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 

“When possible, we have no choice but to annihilate them. When necessary, we must be able to detain and question them. But we must be clear: Terrorists are not merely criminals. They are unlawful enemy combatants. And when captured overseas, they should be treated like the terrorists they are. I am also asking Congress to ensure that in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaida, we continue to have all necessary power to detain terrorists, wherever we chase them down, wherever we find them. In many cases, for them, it will now be Guantanamo,” Trump declared.




3…………> Stone Cold Bipartisanship: Pelosi

“Tonight, I call on all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. This is really the key. These are the people we are elected to serve,” Trump said in a sign of a compromise, extending an olive branch to the opposition party.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was unmoved by president’s speech, leading a “wall of silence” as her colleagues scowled as President Trump touted soaring jobs numbers, sat stone-faced when he honored veterans, and one even walked out after becoming triggered by a patriotic chant, showing no inclination to accept his call for bipartisanship.

Frank Luntz


Why are @TheDemocrats not applauding job growth, higher wages and the drop in Latino and African-American unemployment?
I thought economic success is good for everyone regardless of party. #SOTU

6:23 PM – Jan 30, 2018
1,0371,037 Replies

Rep. Luis Gutierrez walked out after chants of “USA, USA!” erupted in the House chamber of the Capitol Building. After the speech, the Illinois Democrat quipped that, “whoever translated it for him from Russian did a good job.” 

Katie Pavlich


Entire row of Democrats refusing to stand for family whose two girls were murdered by MS-13 #SOTU

6:50 PM – Jan 30, 2018
1,1691,169 Replies

Afterward, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said Trump’s call for unity, after a year of “divisive actions, petty insults and disgraceful race-baiting … ring hollow.”



4…………> Stand By Your Man: Democrats

“The state of our union is strong because our people are strong,” Trump said. “And together, we are building a safe, strong and proud America,” President Trump said as he laid out his administration’s plans on a variety of issues, including immigration, national security, and he pushed for bipartisanship with Democrats on infrastructure issues, such as rebuilding roads and bridges, and the fight against ISIS.

Politicians and pundits took to Twitter to react to Trump’s address, with many lamenting that Democrats were noticeably angry and mostly refused to applaud the president.



5…………>They’re Back in the 60s’: 

 Pundits ripped Congressional Black Caucus for staying seated at SOTU, as the roughly 45-member, all-Democrat group were determined to show their rejection of Trump’s policies and his alleged derogatory remarks about African nations.

Members during the address chose not to stand when Trump honored Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise and praised his resolve for returning to work less than four months after he “took a bullet” from a gunman and “almost died.”
And they chose not join in the applause for a 12-year-old boy in the gallery whom Trump praised for putting flags on soldiers’ graves on Veterans Day.  



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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/30/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> State Of The Union: Trump

President Trump’s speech to the American people tried to address their concerns, their hopes, and their dreams, saying that a new tide of optimism was already sweeping across our land. He said that US should keep Guantanamo open and keep America safe, extended an olive branch to the Democrats calling for illegal immigration compromise and ‘setting aside our differences’, a remark that elicited boos from some observers. The President honored parents of MS-13 victims by saying ‘America is grieving for you’, called on Congress to support ‘Right to Try’, touted the elimination of ‘cruel’ ObamaCare tax.

 The Democratic quarters were clearly not amused, most clearly visible on the face of Nancy Pelosi.



2…………> Market Report 01/30/2018, cover short stop 26,400, CG(2780), 11/22/16

Short position established at 26400, stop at 26450 for a loss of 50 points, with a long position sold at 26400 for a spectacular gain of 2840 DIA points.

Stock market old timers have said that “you buy the rumor, and sell the news”, and that is exactly what is happening right now, with Democrats screaming murder as a close look at the new tax bill indicates that states like California and New York who have been leading the fight to dethrone or impeach Trump may be in for a nasty surprise with the mortgage deduction for state and local taxes set at only $10,000 per return, leaving millions of mansions above $500,000 with a hefty uptick in mortgage payment, a sure prelude to a crash.


We warned that it appears there is organized attempt to remove President Trump from office and if this activity is not curtailed soon, market will open on gap below 20,000 with next stop 17300 and 11800 support levels.

Stocks were down 363 to 26,077, with new short position at 26400, DJ futures at +68.

