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Bibi1581 Blog For 09/29/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Confirm Cavanaugh: Editorial


“Judge Kavanaugh was right to call the confirmation process a ‘disgrace’ in his passionate self-defense,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s “allegation should have been vetted privately, in confidence, as she said she would have preferred. Instead of ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein held it for six weeks, and it was leaked—perhaps to cause precisely such a hearing circus.”





2…………>Sultan Erdogan Meets Ayatolyn Merkel


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany Chancellor, righteous Ayatolyn Angela Merkel at a working breakfast to discuss bilateral and international issues.

It was Erdogan and Merkel’s second meeting during the president’s three-day high-profile state visit to Germany.

At a joint press conference afterward, Ayatolyn Merkel vowed to enhance cooperation between the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany and Turkey in the economy and energy and security despite political differences on some issues.

Merkel said their talks on Saturday would focus on bilateral relations and regional issues, including the situation in Syria.

Following his official meetings in Berlin on Saturday, Erdogan is scheduled to proceed to the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has a large Turkish immigrant population.

In Cologne, Erdogan is expected to attend the inauguration ceremony of Cologne Central Mosque, run by Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs.





3…………> Indonesia: State of emergency


Indonesia declared a state of emergency Saturday for Sulawesi Island in the wake of a powerful earthquake and resulting tsunami.

At least 384 people died after Friday’s 7.7-magnitude earthquake, a spokesman for Indonesia’s disaster management agency said about the mobilization of all state units for aid and recovery efforts.

The tsunami, towering up to three meters high, hit Palu, capital of the Central Sulawesi province, and the northeast of the nearby Donggala Regency.

After its 500-meter airstrip was damaged, Palu’s airport was closed to flights, excepting certain cargo planes.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo ordered troops to the region to support search and rescue efforts.

A hospital ship is on the way with medical equipment and nearly 100 specialist doctors, according to Indonesian officials.

Local media said some 540 people were injured.





4…………> American Power: An Inside Look

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is the money factory that prints $500 million every day now, and where the US dollar and US government treasuries have been written for more than 150 years, and with no sings of joining the digital revolution.
With 21.51 trillion dollars of National debt, US politicians better get digital and fast, before the dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world.




5…………>Grandpa Was An Illegal Alien: Literally


The building blocks of life, the elements of organic molecules which form living matter, came to Earth from outer space, according to a new study that found out that phosphates and diphosphoric acid, two primary chemicals that form chromosomes carrying our genetic information, were generated billions of light years away from our planet and were delivered to Earth by space wanderers such as asteroids or comets.

The scientists used a vacuum chamber cooled down to near absolute zero to simulate icy interstellar grains coated with carbon dioxide, water, and phosphine.

When exposed to radiation, these grains created both phosphates and diphosphoric acid. “On Earth, phosphine is lethal to living beings,” said Andrew Turner of the University of Hawaii.

“But in the interstellar medium, exotic phosphine chemistry can promote rare chemical reaction pathways to initiate the formation of relevant molecules such as oxoacids of phosphorus, which eventually might spark the molecular evolution of life as we know it.”

“Since comets contain at least partially the remnants of the material of the protoplanetary disk that formed our solar system, these compounds might be traced back to the interstellar medium wherever sufficient phosphine in interstellar ices is available,” said Cornelia Meinert of the University of Nice in France.

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