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George Sorbane Quotes 1. “Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal”
George Sorbane kindle books
1…………> Today’s White House Tweets
Donald J. Trump

.Donald J. Trump
@realDonald J.Trump
Donald J. Trump
The hard working men and women of
are working overtime to maintain our supply chain and deliver medical supplies to those in need. Your work is critical to the health of our nation, keep it up!
Donald J. Trump
, Governor of Illinois, and a very small group of certain other Governors, together with Fake News
& Concast (MSNC), shouldn’t be blaming the Federal Government for their own shortcomings. We are there to back you up should you fail, and always will be!
Donald J. Trump Retweeted
Rep. Michael Waltz
So awesome to see Florida businesses stepping up to help our neighbors like this.
This is the strong spirit of community that makes America great! 🇺🇸 #InItTogether
Quote Tweet
Florida Times-Union
· Mar 20
When life hands you coronavirus, make sanitizer.

2…………> Merkel’s Germany: “Achtung: Gruppen Verboten”

The Islamic Merkeldom of Germany is having the world’s fifth-highest number of corona-virus cases(at 23,794, and 92 deaths), and now has ordered the strictest rules against associating, announcing that there would be fines of up to 25,000 euros for those in breach of the new rules, while the same fine will also be imposed for those in breach of a previous six foot social distancing, and other rules listed below:
Citizens are to keep distance of min 6 feet, no more than 2 people to meet in public, travel to work/helping others/private exercise “OK”, restaurants closed, delivery and pick-up only,tattoo parlors/hairdressers closed.
Ayatolin Merkel has not divulged if repeated violators will be sent to an re-education camp back to Syria, managed by her jihadists friends of Al-Nusra Brigade punks aka “The Cousin Obama boys”, whose members she allowed in her country in the hundreds of thousands, with many being strong, of military age, while pretending seeking freedom in EU, after fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with their IS brothers against the coalition forces.
In other developments, one of world’s largest airlines, the Emirates, grounded its entire fleet for a week, basically throwing thousands of people on the street, and Chinese billionaire Jack Ma sent help to Africa by providing millions of masks and other medical supplies, with Thailand posts biggest daily increase in COVID-19 cases.
3…………> US Army Enters New York: Convert Hotels and Dorms to COVID-19 Hospitals
According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the number of confirmed corona-virus cases in the state of New York has reached 10,356, with 76 fatalities, and hence the US Army, and National Guard troops have entered the city to take over hotels, college dormitories, and sports arenas, turning them into ICU-like medical facilities, with plans to take over as many as 10,000 hotel rooms, college dormitories, and other spaces in US largest metropolis for medical services, as the number of corona virus hospitalizations has risen exponentially.
NYC has limited ferry service and reduced the number of boats during rush hours to three, as the United States is now third in the world in terms of the number of confirmed corona-virus cases, surpassing Italy and China, based on a report by Johns Hopkins University Corona-virus Resource Center, with more than 26,747 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and more than 300 fatalities.
4…………> Trump’s Stimulus Bill To Help US Workforce & Small Businesses: Secretary Mnuchin
The Corona-Virus pandemic had inflicted a heavy damage on the global, and American economy, as evident by the drop of DJIA from 29250 to just above the 19,000 level, having broken through the critical 27400 level, and now in a free-fall towards monthly support at 15,500 level,which, which, if materialized, would be nearly a 50% re-tracement, not seen since the “Roaring Twenty” crash of 1929.
Hence it is not a surprise that US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, himself a seasoned market trader, announced an economic package against the corona-virus, divulging that the bill will include a $3000 deposit for an average family of four, with planned measures to include small business retention loans that would help about half of the American workforce. Market Pundits have projected a severe drop in GDP, much larger that during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.
Translation? Where did this crash all of a sudden came from? After decades of money printing by the globalist clique of Unified Party USA, a criminal consortium by Establishment GOP, and “beyond left” Trotsky communist Democrats, trillions of dollars of American capital, industry, and know-how was exported to our Chinese “partners”, raising National debt to $23.6 trillion dollars (with 12 zeros). Now we are threatened by the runaway Communist state that they may refuse to send us the medical supplies, produced by US based companies, build by the globalist in search of endless profits, and if anyone want to see this outrage continue, vote the VP of our beloved 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack,” We must spread freedom around the world by reading our citizens emails” Obama, “Uncle” Joe,”Sleeping in a wrong century” Biden.
For further inside on the topic, please read George Sorbane’s book, “The Endless Beginning”.
Note: flashed a sell short signal at DJIA 29250.
5………..> Corona-Virus Beheading Our Leadership: Sen.Rand Paul COVID-19 Positive
Respected GOP Senator Rand Paul, Republican from the state of Kentucky, himself a distinguished medical doctor, confirmed that he tested positive for the corona-virus, making him the first member of the upper chamber of Congress to be infected by the virus, and third legislator to report being infected by the illness.
“He is feeling fine and is in quarantine, is asymptomatic and was tested out of an abundance of caution due to his extensive travel and events. He was not aware of any direct contact with any infected person,and expects to be back in the Senate after his quarantine period ends”, his office reported.

