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George Sorbane Quotes: Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal.


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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump


Donald J. Trump

Exclusive: Nearly 700 U.S. Veterans Issue Open Letter in Support of Trump via

Thank you! As we get closer and closer to the November 3rd Election, and as my poll numbers rocket up, the attacks get more and more vicious. I love our HEROES!

Exclusive: Nearly 700 U.S. Veterans Issue Open Letter in Support of Trump
Nearly 700 American veterans have issued a letter affirming their support of Trump against establishment media attacks.

Keith Kellogg

The Atlantic story is completely false. Absolutely lacks merit. I’ve been by the President’s side. He has always shown the highest respect to our active duty troops and veterans with utmost respect paid to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those wounded in battle.


2…………> French Fraudster Back In EU: ICE

WASHINGTON – On Sept. 3, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers removed an unlawfully present French man identified as Stany N’Goma Mavambu, 24, wanted by, and hence handed over to French law enforcement authorities for organized fraud:

“This individual attempted to flee to the U.S. to avoid justice in his home country, committing additional crimes here,” said Acting Washington Field Office Director Matthew Munroe.

“Thanks to the partnership and cooperation of local law enforcement, we were able to bring him into our custody and safely remove him to serve his sentence.”


3…………> Gulf Livestock 1: 2nd Survivor From Capsized Ship Found By Japan’s Coast Guard


Japanese Coast Guard said a 30-year-old Philippine sailor became the ship’s second known survivor when he was found drifting on a life raft, as another man was found in the water hours earlier but pronounced dead, and vessel’s chief officer, Eduardo Sareno was rescued, but the fate of the freighter crew that included 39 people from the Philippines, two from New Zealand and two from Australia is  so far unknown, and hopes of finding more survivors were fading fast as a new powerful storm, Typhoon Haishen, kept rolling huge waves towards the area.

The vessel Gulf Livestock 1 was sailing in high winds of 58 knots (66 miles per hour) at its last known position, with 6000 cows aboard, when it was crushed by the fury of Typhoon Maysak.


4…………> NSA Mass Surveillance Program Exposed By Snowden: Ruled Illegal By US Court

A federal court has ruled that the US intelligence’s surveillance program exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden was unlawful, and possibly unconstitutional, but politically correct judges stopped short of speaking the truth, and did not point at the real “Deep State” actors/criminals: i.e.  Obama and Biden.

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said that the program, under which the NSA collected and analyzed bulk data provided by telecommunications companies, was in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and could have been unconstitutional:

“Seven years ago, as the news declared I was being charged as a criminal for speaking the truth, I never imagined that I would live to see our courts condemn the NSA’s activities as unlawful and in the same ruling credit me for exposing them,” said Snowden, who fled to Russia after exposing the program, on Twitter.

“And yet that day has arrived.”

However, human rights organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union have hailed the ruling as “a victory for our privacy rights.”



5…………> Market Report for 09/04/2020: sell stop 27900:CG 19000, 11/21/2020


Stocks down 159  to 28133, futures -13, gold up to 1940.9, USD/CHF at 0.92, new position long 26500, sell stop 27900 for a gain of 1400 DIA points.

Read Ziban Must Die for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with Deep State operators, funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World Disorder.


 6…………> A Message Of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.



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George Sorbane Quotes: 1. When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.

George Sorbane kindle books


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump

Thank you

. We’re with you all the way. The American people know what’s going on, they totally get it. Watch what happens in November 2020! Thank you for your continued support. Together, we are going to KEEP AMERICA GREAT! #BlackVoicesforTrump

Quote Tweet
Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022)
Former NFL player @JackBrewerBSI was attacked by CNN and called an “Uncle Tom” for supporting President @realDonaldTrump. The Left HATES all that President Trump has done for Black Americans! #BlackVoicesforTrump

Donald J. Trump

WOW! Sleepy Joe doesn’t know where he is, or what he’s doing. Honestly, I don’t think he even knows what office he’s running for!

Donald J. Trump

The Democrats in the House should propose a very simple one year Payroll Tax cut. Great for the middle class, great for the USA!

Donald J. Trump

Who to follow


2…………> Chinese Nationals Money Laundering: Cryptocurrency Ring


Two Chinese nationals were charged with laundering over 00 million worth of cryptocurrency from a hack of a cryptocurrency exchange, with the funds were stolen by North Korean actors in 2018, as detailed in the civil forfeiture complaint unsealed today.
In the two-count indictment unsealed today in the district of Columbia,first defendant aka Tian Yinyin, and his accomplice aka Li Jiadong, were charged with money laundering conspiracy and operating an unlicensed money transmitting business.
“These defendants allegedly laundered over a hundred million dollars worth of stolen cryptocurrency to obscure transactions for the benefit of actors based in North Korea,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.


