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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.”

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump

Governor Cuomo wanted to see me this weekend. He just canceled. Very hard to work with New York – So stupid. All they do is sue me all the time!
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Rep. Elise Stefanik

Once again, Governor Cuomo’s reckless Green Light Law is hindering our federal and state law enforcement and other agencies from doing their jobs, and is now preventing law abiding citizens from receiving access to important travel programs


Mark Meadows

Democrats try to impeach him, corporate media spends all day attacking him, and all President Trump does is keep on fueling the best surging economy in decades. It’s really amazing.
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MarketWatch Economy
EMPLOYMENT WATCH: U.S. creates 225,000 new jobs in January. Way above 164,000 MarketWatch forecast. Unemployment rises to 3.6% from a 50-year low of 3.5%. Wages climb at 3.1% yearly rate in January. Very good report. Strong U.S. labor remains market resilient.


2…………> Thailand Shooting: Soldier’s Gun Rampage


A soldier has killed 20 people and injured dozens more in a gun rampage in the Thai city of Nakhon Ratchasima, as gunshots rang, and people were running through the shopping center.

Jakraphanth Thomma, a junior officer, killed his commanding officer before stealing weapons from a military camp, then continued his attack in a shopping center, where he is now believed to be holed up, initially posting updates on his social media.

Security forces are inside the complex, after having rescued hundreds of people while searching for the gunman.

Authorities sealed off the Terminal 21 shopping center in Nakhon Ratchasima, also known as Korat, on Saturday evening, and troops and police officers entered in order to search for the suspect and help those trapped inside, with ambulances brought up to the complex to ferry away the injured.


3………….> Trump Fires Traitor Vindman: Politically Correct Dogs Barking


Shortly after President Trump was acquitted by senators on Wednesday, he found a great pleasure to fire one of impeachment Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Soros & Co shamans non-so-secret weapons, namely Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, a top Ukraine expert, who put his nose in the business of the White House, and called the “Fake News” lap dogs, hence being labeled as “very insubordinate”.

His partner in flying out of Mr.Trump’s window was US envoy Gordon Sondland, who testified against him at the trial, and now precipitated the staff shake-up that has been long overdue.


4…………> Trump’s New Toy: A Sub With Small Nukes


A new type of nuclear warhead with a yield about one-third the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 had been fitted aboard at least one Ohio-Class ballistic missile submarin, giving the president “options” in military planning, according to Secretary of Defence Mark Esper:

“Low-yield nuclear weapons give the president options. We always want to give options. Options allow us to deter conflict, at the end of the day we want to deter conflict. But if necessary we want to be able to fight and win.” 

The weapon had been deployed aboard the USS Tennessee, which began patrolling the Atlantic earlier this year. A second W72-2-armed sub may be patrolling the Pacific.


5…………> A Whisper From Above: Cosmic Signals Received?


Regular bursts of mysterious radio signals bombarding our planet from deep in outer space have forced many of international team of scientists led by astronomers at the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment Fast Radio Burst Project (CHIME/FRB) in British Columbia to consider the probability of an extra-terestrial source, that turned out to be a galaxy some 500 million lightyears from our solar system.

It is emitting out fast radio bursts every 16.35 day cycles, including 1-2 bursts per hour over a four day period and then 12 days of silence before starting up again.

The study’s authors now plan to continue watching out for the signal-emitting object, looking out for clues regarding its origins. Scans of SDSS J015800.28+264253.0 by X-ray and gamma-ray radiation telescopes may provide further clues as to its identity.


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