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Bibi1581 Blog 12/02/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Food For Cold Winter Days: 10 Recipes


The urge to hibernate and tuck into comfort foods takes over during a time of the year that coincides with a drop in energy levels that can leave you wanting to reach for easy options and takeaways. A selection of recipes that take minimal preparation and are lighter on shopping and washing up are intending to bringing your family together for cozy, nourishing meals that’ll see you through the winter chill.



2…………> Paris Is Burning: What’s Next


“No cause justifies that authorities are attacked, that businesses are plundered, that passers-by or journalists are threatened or that the Arc de Triomphe is defiled,” the President of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, Grand Rabbinical Ayatollah Emanuel Macron warned.

He said those responsible did not want change but instead intended to “wreak chaos” as he responded to the day’s events from the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, saying the protests “had absolutely nothing to do with a peaceful demonstration of legitimate unhappiness or discontent.”

Protesters climbed-up the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris, as clashes with riot police continued during the third weekend of “yellow vest” rallies, with tear gas, stun grenades and water cannon were employed on the Champs-Elysées, while masked protesters hurled projectiles and set buildings on fire. At least 110 people were injured, including 17 members of the security forces, and 270 arrests were made during the protests over fuel tax have grown into general anger at higher living costs. President Emmanuel Macron says his fuel policies are needed to combat global warming.


3…………> A Life Of Duty, Honor & Patriotism: George H.W.Bush


The American Nation is mourning the passing of the former President Mr.George H.W. Bush, a man of “the greatest generation” who narrowly avoided beheading at the hands of his Japanese captors after his plane was shot down in the Pacific theatre in 1944. Now, some seventy years later, President Trump is sending Air Force 1 to bring his casket to D.C. for a State funeral.



4…………> Sun Spots Cycles: LNG Correlation?


Scientists have inferred that the number of sunspots on the sun cycle over time, with a peak number, called the Solar Maximum, occurring approximately every 11 years, resulting in colder winters in the Northern hemisphere.

“I was a real skeptic on the impact of solar cycles and sunspots,” Todd Crawford, the senior meteorological scientist at IBM’s The Weather Co., admitted recently. However, after studying cold winter patterns, he was “on board,” he said the outlet.

“They appear dark because they are cooler than other parts of the Sun’s surface they form at areas where magnetic fields are particularly strong. These magnetic fields are so strong that they keep some of the heat within the sun from reaching the surface,” NASA’s website adds.

The new theory gaining traction among commercial meteorologists and hedge fund investors suggests that sunspots on the sun’s surface could provide insight into natural gas prices. 



 5…………> Bangaladeshy Smuggler: Mexico


“Protecting our country from illegal immigration and the national security threat it poses is a priority for the Department of Justice. The Criminal Division is dedicated to working with our law enforcement partners both here and abroad to disrupt the flow of illegal aliens into the United States, and bring those who facilitate their travel to justice,” that is how Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski described the criminal activities of a Bangladeshi national residing in Monterrey, Mexico.

Moktar Hossain, 30  was arrested yesterday on arrival at George Bush Intercontinental Airport to face a criminal indictment issued in the Laredo Division of the Southern District of Texas for his role in a scheme to smuggle aliens from Mexico into the United States. 


