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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/31/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> “Latin Kings In Jail”: Chicago

Two Lake County, Indiana men, identified as 
Darrick Vallodolid aka Deuce, 28, of Hobart, Indiana and Robert Nieto aka Cowboy, 44, of Gary, Indiana, 

both members of the Chicago-based “Latin Kings” were convicted by a federal jury in the Northern District of Indiana of conspiracy to participate in racketeering activity and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribute cocaine, marijuana, and alprazolam.


“The defendants participated in unspeakable violence on behalf of their vicious Latin Kings gang, including the senseless murder of a 15-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle near an elementary school in Hammond,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan. “These convictions further demonstrate the Department of Justice’s ongoing and unwavering commitment to attacking the scourge of gang violence on the streets of Chicago, Hammond, Gary, and throughout our country.”




2………….> “Red Crabs” Battle: Christmas Island

Christmas Island’s main employer, the Phosphate Resources Limited that has been mining in the Indian Ocean Territory for more than 100 years, is now claiming it needs to clear more crown land to access new deposits in order for the operations to remain viable, suffering a setback after a proposal to expand the island’s phosphate mine was knocked back over fears of the impact to the island’s wildlife, including its world-famous red crabs.

Under the expansion, the company wanted to clear an additional 6.83 hectares of land to undertake exploration drilling to determine the extent of more phosphate resources, in what has been described as a pristine area of the island.

“There is also a very real threat that this pattern of clearing would allow the introduction of aggressive weed species with the capacity to overwhelm native vegetation and to alter the structure of the surrounding forest,” Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said in a statement.

“Environmental damage on small islands has a far greater impact because of its limited capacity to recover from declines in biodiversity caused by the cumulative effects of land clearing,” he said.




3…………> Rossane’s Confrontation: Enter Trump

President Donald Trump did not get the message last summer, after Nazis marched in a white supremacist rally on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, and inflicted violence that left one dead and 19 injured.

Even after 15 of the CEOs, Mr. Trump had recruited to advise his administration on the economy resigned from his panels, calling the President out on his equivocation over the racist rampage.

In addition, ever since he became US President, Mr.Trump has been demeaned, ridiculed, sabotaged, and offended by a wide palette of so-called Hollywood punks aka “Late Night show comedians”, hence the dialectic push-back by Roseanne Barr has been long overdue.

Donald J. Trump


Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that “ABC does not tolerate comments like those” made by Roseanne Barr. Gee, he never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the HORRIBLE statements made and said about me on ABC. Maybe I just didn’t get the call?

8:31 AM – May 30, 2018

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His press secretary Sarah Huckabee added: “The President is pointing to the hypocrisy in the media saying the most horrible things about this President and nobody addresses it.”





4…………> USS Trump Opens Fire: Metal Tariffs

US Aluminum Association, UK business lobby group the CBI and other New World Disorder lapdogs and staunch supporters of the so-called “global economy” were clearly not amused by president Trump’s imposition of 25% tax on steel and 10% tax on aluminum from the EU, Mexico, and Canada that will start at midnight, a new push in the raging on & off trade wars of the “Make America Great Again” agenda.

Will DJI average and other world stock market indices finally acknowledge the problems with sky-high interest rates, a US budget deficit nearing a trillion dollars, and a National debt nearing $22 trillion dollars by breaking below support levels in a bear market?

The “metal tax” move immediately triggered vows of retaliation from Mexico and the EU, which called the tariffs “protectionism, pure and simple”.

How long will the markets last at current levels, despite the Federal Reserve pumping money in the system, just as the infamous Janet Yellen did for years in support of the criminal and illegal economic vision of our 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama?







5………..> Pompeo Diplomacy: Steak, Corn & Cheese

In a last-ditch attempt to salvage President Trump greatest diplomatic coup, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un’s right-hand man over “steak, corn, and cheese” in New York, with Washington pushing for “irreversible” denuclearization, but Pyongyang has yet to commit.

Secretary Pompeo


Good working dinner with Kim Yong Chol in New York tonight. Steak, corn, and cheese on the menu.

7:24 PM – May 30, 2018

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Pompeo and Kim Yong Chol met for about 90 minutes over dinner in Mr. Pompeo’s apartment on New York’s East Side, just south of the United Nations headquarters, further disclosing that the food “was great” and that the two men dined on “American beef.”



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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/30/2018: Evening Edition

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1…………> Rock paintings: Tibet

A Tibetan prefecture in northwest China’s Qinghai Province, in Chindu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, located near the source of the Yangtze River scientists have discovered rock paintings by ancient Qiang people during a period from 1,000 B.C. to the late Tang Dynasty (618-907) have been found in neighboring areas. The paintings depict various activities, including hunting, herding, sexual intercourse, and sacrifices.

Wei Jian, deputy director of Chinese Society of Rock Painting, said that the frescoes were created over a wide time span with the oldest dating back 2,000 years, and one is depicting a human figure waving something like a flag with the left hand, and using the right hand in a gesture like a salute.





