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Bibi1581 Blog For 04/22/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Not A Traitor: Trump’s Lawyer

The Tweeter war between President Trump and the “Failing New York Times”   was re-kindled by when newspaper’s sources claiming that his longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen will “flip” against him were labeled as “non-existent” by Mr. Trump



21 Apr

The New York Times and a third-rate reporter named Maggie Haberman, known as a Crooked H flunkie who I don’t speak to and have nothing to do with, are going out of their way to destroy Michael Cohen and his relationship with me in the hope that he will “flip.” They use….

Donald J. Trump


….non-existent “sources” and a drunk/drugged up loser who hates Michael, a fine person with a wonderful family. Michael is a businessman for his own account/lawyer who I have always liked & respected. Most people will flip if the Government lets them out of trouble, even if….

6:10 AM – Apr 21, 2018

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The NYTimes defended their reporters:

The New York Times



President Trump, in a series of tweets, criticized this article that described his years of poor treatment of his longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

We stand by our reporting.

The New York Times


Dean Baquet, our executive editor, said our article “is filled with named quotes on the record.” Everything @maggieNYT “has reported from inside the White House has proven true.”

10:42 AM – Apr 21, 2018

Mr. Trump was in Florida the morning the tweets were sent, missing a funeral held the same day for former first lady Barbara Bush in Houston.



2…………> IS Ain’t Dead: Kabul Attack

The rumors of the untimely demise of the Islamic State group (IS) appeared to be premature, to say the least since, despite a victorious tweet by President Trump announcing to the world that was it all destroyed and never to be heard again, it reaffirmed its evil force by claiming the bloody bombing below.

One of IS suicide bombers attacked a voter registration center in the Afghan capital Kabul that killed at least 57 people, including 21 women and five children, with 119 people were injured.
It appears that politicians do not seem to grasp, or simply refuse to accept the basic fact that the Western so-called “way of life” is directly contradicting the covenants of the Islamic religion and power of the mullah, ayatollahs, and the muftis.
The only way to stop the terror is for the “kafirs” or “Judeo/Chrisitan infidels” to leave the lands of “Lord Mohammed the Magnificent”, something the exponents of the “New World Disorder”, and their Central Banks controlled mega-billionaires” masters are unwilling to do, since Muslims nations are nothing else to them but a huge, two billion human beings market where a lot of stuff could be sold, once the “masses” are conned into resisting their rigid and uncompromising religion.


3………..> Secrets Of The Deep: Qianlong III

A photo was taken by China’s unmanned submersible Qianlong III on April 20, 2018, shows deep-sea fish. The submersible Qianlong III entered the 3,900-meter-deep sea area from the Chinese research vessel Dayang Yihao (Ocean No. 1) for the first time and took lots of photos of deep-sea creatures. 

One thing that is not obvious from the image captured, is that at a depth of 3900 meters, the pressure per square centimeter on the fish observed is the weight of 390,000 grams of water; In other words, the fish should be crushed by the deep sea pressure, yet it is there, alive and existing. Translation: The greatest engineer that ever was, it is and would be, Lord Creator of the Universe has an enigma right in front of our faces, prodding us to learn, to decode and decipher the ways of his wisdom, instead of throwing trash cans, chairs and ladders at each other, as our “Fake News” media, irresponsible “Deep State” politicians and other inhabitants of the alligator infested D.C. swamp have been doing lately.


4…………> Over The Abyss: Mexico

As has been reporting for over two years, the relentless slide by Mexico into a civil war seems to be accelerating, with about 80 candidates have been murdered since campaigning for Mexico’s 2018 elections began in September. Many have been targeted for opposing drug cartels — or conspiring with them, and all this outrage during the infamous administration by boyish-faced President Enrico Pena Nieto, according to local talking heads.


The implications?

“Narco-politics isn’t some vague threat. It’s a reality.” the investigative journalist Jose Reveles estimated that about 45% of all municipalities in Mexico are controlled by organized crime and that the numbers will only get worse.

Mexico has a “weak state, co-opted by the mafia,”  Citing a report by Global Financial Integrity, the country has “the third largest underground economy — after China and Russia,” according to Edgardo Buscaglia, the president of the Institute for Citizens Action in Mexico (IAC) and a research scholar of law and economics at Columbia University admitted.

The burning question: How long will it take for President Trump to realize that instead of worrying about the “DACA” crowd and building walls, he should simply occupy Mexico, crush the cartels and send all illegals back to point of origin?


5…………> An Empire Raising Again: Japan

Is “The Empire Of The Rising Sun” stealthily building its forces to WW2 strength,  preparing for the inevitable confrontation with worlds new “Super Power”, Mr.Xi Communist China?