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Bibi1581 Blog For 09/21/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump


2 hours ago

Senator Feinstein and the Democrats held the letter for months, only to release it with a bang after the hearings were OVER – done very purposefully to Obstruct & Resist & Delay. Let her testify, or not, and TAKE THE VOTE!

….has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis. I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at). In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary. Speed is very important to me – and everyone!

I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents. They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe. Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release. Therefore, the Inspector General…..

Donald J. Trump Retweeted

4 hours ago

Replying to @realDonaldTrump

4 hours ago

4 hours ago

The radical left lawyers want the FBI to get involved NOW. Why didn’t someone call the FBI 36 years ago?

4 hours ago

I will Chair the United Nations Security Council meeting on Iran next week!

4 hours ago

I have no doubt that, if the attack on Dr. Ford was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities by either her or her loving parents. I ask that she bring those filings forward so that we can learn date, time, and place!

4 hours ago

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a fine man, with an impeccable reputation, who is under assault by radical left wing politicians who don’t want to know the answers, they just want to destroy and delay. Facts don’t matter. I go through this with them every single day in D.C.





2…………> Get The Hackers: Trump


America’s first cyber strategy in 15 years America and its allies are under attack every day in cyberspace, as malicious actors try to undermine our safety and security by damaging our national infrastructure and upending the lives of ordinary Americans.

In response to this growing threat, President Donald J. Trump has unveiled America’s first comprehensive cyber strategy since 2003. The plan builds on the four priorities outlined in the Administration’s broader National Security Strategy:

1. Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life by securing our information systems and combatting cybercrime

2. Promote American Prosperity by pursuing cyberspace as an engine of economic growth, innovation, and efficiency

3. Preserve Peace through Strength by identifying, countering, disrupting, degrading, and deterring lousy behavior in cyberspace

4. Advance American Influence by preserving the long-term openness, security, and reliability of the Internet The United States is engaged in constant competition against strategic adversaries, rogue states, and terrorist and criminal networks. These new threats demand a late response. The Administration’s answer to these risks is anchored by enduring American values—a belief in the power of individual liberty, free expression, free markets, and privacy.





3………….> Tanzania Tragedy: Ferry


 Tanzania’s top police official Simon Sirro says that at least 136 bodies have been retrieved after a ferry sank on Lake Victoria, with scores more were still feared missing as rescuers searched for survivors on the morning after the disaster.

Officials are concerned the final death toll could climb to more than 200, with initial estimates showing the MV Nyerere was carrying more than 300 people.

“With God’s help, we rescue those who are alive,” Mwanza district commissioner John Mongela had said earlier and two other vessels had been diverted to help with the rescue operation. The ferry sank just a few meters from the dock in Ukerewe district.






4………….> Stalinist Tactics: Marine Le Pen


“This is not how we will weaken the far-right. A court orders a psychiatric assessment for Marine Le Pen. Words fail me! Solidarity with her and with the French who love freedom!” Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said in a statement as the Islamic Sheikdom of Frence far-right leader Marine Le Pen is refusing to undergo a court-ordered psychiatric exam for tweeting brutal images of Islamic State violence, comparing the demand to methods used in totalitarian regimes.  She is under investigation for disseminating violent images by tweeted three images of executions in 2015, including the beheading of American journalist James Foley.

 A judge wants to find out if she has any mental illness when she posted the tweets, and an expert opinion whether her mental health could be a risk to the public. Ms. Le Pen’s criticism fits the party’s narrative that judges persecute it as part of an attempt by the establishment to undermine it politically. 

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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/16/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Stars At Sea: Memories

The celebrated Cunard cruise line was the first to introduce onboard photographers in the 1920s, as ships’ photographers would take snapshots of the passengers, creating prints in the darkroom that were then displayed on long tables the next morning. Travellers were able to put their orders in, and the photographs were then printed in Southampton and posted around the world. 

By 1936, when Cunard’s flagship the Queen Mary was launched, the firm employed a fleet of photographers working all night to supply the demand.


