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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/25/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> Drugs On High Seas: Naval Academy

Naval Academy officials second in command, Capt. Robert B. Chadwick II ordered a surprise drug test for all the midshipmen at 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning of the entire Brigade of Midshipmen totaling 4,500, amid allegations that 10 midshipmen were selling cocaine, ketamine (a powerful sedative) and LSD to their classmates purchased on the dark web using Bitcoin.

 Sources estimated the number of students under investigation to be as high as roughly two-dozen, despite the lower official estimate.


2…………> Feed Me More: IRS “Cheat Snuffers”

In an implicit warning to drug dealers, international hit men, tax cheats, and other underground beings of the “Darkweb” crime world, cryptocurrency giant Coinbase sent an official notice to 13,000 customers from its database saying it is legally required to pass their information on to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

 Among the information soon to be disclosed to the US tax authorities are taxpayer IDs, personal details including addresses, and a comprehensive list of all of the user’s cryptocurrency operations.



3…………> Stop Soros: Victor Orban

If “Uncle” George Soros did not already have enough enemies, Hungary PM Victor Orban has proposed a legislation that would enable the Interior Minister to ban non-government organizations encouraging migration and pose a risk to national security, a legal move that is tangentially accusing US billionaire of using his funds to buy influence in Brussels and the UN.

With governments of countries like Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria infuriated by the relentless flow of illegal migrants from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, that have led to “no-go areas” in Sweden, entire quarters of French cities where Sharia is applied and terrorist cells ready to conduct attacks in Germany, it seems that that the public sentiment favoring “EU Trump Perestroika” is clearly on the political horizon.



4…………> The Great Womanizer: Old Winnie

One of WW2 greatest leaders, Sir Winston Churchill, the man who led British resistance against the madness of Adolf Hitler under the slogan,”we shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the fields, we shall never surrender”, apparently had a softer side, having an illicit affair with Viscountess Doris Castlerosse, who seduced Sir Churchill in early 1930, then temporarily out of Parliament, and completely penniless after the recent Wall Street Crash. 

 Doris who was known as a “promiscuous” and sexually inventive woman, as historic memoirs have put it (as well as great-aunt of the model Cara Delevingne), spent time with him “at the house of a famous American actress Maxine Elliott in France when they certainly had an affair.” 


5………..> Schiff Slammed: Trump

Blasting Rep. Adam Schiff(D-Calif.) as a “total phony” and a “bad guy” who has done something “probably illegal,” President Trump called the newly released Democratic intelligence memo a “nothing,” and suggested that “someone, you know who”; i.e. AG Jeff Sessions should look at his actions.

“Somebody’s who’s mentally ill should not have a gun, what happened at the Florida school would have been a whole different story if brave football coach Aaron Feis, killed protecting children, had been packing a gun. He’d be alive today,” the President said.Trump said.

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