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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/30/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Operation “Matador”: ICE

Twenty-four were arrested Thursday under Operation “Matador”, the intelligence-driven, unified effort to combat the proliferation of MS-13 and other transnational criminal gang activity in Long Island, the New York City metropolitan area and Hudson Valley. 

A total of 475 individuals were arrested during this ongoing enforcement effort, most of which were confirmed as gang members and affiliates. The most prominent gangs with arrests during this operation were MS-13 with 274 arrests and the 18th street gang with 15 arrests.  This operation yielded 227 total criminal arrests and 248 administrative arrests.

Of the gang members arrested during this ongoing enforcement action, 80 had additional criminal histories, including prior convictions for assault and weapons charges. 5 are facing serious criminal charges.  Others were taken into custody during the operation included:

The arrestees, 462 male and 13 female, included nationals from 10 countries – El Salvador (199); Honduras (56); Mexico (31); Guatemala (27); Ecuador (05), Dominican Republic (21) and St. Lucia (1).

Operation Matador in New York is conducted under the auspices of the national gang enforcement effort, Operation Community Shield has resulted in nearly 5,000 criminal arrests and more than 3,200 civil immigration arrests of MS-13 leaders, members and associates




2…………> Escrow Fraud: Airline

A federal jury in the District of New Jersey found the former chief executive officer and the former vice president of a now-bankrupt public air charter operator guilty yesterday for their roles in a scheme to steal millions of dollars in passenger money for future travel from an escrow account.

Judy Tull, 73, and Kay Ellison, 58, both of Edenton, North Carolina, were each convicted of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud affecting financial institutions and to commit bank fraud, four substantive counts of wire fraud affecting financial institutions and three substantive counts of bank fraud following a seven-day trial.  Tull is the former CEO of Myrtle Beach Direct Air and Tours (Direct Air), which was headquartered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with operations in Daniels, West Virginia, and Ellison is its former vice president and managing partner.  Sentencing has been scheduled for July 17, 2018, before U.S. District Judge Susan D. Wigenton of the District of New Jersey, who presided over the trial.




3…………> In Mr.Xi’s Shadow:  “Nephew” Un

It was a powerful image as China’s President, “Uncle” Xi Jinping, walking with the leader of North Korea, “Nephew” Kim Jong-un aka “Comrade Un” in front of goose-stepping military honor guard, a statement of a bond forged in blood, and a “steel hands” relationship between two fanatical Communist countries on the battlefield of the Korean War, when China interceded against the US-led western forces to the tune of nearly 200,000 PLA volunteer deaths and forced the biggest retreat in American military history.

Now nearly 70 years later, China is playing a delicate game, maintaining pressure on Pyongyang but not pushing it into the abyss, backing sanctions but watering down potentially tougher international restrictions.



4…………> Letters From Below: Letters Of Love

In February 1941 SS Gairsoppa, a steam cargo ship travelling from India to Britain was attacked, torpedoed and sunk about 300 miles off the coast of Ireland by German U-boats, falling down almost 13500 feet to its grave to the North Atlantic Ocean dark depths, leaving only three survivors out of 84 crew members. 

They lay there forgotten for 70 years until marine archaeologists discovered the long-lost shipwreck, and it’s cargo of millions of ounces of silver, sent from colonial India to the UK to help fund the war effort. But most importantly, a treasure trove of hundreds of lost letters, including personal messages from soldiers to their loved ones, were recovered from a World War II shipwreck in an almost pristine condition in an airlock onboard the SS Gairsoppa as it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic in 1941.

Signed, sealed, but never delivered for 77 years the letters shined a light on correspondence during the war, especially one letter, written on December 1, 1940, by Private Pete Walker was to his “most precious sweetheart”, Phyll.



5………> Where’s The Black Hole: Cosmic Mystery

“Finding a galaxy without dark matter is unexpected because this invisible, mysterious substance is the most dominant aspect of [known] galaxies. The idea is that dark matter is not just an object inside a galaxy but it helps form the galaxy,”  lead author Pieter van Dokkum of Yale University University tried to explain why a galaxy, called NGC 1052-DF2, contains virtually no dark matter, contradicting the current assumption that clusters of that mysterious form of energy in the early universe attracted hydrogen gas, which solidified to form the first stars and galaxies shortly after the big bang.

Galactic cluster NGC 1052-DF2 is 65 million light-years away in the constellation of “Cetus the Whale”, and its unusually high ratio of luminous star clusters to dark matter was studied with the “Dragonfly” telescope, facing the researchers with another contradictory enigma of early cosmos formation.

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