2…………> Encrypted Drug Dealing: Canada

Vincent Ramos, the chief executive of Canada-based Phantom Secure, and four of his associates were indicted by a federal grand jury today on charges that they knowingly and intentionally participated in a criminal enterprise that facilitated the transnational importation and distribution of narcotics through the sale and service of encrypted communications.

This is the first time the U.S. government has targeted a company and its principals for knowingly and intentionally conspiring with criminal organizations by providing them with the technological tools to evade law enforcement and obstruct justice while committing transnational drug trafficking.

“With one American dying of a drug overdose every nine minutes, our great nation is suffering the deadliest drug epidemic in our history,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Incredibly, some have sought to profit off of this crisis, including by specifically taking advantage of encryption technologies to further criminal activity, and to obstruct, impede, and evade law enforcement, as this case illustrates. The Department of Justice will aggressively prosecute not just drug traffickers, but those who help them spread addiction and death in our communities. I want to thank the FBI, DEA, Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security Investigations, Washington State Police, the Bellingham and Blaine Police Departments, and all of our law enforcement partners around the world, including Australia, Canada, Panama, Hong Kong, and Thailand for their hard work on this case. Today’s indictment sends a clear message that drug traffickers and criminals cannot hide because we will hunt them down and find them wherever they are.”

3…………> Shoddy Vests: Japan

Toyobo Co. Ltd. of Japan and its American subsidiary, Toyobo U.S.A. Inc., f/k/a Toyobo America Inc. (collectively, Toyobo), have agreed to pay $66 million to resolve claims under the False Claims Act that they sold defective Zylon fiber used in bullet proof vests that the United States purchased for federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, the Justice Department announced today, being fully aware that Zylon degraded quickly in normal heat and humidity, and that this degradation rendered bullet proof vests containing Zylon unfit for use.

“Bulletproof vests are sometimes what stands between a police officer and death,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “Selling material for these vests that one knows to be defective is dishonest and risks the lives of the men and women who serve to protect us. The Department of Justice is committed to the protection of our law enforcement officers, and today’s resolution sends another clear message that we will not tolerate those who put our first responders in harm’s way.”


4…………> Sharia Country: Indonesia

Amnesty International urged Indonesia to block moves to introduce beheading as a punishment for murder in the country’s conservative Aceh province, by not following countries like Saudi Arabia using it as an effective deterrent.

In addition, it suggested that Indonesia stop drafting laws to criminalise gay sex, sex between unmarried couples.

“Beheading is more in line with Islamic law and will cause a deterrent effect … a strict punishment is made to save human beings,” Syukri M. Yusuf, the head of Aceh’s Shariah Law and Human Rights Office, said on Wednesday.

“We will begin to draft the law when our academic research is completed.”


5…………> Faulty Design: Florida

Six people are now confirmed dead, and more than 10 seriously injured after the newly built 950-tonne bridge crushed vehicles on one of the busiest roads in South Florida.

“Unfortunately, this has turned from a rescue to a recovery operation,” a Miami-Dade police said.

The number of those killed could rise since more vehicles could still be under the concrete and twisted metal, and rescue workers are combing through the rubble of a pedestrian bridge that collapsed onto several lanes of traffic at Florida International University.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/13/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Trump’s “C”: Gina Haspel 

The freshly appointed CIA director Gina Haspel who is taking helm of the agency from new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has received several prestigious awards, including the George H. W. Bush Award for excellence in counterterrorism, the Donovan Award, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal and the Presidential Rank Award, which recognizes individuals for “exceptional performance over an extended period of time,” according to the CIA. 

Haspel portfolio includes CIA’s first overseas detention site in Thailand and
 a secret CIA prison where accused terrorists Abu Zubayadah, Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri and others were waterboarded 
repeatedly, enduring various other forms of medieval torture, according to sources.

“We’re worried about waterboarding as our enemy, ISIS, is beheading people and burning people alive. Time for us to wake up,” Trump tweeted in February 2015.



2…………> Serial Bombings: Texas

“What we do know is that the individual or individuals involved in this, these suspects, they do have a certain level of skill to be able to construct a device like this and then deliver that device to your target without having it explode, either during construction, or during delivery, does take a certain level of sophistication,” Austin Police Chief Brian Manley again preached vigilance and said that FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents worked into the night to collect evidence from the two most recent blasts.




