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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.”

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump
@real Donald Trump

When I terminated John Kelly, which I couldn’t do fast enough, he knew full well that he was way over his head. Being Chief of Staff just wasn’t for him. He came in with a bang, went out with a whimper, but like so many X’s, he misses the action & just can’t keep his mouth shut,which he actually has a military and legal obligation to do. His incredible wife, Karen, who I have a lot of respect for, once pulled me aside & said strongly that “John respects you greatly. When we are no longer here, he will only speak well of you.” Wrong!


Donald J. Trump
@real Donald Trump

DRAIN THE SWAMP! We want bad people out of our government!


Donald J. Trump
@real Donald Trump


Mini Mike is a 5’4” mass of dead energy who does not want to be on the debate stage with these professional politicians. No boxes please. He hates Crazy Bernie and will, with enough money, possibly stop him. Bernie’s people will go nuts!Mini Mike Bloomberg is a LOSER who has money but can’t debate and has zero presence, you will see. He reminds me of a tiny version of Jeb “Low Energy” Bush, but Jeb has more political skill and has treated the Black community much better than Mini!


2…………….> DOJ vs Connecticut Trump Haters: Stop Cuddling Criminals


ICE served three immigration subpoenas to the State of Connecticut Court Support Services Division officials, requesting information on multiple illegal aliens who were criminally arrested in Connecticut, and yet under Connecticut’s non-cooperation policies officials have refused to honor immigration detainers or even provide ICE with information about the release dates of criminal alien public safety threats. Issuance of these immigration subpoenas was necessary because the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections has continued to ignore ICE’s requests for information and cooperation.

“It’s unfortunate that elected officials in Connecticut seem unable to grasp the public safety threat posed by the criminal illegal aliens these officials are attempting to shield,” said acting Field Office Director Todd M. Lyons of ERO Boston.
“These are the same criminals who’ve already been arrested for crimes by state and/or local law enforcement, often perpetrated against the very immigrant communities these officials claim to be protecting. Despite these short-sighted, reckless ‘sanctuary-for-criminal-aliens’ policies, ICE will continue to use all available legal tools to safeguard the public.”


3…………….> Bombing of Dresden: A Survivor Memories 75 years later


In the final months of World War II, tens of thousands of people, many of whom had fled the Soviet army’s advance and taken refuge in the German city of Dresden, perished in an enormous firestorm unleashed by an Allied bombing campaign. Ever since, there has been much debate about whether the bombing was militarily justifiable. DW met one of the survivors in the rebuilt city.


4…………> Universal Virus Vaccine: On The Way?


Researchers have make a giant leap toward ‘Universal Vaccine’ after finding viruses’ common weakness, after hundreds of millions of people have died from pathogens ranging from the Plague and the Spanish Flu to smallpox, HIV and measles, and public pressure for immediate solution has grown steadily in recent weeks with the outbreak of COVID-19, a new corona-virus which has infected over 60,000 people and claimed over 1,300 lives.
A team of US and German researchers working at Massachusetts General Hospital have discovered a common weakness among mammalian proteins which they believe may hold the key to wiping out deadly viruses en masse,A university press release explained that a protein known as Argonaute 4 (AGO4), which has proven uniquely anti-viral in mammalian immune cells, could very well be a kind of “Achilles heel” against all sorts of viruses, with its antiviral qualities making it a potential universal treatment


5…………> Lining Troops For The Last Battle: Trump’s Most Trusted


The ex-White House communications director Hope Hicks is back in Trump’s corner, and is expected to be his counselor, reporting to son-in-law Jared Kushner, joining former chief of staff Reince Priebus, as the president is clearly preparing his team for the vicious re-election battle ahead, following three years of street to street battles with the Nancy, “Anyone caught urinating in front of my mansion will be deported to Arizona” Pelosi, Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff and their janissaries.

The 31-year-old former model has worked for Fox Corporation since leaving the White House two years ago, and had first joined the inner circle in 2014 when she started with the Trump Organization as an aide to Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, in her fashion brand.
She remained by Mr. Trump’s side throughout his campaign and into the White House.
“I have worked with Hope for almost six years and can say without hesitation she is one of the most talented and savvy individuals I have come across,” White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in statement.
“She has always impressed me with her quiet confidence, loyalty and expertise, and I am beyond thrilled to welcome Hope back to the White House.”
Ex-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders also heralded her return, saying on Twitter: “There is no one more loyal, talented or fun than Hope.”Not only is she brilliant she is an amazing friend and will be a tremendous asset to the President and his team.”


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