Gold up to 1344 and USD/CHF down to 0.9343 due to House decision to publish the FISA memo. Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch sell stop at 26,100. We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempts to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State”operators funded by the billionaires supporters of the New World Disorder.



3…………> Alzheimer’s Simulator:Ohio

Researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have created a
deep brain stimulation (DBS) implant resembling cardiac pacemaker device, except the wires are implanted in the brain instead of the heart. The brain pacemaker transmits electrical impulses through electrodes to regulate abnormal impulses in areas of the brain that control movement. Many neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s, are caused by disrupted communication among neurons that results in the case of Alzheimer’s in loss of function and cell death.



4…………> End Of America:Or Trump’s Beginning?

Despite all attacks on Trump by an loud and obnoxious crowd of Soros globalists, the United States is still the world’s only superpower, with the biggest economy and the most powerful military, as people continue to adore its movies, listens to its music, carries its phones, works on its computers, wears its fashion and enjoy its fast food.

But the history of the past half-century reminds us that American power remain crucial for the smooth operation of the worlds order.

Right now, as President just delivered his inaugural State of the Union Speech, he had an opportunity to remind the world just how important American power remains.



5…………> A New Parade: Comrade UN
The North Korean military has been rehearsing for a military parade in Pyongyang ahead of the newly declared founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) on February 8., the anniversary of the North Korean army established by Kim Il-sung in 1934, present-leader Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, according to recent commercial satellite imagery.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/30/2018: Morning Edition

1………..>Waters World: A Blabbermouth

Ricky Taylor, a ten-year Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan has offered to take Rep. Maxine “Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar? … He doesn’t deserve my attention,” Waters’ (D-Calif.) seat at President Trump’s first State of the Union address later today.

Waters is one of several ultra-left Democrat lawmakers who are skipping the event, the reason being is that Trump is “the most despicable human being that could possibly ever walk the earth.”

“You can call us what you want, but we’re still going to support our president, there’s so many Trump supporters out there that are minorities,” Taylor said. 

 “She doesn’t speak for everybody, she surely doesn’t speak for me,  she does this for a publicity stunt. She does it to kind of pander to her audience.”

“And I just thought it was extremely disrespectful for her to say that about the president,” said “Deplorable Vet” Taylor, after the Hillary’s “I have no recollection of my email server” Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” remark, a remark that cost her the presidency.

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) announced a formal invitation to Taylor to join him at the big speech.

 A former Hadley, Massachusetts, police officer named Christopher M. Roeder, 48, of Feeding Hills was arrested and charged in federal court in Springfield in connection with using unreasonable force during an arrest, deprivation of rights under color of law and one count of falsification of a document. 

Each one of the three counts can result in a sentence of no greater than 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.



3…………> Ryan’s Perestroika: Clean Up FBI

“Let it all out, get it all out there. Cleanse the organization. I think we should disclose all this stuff. It’s the best disinfectant. Accountability, transparency — for the sake of the reputation of our institutions,[because] covering up mischief would be worse.” House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said, calling to “cleanse” the FBI as he backed the release of a controversial FISA memo that reportedly details alleged surveillance abuses by the Obama’s “Deep State” operatives and saboteurs within DOJ.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee and long time co-conspirator in the illegal’s scheme, called it naturally a “very sad day, I think, in the history of this committee.” The motion passed on a party-line basis”, he said, eyes full with tears.




4…………> The Last Of Sobibor: Finally Free

Soviet Red Army soldier of Jewish descent named Arkady Waispapir who was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1943 and then sent to the Sobibor death camp, where he organized a resistance group that executed a  brazen uprising in October 1943 in which nearly a dozen guards were killed and 500 prisoners managed to escape, died in Kiev aged 96. He survived the death camp where 160,000 souls are believed to have perished, one of only 47 who died as free men.

5………..> Spoofing Trades: Commodity Markets

Eight individuals who engaged in various deceptive trading practices on commodities markets in the United States have been publicly charged with federal crimes. Seven of the eight individuals were charged with the crime of spoofing, an illegal trading practice that can be used to manipulate the commodities markets. Other than the individuals identified today, only three other individuals have ever been publicly charged with the crime of spoofing. Of those identified today, five were traders employed by global financial institutions, two were traders at large commodities trading firms, and one was the owner of a technology consulting firm.

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