3…………> Bloods Nation: Gangsta Busted

Thirty-five members and associates of the Nine Trey Gangsters set of the United Blood Nation (UBN) street gang, including a “Godfather” as well as other high-ranking leaders of the organization, have pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and related charges in North Carolina, including drug trafficking, wire fraud, firearm possession, and the use of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence and drug trafficking.

“The pleas announced today are part of an extensive investigation by a broad array of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies—including the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section—whose goal has been to disrupt and dismantle the Nine Trey Gangsters, a dangerous set of the United Blood Nation street gang,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan. “By targeting the high-ranking individuals who were directing the gang’s activities—from locations up and down the eastern United States, both within prisons and in our communities—today’s pleas constitute a substantial step towards the gang’s eradication.”

“When my office indicted 83 Bloods gang members and senior leaders, the goal was to deliver a major blow to this organized criminal enterprise responsible for raging turf wars, rampant drug distribution and bloody gang violence,” said U.S. Attorney Murray. “We’ve made significant progress toward that goal but the work is far from over. Communities across Western North Carolina know firsthand the trail of violence and devastation gangs leave behind. We have a duty to protect the public from gang violence and to bring relief to neighbourhoods afflicted by gang activity. Working with our law enforcement partners we will continue to combine our efforts and resources to keep our communities safe and to protect our children from violent street gangs.”



4…………> False Promotion: Las Vegas

Glen Burke, 58, of Las Vegas, who ran multimillion-dollar prize promotion scams was sentenced to 87 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $2,785,508.36 in restitution, reflecting the consumer loss from one of his schemes. 

Burke pleaded guilty in December 2017 to criminal contempt of court and conspiracy charges arising from his operation of two predatory schemes that defrauded thousands of victims, many of whom were elderly, out of more than $20 million.

“This case exemplifies the Department’s commitment to halt schemes that target seniors, which the Attorney General announced in a historic elder fraud sweep a few weeks ago,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Chad Readler of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “We are sending a clear message: Perpetrators of telemarketing fraud will be prosecuted and law enforcement will not stop until fraudulent mass mailing practices are halted.”




5……….> The Seat Of World Power: CPC

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, shakes hands with deputies from People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and armed police before attending a plenary meeting of the delegation of PLA and armed police at the ongoing session of the 13th National People’s Congress in Beijing, capital of China, March 12, 2018.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/10/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> IS Diehard: Slammed

A one-count information was filed charging Aziz Ihab Sayyed, 23, of Huntsville, Alabama, with attempting to provide services and personnel, namely himself, to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), a designated foreign terrorist organization. Sayyed pleaded guilty today.

Sayyed acknowledged that he bought bomb-building ingredients last year, stated his aspirations to conduct ISIS-inspired attacks on police stations and Redstone Arsenal, and attempted to form a cell to conduct violent acts within the United States. Sayyed admitted knowing that ISIS is a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Between January and June of 2017 in Madison County, Sayyed, a U.S. citizen, obtained and viewed ISIS propaganda videos depicting ISIS forces committing bombings, executions by gunshot and beheading, and other violent acts, according to the court documents. Sayyed shared the videos and expressed his support for ISIS and for ISIS terrorist attacks around the world.




2…………> Identity Tax Fraud: AL

A Phenix City, Alabama, resident named William Anthony Gosha III, a/k/a Boo Boo,  was sentenced today to 30 years in prison for his role in masterminding multiple stolen identity refund fraud (SIRF) schemes numbering over 8800 identities Stolen from the U.S. Army, Alabama State Agencies and Georgia Businesses.

He was convicted of one count of conspiracy, 22 counts of mail fraud, three counts of wire fraud, and 25 counts of aggravated identity theft.



3…………> Close To Afrin: Turkish Army

The Turkish military campaign gained control of 221 towns and villages since the “Olive Branch” operation was launched on Jan. 20, for a total of 35% of the villages and towns in the countryside of Afrin, Syria.

 Based on reports from a network of activists on the ground, it appears that the civilians in the city have been severely suffering from the ongoing military showdown in that large area in the northern countryside of Aleppo province near the Turkish border.



