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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/10/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Cuffed In Sarov: Surfing The Internet, Eh?

Several scientists working at a top-secret Russian nuclear warhead facility have been arrested for mining crypto-currencies using its supercomputer rated at 1 petaflop, in a town unofficially named “Sarov” that was not even marked on the maps, and it is surrounded by a tightly guarded no-man’s-land.  
British experts have been suspecting that the radioactive polonium-210 used to kill ex-FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006 came from Sarov.
A nice, homey place ain’t it?


2…………> Rogers: Bear Market Ahead?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted for the second time this month, losing over 2,000 points, or about 10% of its value, followed by Nasdaq and  S&P 500, that saw drops of 9.7% and 12%.

Famed investor Mr. Jim Rogers stated in part that: “The real reason in my view is that the American stock market has been going up for over two years with no correction – not even a five percent correction. Normally markets correct ten percent all the time. This is a very overextended, overbought market, and so it was time for a correction. I can give you [other] reasons, but that’s the real reason.”

His statement completely agrees with what has been saying for more than two years, when the leader of the invisible, illegitimate and answerable to no one real US government Janet Yellen and her hoodlum friends over at ECB printed out trillions of dollars in support of the so called “global economy”, melting the polar caps along the way and robbing savers out of billions of fixed income.
Now the monocle is on the other eye, and the electorate that was not paying attention and instead watching TV and drinking beer will have to face the hard way.


3…………> US Nuke Doctrine: Madness Or Reality?

The US Department of Defense published the new US’s new nuclear doctrine, that coupled with the National Security Strategy and the National Defense Strategy sets up a course for achieving all-round US superiority over any enemy, in line with Trump’s ‘America First’ and ‘Peace Through Strength’ slogans. The document implies that US is prepared to unleash a war against any rival who encroaches on America’s monopoly position, or who violates the ‘New World Disorder’ established by the USA, according to famed Roman adage, “divide et impera”, or “divide and conquer” in plain English.


4…………> ICE Power Challenged: LA Judge

“This is a significant ruling, especially considering the national debate around immigration and the efforts of the Trump administration to strong-arm localities to honor immigration detainers. Here is yet another court saying that any police department that does go along with detainer requests can be held liable,” said  an attorney with the ACLU as a federal judge in Los Angeles ruled that police departments violate the Constitution if they detain inmates at the request of immigration agents, throwing another “monkey wrench” in the wheels of Trump’s ICE police efforts to identify and deport immigrants in the country illegally.

“The LASD officers have no authority to arrest individuals for civil immigration offenses, and thus, detaining individuals beyond their date for release violated the individuals’ Fourth Amendment rights,” U.S. District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. wrote, as his order allows an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 people who were improperly held in L.A. County jails on ICE detainers between 2010 and 2014 may be entitled to monetary awards.
This is yet another great victory for the Mr.Soros led “La Resistance” movement against the alleged “nationalism” of the Trump’s administration trek for law and order country with well secured borders.


5…………> Money Laundering:Nigeria

Charges were unsealed today in Houston, Texas, against six individuals for their alleged participation in an elaborate international advance fee and money laundering scheme. The scheme allegedly involved the impersonation of Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) and JPMorgan Chase (Chase) executives, the fabrication of U.S. government documents, the creation of fraudulent investment agreements in the name of BB&T and Chase, and the purchase of luxury vehicles to launder the proceeds of the scheme.

Uju Okigbo, 48, of Richmond, Texas; Chioma Okafor, 28, of Houston, Texas; Marita Ranalan Underwood, 61, of Manila, Philippines; John Christian Rutledge, 64, of Yaphank, New York; and Osa May Martin, 68, of Carthage, Missouri, were charged in an indictment unsealed today in the Southern District of Texas. All five defendants were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Okigbo and Okafor were also charged with one count of conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, as well as two counts each of wire fraud and two counts each of concealment money laundering. Okigbo is also charged with three counts of engaging in transactions with proceeds of specified unlawful activity, and one count of aggravated identity theft for impersonating a U.S. banking executive. Underwood, Rutledge and Martin are also charged with one count of conspiracy to wrongfully use government seals.


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