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George Sorbane Quotes: “Hey Americans”, he screamed furiously at the drones. “Brothers of the wolf, sisters of the wind, children of the Sun! Send the Choctaw warrior a quick and merciful death, instead of abandoning us into slavery or shameful capture”, Ziban Must Die.


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Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners | Donald Trump inauguration | The Guardian

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2…………> Einstein Predictions Supported: New Evidence

The first image of a black hole, captured in 2019 by the team of Greek astronomer Dimitrios Psaltis, has revealed even more support for Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

The image measures the Messier87 (M87) black hole which is 40 billion km across – three million times the size of the Earth – and has been described by scientists as “a monster.”

3…………> California Weather: Threat to timeless trees

California’s giant sequoias are symbols of permanence – with some living for thousands of years. But the fierce wildfires ravaging the state threaten even these mighty trees, which are among the longest-lived organisms on Earth.

4………….> Happy Driver: Sentence Reduced by 90%

A truck driver who was facing a 110-year jail term for a deadly crash has had his sentence reduced to 10 years, following widespread outcry, following Rogel Aguilera-Mederos’ lorry crashed into traffic in 2019, killing four people in the US state of Colorado.

5…………..> US Cultural Trends: 2021

The United States ushered in 2021 amidst lockdowns and a world completely foreign to that known 365 days prior. The term “social distancing” was reserved for introverts, masks were worn on Halloween, and only curious toddlers and Hollywood horror movie makeup artists stuck items resembling cotton swabs up their noses.–vaccines-how-the-us-tackled-its-covid-spread-in-2021-1091805749.html

6…………> A Message of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.



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