4…………> Google Quantum: A New Step

Google has unveiled its newest 72-qubit quantum processor, known as Bristlecone, an expanded version of their previous 9-qubit linear quantum processor that uses the same scheme for coupling, control and readout.

“We are cautiously optimistic that quantum supremacy can be achieved with Bristlecone, and feel that learning to build and operate devices at this level of performance is an exciting challenge,” Julian Kelly, a research scientist at Google’s Quantum AI Lab, wrote on Monday in a blog post.

The company believes that Bristlecone will be the chip that helps the internet giant to become the first company to demonstrate quantum supremacy in solving problems that classical computers practically cannot.

5…………> A Message Of Peace

Walk into the light of the Lord and listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/07/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Back To Sea: USS Carl Vinson Strike Group

With drums of war beating loudly by the day, and China’s Mr.Xi inspecting PLA troops in preparation for “mobilization” according to Xinhua, no wonder that a strike group including aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70), Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 2, guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG 57) and guided-missile destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG 108) and USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112) from Destroyer Squadron 1, manned by more than 6,000 Sailors departed the U.S. West Coast Jan. 4-5, for a regularly scheduled deployment to the Western Pacific.


2………….> An Eagle Has Left Us: John Young USN

“Today, NASA and the world have lost a pioneer. Astronaut John Young’s storied career spanned three generations of spaceflight; we will stand on his shoulders as we look toward the next human frontier. John was one of that group of early space pioneers whose bravery and commitment sparked our nation’s first great achievements in space. But, not content with that, his hands-on contributions continued long after the last of his six spaceflights — a world record at the time of his retirement from the cockpit,” acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot said in a statement. 

“It would be hard to overstate the impact that John Young had on human space flight. Beyond his well-known and groundbreaking six missions through three programs, he worked tirelessly for decades to understand and mitigate the risks that NASA astronauts face. He had our backs,” Johnson Space Center Director Ellen Ochoa, a former astronaut herself agreed on the historical accomplishments of the one of US earliest space pioneers.
Astronaut John Young, a man who walked on the Moon during Apollo 16 and commanded the first space shuttle mission, died Friday, Jan. 5, 2018, at the age of 87 from complications of pneumonia. 

3…………> Cartel Violence: Vera Cruz, MX blog has reported for many months on the rapid deterioration of the security situation in Mexico following the election of President Trump, and now added a new report about a gruesome murder of five men by the Jalisco cartel, whose severed heads were left on the hood of a taxi in Veracruz town of Tlacotalpan.

Is the clock ticking on very real possibility of US army occupying  Mexico in order to stabilize the political situation and dismantle the NARCO cartels structure threatening the democratic institutions of close neighbor and a friend?

4…………> Breaking: Deadly Collision & Ship Fires

An Sanchi oil tanker, a Panama-registered vessel carrying 136,000 tonnes of Iranian oil, and a cargo ship collided off China’s east coast on Saturday evening, leaving blazing fire and thirty-two people Iranian crew members missing.

“Sanchi is floating and burning as of now. There is an oil slick and we are pushing forward with rescue efforts,” China’s Ministry of Transport said.

5…………> Applied Global Warming: “Down Under”

While the Northern Hemisphere regions are hit by freezing “bomb cyclone”, sending temperatures well below historic records, “Down Under” Australian city of Sydney is experiencing its hottest weather in 79 years with temperatures in the region hitting as high as 117F, as western city Penrith residents sweltered and bore the brunt of the heat. 

Sunday’s temperatures fell short of the scorching heat to hit the area in 1939, when the mercury reached 118.04F, just months before the beginning of WW2.

Are the exponents of the so called “Global economy,” currently under fire by President Trump for printing trillions of paper dollars and allowing millions of illegals to cross into industrialized countries, a crime that lead to melting of the polar caps, will finally face justice? has maintained for quite some time that Central Banks phenomenon known as the “mega billionaires incubator” is a security threat to US in particular, and the wider world in general.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/20/2017: Morning Edition

1…………> Revolving Door To US: Mexican Murderer Nailed

A 30-year-old Mexican national, Juan Eduardo Meraz-Flores, serving his third round in federal prison for entering the US illegally, was charged with murder in the fatal 2007 shooting in the head of a Fort Worth auto shop owner and married father of three. Meraz-Flores has a long criminal history that mirrors the outrageous and illegal disregard by Obama’s ICE political appointees of criminals being illegally in our country, despite his arrests for possession of marijuana, evading arrest, criminal mischief and burglary.