2…………> “Hacker For Hire”: In Prison

Karim Baratov, aka Kay, aka Karim Taloverov, aka Karim Akehmet Tokbergenov, 23, a Canadian national and resident, was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay a fine, which encompasses all of his remaining assets.

In addition, Baratov and three other defendants, including two officers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), Russia’s domestic law enforcement and intelligence service, were charged with a number of offenses relating to the hacking of webmail accounts at Yahoo and other service providers. In particular, the defendants were charged in a computer hacking conspiracy in which the two Russian FSB officers hired criminal hackers to collect information through computer intrusions in the United States and abroad, which resulted in the unauthorized access of Yahoo’s network and the spear phishing of webmail accounts at other service providers between January 2014 and December 2016.

“Criminal hackers and the countries that sponsor them make a grave mistake when they target American companies and citizens. We will identify them wherever they are and bring them to justice,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers. “I would like to thank Canadian law enforcement authorities for their tremendous assistance in bringing Baratov to justice. We will continue to work with our foreign partners to find and prosecute those who would violate our laws.”






3………..> “Al Shabab” Sheep: In US Pen

Maalik Alim Jones, 33, of Baltimore, Maryland, was sentenced today to 35 years in prison, to be followed by five years of supervised release, for conspiring to provide material support to al-Shabaab, a designated foreign terrorist organization based in Somalia, conspiring to receive military training from al-Shabaab, and carrying and using an AK-47 machine gun, rocket-propelled grenades, and other destructive devices in furtherance of his support for al-Shabaab. Jones pleaded guilty on Sept. 8, 2017, to a three-count Superseding Information.

“U.S. citizens who travel overseas to fight with a terrorist organization – which is what Jones did – betray our country and pose a serious threat to our national security,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers. “The National Security Division remains committed to committed to identifying and stopping terrorists like Jones, and we will hold them accountable. Credit goes to all those who worked so tirelessly to bring Jones to justice.”

“We may never know what drove Maalik Jones to travel to Somalia and pledge allegiance to al Shabaab, a terrorist organization that has vowed to destroy America,” said U.S. Attorney Berman. “But we do know that with today’s sentence, Jones is no longer a threat to America’s ideals.”




4…………> The Yuan Switch: Africa

In the past few years, China has made investments in Africa’s economic projects worth nearly $7 billion dollars, part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s “new socialism” plan to invest a total of 60 billion dollars in Africa by the end of 2018.

Chinese financial analyst Liu Ying did not rule out that at the end of the day, these countries will abandon the use of the US dollar, and that experts have pointed out that the Chinese yuan is already “widely used” in trade transactions in Africa in the fields of investment, financial markets as well as the gold and forex reserves of African countries.

“The construction of basic infrastructure in Africa, including railways and [economic] clusters, also stipulates the use of the yuan,” Liu pointed out, observing rising interest rates and a program to reduce the balance of the Federal Reserve System, “the outflow of the dollar is an inevitable situation.”

“Therefore, the choice of the yuan is a logical and timely measure for Africa. The yuan is a very stable currency capable of providing support and security in trade settlements, financial investments and the creation of reserves,” Liu emphasized.

“I believe that the yuan will be stabilized rather than strengthened. The most important thing is to maintain stability [of the national currency],” he underscored.







5…………> Market Report 05/30/2018, sell stop 24400, CG(10432), 11/22/17

New position long at 24200, stop 24850 closed for a gain of 650 DIA points. Last position short DIA 24850, cover shortstop 24860 for a gain of 390 dollars was closed to the usual Fed support rally that reverses any time DJI approaches the critical 23950 level. New position long DIA at 24460, stop 24400 for a loss of 60 points.


Stock market old timers have said that “you buy the rumor, and sell the news”, and that is exactly what is happening right now, with the news that President Trump is about to start a metal tariff war, slapping 25% surcharge on steel and 10% on aluminum. DIA resistance is in the 27,000 area, with supports at 24135, 21354 and 18900 level, US dollar in a downtrend, resistance at 1.003319 CHF, support at .92 and 0.9: Gold in an uptrend, watch break resistance of 1377 to be taken soon. The massive Fed balance sheet contraction will result in a $600 billion dollars being dumped on the credit markets each quarter, a leftover of the horrendous $4.3 trillion money printing of Obama’s septic tank that will surely exert a severe pressure on stocks and financial assets.


We warned long ago that an organized attempt to remove President Trump from office is underway, and if this activity is not curtailed soon, the market will open on gap below 20,000 with next stop 17300 and 11800 support levels.

Stocks were up 306 to 24668, DJ futures -29, attempt to stage a covering short rally.

Gold up to 1301.5 and USD/CHF at 1.01 despite President Trump setting tariffs on Chinese products. Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch sell stop at 24,400. 

We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempt to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/30/2018: Morning Edition

Disclosure: European Union laws require that visitors from its domain be given information about cookies used and data collected on our blog. In many cases, these laws also require that they need to consent to use of cookies. does not collect data on our visitors using cookies, and it is not responsible if third parties have placed them in our content without permission. Please control cookies using your browser settings.