2………..> Pervert Removed: El Salvador

A subject of Interpol Red Notice international arrest warrant Elvis Recinos-Agreda, 39, was removed from the US via an ICE Air Operations Charter flight and transferred into the custody of Salvadoran authorities upon arrival to the capital of San Salvador.

“Recinos-Agreda sought refuge within our communities to avoid facing sexual assault charges in El Salvador. ICE has not wavered in its commitment to keeping our neighborhoods safe by arresting and removing those criminal aliens who seek to hide among the law-abiding residents of this great city,”said Thomas Decker, field office director for ERO New York. Recinos-Agreda is wanted by law enforcement authorities in El Salvador on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a disabled minor, pornography, sexual harassment, aggravated rape, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, other sexual assaults and continuous offenses.



3………..>Ready For War: Camp Humphrey

As the drums of war with North Korea grow louder and louder by the day, and Trump administration implies that we are close to a confrontation than ever before, just 100 miles south of the border of the DMZ, US soldiers on the grounds of Camp Humphrey’s and their 23 Apache attack helicopters live that potential conflict every day, praying for peace yet planning for ground invasion and occupation with a nuclear armed enemy that could take years and possibly millions of lives.



4…………> We Are Not Alone:

The leader of the $28 million dollar Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, parts of which still remain classified, investigated incidents of UFO sightings as US fighter jet videos shows “rotating” aircraft, but later resigned from his post due to heavy handed secrecy surrounding the project.

“My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone,” the Former Military Intelligence Official Luis Elizondo ran the Pentagon’s UFO Unit said.



5…………> Gulf Cartel Boss Caught: Mexico

“The Gulf Cartel is one of the most violent and brutal drug trafficking organizations, posing a threat to the citizens of both the United States and Mexico. This significant extradition is the result of our strong law enforcement relationship with the Government of Mexico, and the Department of Justice’s continuing efforts to combat international narcotics trafficking,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan as the suspected former leader of the Mexican Gulf Cartel, a drug dealer goon code named “Mario Pelon” and “X-20,” aka  Mario Ramirez-Trevino, was extradited to the United States from Mexico to face drug conspiracy charges, along with 25 other defendants, to manufacture and distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine and 1,000 kilograms or more of marijuana for importation into the United States. He is also charged with two counts of attempted distribution of five kilograms or more of cocaine for importation into the United States for his involvement in a shipment of approximately 10 tons of cocaine, seized by Mexican authorities in October 2007, and a 2,400 kilogram shipment of cocaine seized by the Panamanian authorities in November 2007.



6…………> “Lions of Allah”: IS Man In The Slammer

“[David] Wright plotted to kill innocent Americans on behalf of ISIS. Despite the fact that he was born in Massachusetts, Mr. Wright turned against his country and joined a radical terrorist organization. He became a soldier of ISIS and recruited U.S. citizens to commit attacks within the United States aimed at killing civilians and police officers. Today’s sentence affirms our commitment to protecting the public and prosecuting those who pledge allegiance to our enemies,”  said Acting United States Attorney William D. Weinreb after David Daoud Wright, a/k/a Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, a/k/a Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, 28, of Everett, Mass., was sentenced to 28 years in prison for a conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS, conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and obstruction of justice. Beginning in 2015, Wright began discussing ISIS’ call to kill kafirs(non-believers) in the US by creating a “martyrdom” operation cell in Massachusetts named “Lions of America”, and plotted with co-conspirators to behead U.S. citizens at the direction of ISIS, identifying a New York woman as his first beheading target. Three knives were purchased for the  plot, and extensive research done on weapons, knives, machetes, bombing making components, and methods to subdue their victims. Wright also conducted research on “how to start a secret militia in the United States.”

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