1…………> The Sugar Cartel: Coca-Cola

In the relentless battle against the “sugar” addiction in the most of the industrialized countries, “sweeteners” alternatives like “Stevia” made from the leaves of the “Stevia rebaudiana” plant that contain a variety of steviol compounds helping bypass digestion in the small intestine and are broken down by bacteria in the colon are the news again.

It is marketed by as a “natural” product and added to drinks and other foods as a highly purified extract often blended with a sugar alcohol (usually erythritol) or complex carbohydrates called oligosaccharides.
Stevia has virtually no kilojoules and can be used by those with diabetes, but its effect on “good” bacteria in the colon may be undesirable.

Returning to the “usual suspects” in the “sugar war” and its associated cartels, it is important to observe that Coca-Cola’s products across the world with less sugar include: 

Coca-Cola with Stevia: 19g of sugar per 375mL, compared with the classic product with 40g per 375mL 

Kirks reduced sugar drinks: now 38g sugar per 375 mL (4-5% reduction) 

Sprite, sugar reduced with added stevia: 40g sugar per 375 mL (14% reduction)

Raspberry Fanta, sugar reduced with added stevia: 36g sugar per 375 mL (19% reduction) 

Lift hard-hitting lemon, sugar reduced: 31.5g sugar per 375 mL (23% reduction) 
Deep spring mineral waters, three orange-based flavors of sugar reduced: 28g sugar per 375 mL (26% reduction). 

Still a single can of the new Coca-Cola with Stevia has 37% of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended maximum daily intake of sugar for an adult, and the other products listed still have 55-78% of the WHO maximum recommendation, so stranger, choose wisely.






2…………> The Silent War: FSB vs Ukraine

A few days ago, the Kremlin issued a demand to the government of Ukraine to find and punish the murderers of Russian reporter and blogger Arkady Babchenko, a new cycle of hostilities between two former members of the Soviet Union, without realizing the murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev was staged in a sting operation to foil a Russian assassination plot.

Hence when he “rose from the grave” and arrived at a press conference on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after he was reported dead, Ukraine’s security services said an elaborate sting was set up to catch hitmen paid by Russian forces.

Police said they had made one arrest.




3…………..> Merkel’s “Mustapo”: Listening Again?

Everything that was ever related to the infamous reign of Adolf Hitler is now outlawed in the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany, including the Gestapo, well, almost everything, since a news has broken out that for years, Germany’s foreign intelligence service (BND) or the “Mustapo”, as has been labeled by, has been pirating out data from Frankfurt-based De-Cix (Deutsche Commercial Internet Exchange), the world’s largest internet exchange point, in the most celebrated traditions of its predecessor of litening to other peoples phone conversations without a warrant.  

The “Merkel’s Gestapo” aka BND claims the data it’s been channeling from De-Cix is naturally paramount to the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany’s national security interests, but De-Cix says that the data is purely domestic internet exchange point and that as an international agency, the BND is forbidden to use surveillance measures pertaining to domestic communication without concrete suspicion; i.e., in other words, it dropped Uncles Adolf’s big, black boots in favor for fine Italian leather, with its big, long ears trying to hear the saboteurs that would stop the appaling Islamization of EU most important country, and prevent the raising of the blessed “Allah’s Green Flag” over the Brandeburg Gate.





4…………> Back On Patrol: USS Reagan

“[Ronald Reagan Strike Group] is very excited to get underway and begin to train and operate together, as well as with our allies and partners,” said Rear Adm. Marc Dalton, commander, Commander Task Force 70. “As we get underway for these operations we will continue to represent the United States as the security partner of choice in the region, to ensure freedom of the seas, drive stability and security and to promote adherence to a rules-based international order.”


The forward-deployed Ronald Reagan Strike Group departed Yokosuka, Japan, May 29, for a regularly scheduled patrol to operate in the western Pacific Ocean,
conducting training in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations supporting security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.







5…………> I Ain’t Paying For Y’r Wall: EPN

President Enrique Peña Nieto went to Twitter to issue a reply to the “They’re going to pay for the wall, and they’re going to enjoy it,” claim by his opposite across the fence:

“President @realDonaldTrump: NO. Mexico will NEVER pay for a wall. Not now, not ever. Sincerely, Mexico (all of us).”

a rebuttal supported by an obscenity-laden tweet fired by his “the longest middle finger” predecessor Vincente Fox:

Vicente Fox Quesada


.@realDonaldTrump, I repeat once again: Mexico is NOT paying for your #FuckingWall. You want it? you pay for it. Why waste American people’s money? Having so many more priorities: education, health, infrastructure and a good relationship with both of your neighbors.

4:26 AM – May 30, 2018 · San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuato

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President told a campaign rally in Nashville, Tennessee, that Mexico will pay for the wall “in the end” and like it.

“They make all of this money, and they do absolutely nothing to stop people from going through Mexico, from Honduras and all these other countries, the caravan, all of this stuff,” the president said. “They do nothing to help us, nothing.”

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