3…………> Trump’s Really Serious Opponent: “Little” Michael Bloomberg


Super Tuesday has been shown over the years to have the power to render some election results totally irrelevant, and on Wednesday, the most crucial event in the race to become the candidate to take on President Trump will be held: that is find out if the 12th-wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of more than $55 billion (12 billion), who has committed to giving away almost all of his money in his lifetime, will be able to change the image of invincibility that Mr. has been projecting so far.
A former Wall Street banker, Bloomberg created a computer system in the 1980s that made him into a billionaire, founded Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Radio, and now has a simple message for the electorate:
“I can win back the mid-western Democrats who flocked to Donald Trump in 2016, by building a moderate platform that looks more like Joe Biden’s than Bernie Sanders,I’ve got the money to do it.”


4…………> You Ain’t Welcome: Greek Coast Guard Fire On Erdogan’s Migrants


Footage has emerged of Greek coast guards firing into the sea near a migrant dingy, and shoving it around, as they attempted to force it back towards Turkey,Migrants on another dinghy were met with shouts of go away by angry residents of the island of Lesbos.


5…………> Market Report for 03/02/2020: sell stop 26550:CG +3800, 11/21/2020


Stocks up 1294 to 26703, futures +98, gold up to 1598.5, USD/CHF at 0.96, last position short 29250, cover short stop triggered at 26550 for a gain of 2700 DIA points, new position long 26550 for a gain of 153 points. Read Ziban Must Die for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with Deep State operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World Disorder.


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George Sorbane books

George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal.”


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump


Impeached for what, having created the greatest Economy in the history of our Country, building our strongest ever Military, Cutting Taxes too much?


Donald J. Trump


A different take!NEW: Asked about the Kurds, President Trump says they “didn’t help us in the Second World War, they didn’t help us with Normandy” and that they’re fighting for “their land.”


Donald J. Trump


President Trump criticizes Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich — both vocal critics of Trump — when asked about China putting pressure on the NBA: “They talk badly about the United States, but when it talks about China, they don’t want to say anything bad”


Donald J. Trump


“I don’t think it’s a Whistleblower at all. I think this is an anonymous source for the Democratic Staff in the House of Representatives. This is an insult to real Whistleblowers. Actual Whistleblowers go on to have their whole lives upended.” John Kiriakou @TuckerCarlson


2…………> “Sultan” Erdogan’s Janissaries: In Syria


In an overnight military action following airstrikes by Turkish warplanes, and artillery bombardment aimed at Kurdish YPG targets, the operation announced by President Recep Tayyip “Sultan” Erdogan on his official Twitter account is in full swing, with the Turkish defense ministry saying the army had hit a total of 181 militant targets from the air or ground fire since the start of operation.

Turkey views Kurdish YPG fighters in north-east Syria as terrorists because of their ties to militants waging an insurgency inside Turkey, and an influx of non-Kurdish Syrians would help it secure a buffer against its main security threat.

It intends to create a “safe zone” in order to return millions of refugees to Syrian soil, but Kurdish-led forces in north-eastern Syria said the Turkish bombing killed five civilians and injured dozens more, while the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said in a tweet that one of the airstrikes had already hit a prison holding detained IS militants.


3…………> Turkish Air Strikes: Syria’s Border 


Turkey has launched a ground and air offensive on territory held by Kurdish-led forces in northern Syria, as Residents began to flee some areas, and plumes of smoke were seen rising from towns near the border.

President Recep Tayyip “Sultan” Erdogan said the operation was to create a “safe zone” cleared of Kurdish militias, which will also house Syrian refugees.

The Kurdish-led militias have been key US allies in the fight against the Islamic State group, but Ankara regards them as terrorists because of their links to Kurdish rebels inside Turkey.


4…………> Fleet Week: San Francisco


The guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) sits pier-side while participating in San Francisco Fleet Week (SFFW) 2019. SFFW is an opportunity for the American public to meet their Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard teams and experience America’s sea services. During fleet week, service members participate in various community service events, showcase capabilities and equipment to the community, and enjoy the hospitality of San Francisco and its surrounding areas. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Peter Burghart (Released) 191008-N-XN177-0081


5…………> Market Report for 10/09/2019: sell stop 26400:CG 8668, 11/21/2019


Market up 182 to 26346, futures -63, gold up to 1514.00, USD/CHF 0.98, new position long 26300, sell stop at 26300 for a gain of zero points.

Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires supporters of the “New World Disorder”. 


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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Not crazy are those souls who marvel at God’s creation, but the ones who ridicule them.”

1…………> Pelosi On A War Path: Trump Impeachable Offenses


A White House Statement:

  1. unknown.jpg

Today, Democrat leaders chose the far left over America’s working families

President Donald J. Trump invited Democrat leaders Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the White House today to discuss a bipartisan solution to fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure. Congressional Democrats had other plans.

Far-left activists, both inside Congress and out, have made it clear they don’t want Democrats to work with President Trump to help govern. So before coming to the White House this morning, Speaker Pelosi changed her tune. Rather than talk about an opportunity for bipartisan leadership, she played to the party donors and base, lobbing a fresh conspiracy theory: “The President of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.”

Congressional Democrats spent more than $35 million on the Mueller report. It took 675 days, included nearly 3,000 subpoenas, and required 500 witness accounts. Despite being conducted by a far-from-unbiased legal team—one that has collectively donated at least 20 times more to Democrat as Republican candidates over the years—it found zero evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice. No charges were recommended for either.

There is no legal case against the President, in other words. All Democrats have left is a political one. In a democracy, that’s what elections are for. Democrat leaders might know this, but they’re powerless: Their activist base doesn’t want voters to have the last say.

The result is a string of stunts like the one Americans saw today. Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer know they have to keep giving lip service to the real issues that working Americans care about—tax relief, jobs, high prescription drug prices, immigration, and so on—while only delivering on the agenda their base wants: obstruction and resistance.

President Trump wants bipartisan compromise because it’s the right thing to do for our country. Fortunately, he’s getting results either way. Today, 7 in 10 Americans rate the economy as good or very good. Of those, 85 percent say some or most of the credit goes to President Trump. Pay growth has “picked up sharply at the bottom half of the wage distribution,” a new report says, showing that working-class families are the ones seeing the biggest gains.

Those amazing results could be even better if Congressional Democrats chose to work with the President. And for that reason alone, it’s no surprise that they won’t.




2…………> Trump Bolts Out Of Pelosi/Schumer Meeting: Accused Of Cover-up


President Trump abruptly bolted out a meeting with US congressional Democrats on infrastructure spending, then slammed them over multiple investigations and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s accusation he is engaged in a cover-up.

I don’t do cover-ups,” visibly angry Mr. Trump told reporters at a previously unscheduled White House appearance afterwards.

President Trump, who seeking re-election in 2020, said he would not work with Democrats on infrastructure, one of few issues that some had believed had the potential for bipartisan agreement, due to what he called their “phoney” investigations.

Donald J. Trump


So sad that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will never be able to see or understand the great promise of our Country. They can continue the Witch Hunt which has already cost $40M and been a tremendous waste of time and energy for everyone in America, or get back to work….


12:01 PM – May 22, 2019

Twitter Ads info and privacy

49.7K people are talking about this


3…………> Al Salam- 313 Muslim Bikers Gang: The Enemy Within


Five hundred police officers stormed 43 targets in eleven cities across the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with the major raid focus on the Al-Salam-313 biker gang that is suspected of having committed a variety of crimes ranging from illegal weapons trading, human smuggling, passport forgery, and drug distribution, as police identified 34 suspects of Iraqi and Syrian descent, some of the so-called “freedom loving” punks allowed in courtesy of the treachery of the “Open Borders” government of the country.

The Interior minister said the raid dealt a “blow to organized crime.”


4…………> US Navy Sails Through The Taiwan Strait: Freedom Of Navigation


The US Navy said it sent two ships through the Taiwan Strait, identified as the destroyer Preble and the Navy oil tanker Walter S. Diehl, with “The ships’ transit through the Taiwan Strait intended to demonstrate US commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” according Commander Clay Doss, a spokesman for the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet.

The voyage was viewed by self-ruled Taiwan as a sign of support from the Trump administration amid growing friction between Taipei and Beijing, and all interactions were safe and professional.

There was no immediate comment from China.


5…………> Market Report for 05/22/2019: cover short stop 25800:CG 4818, 11/21/


Stocks down 101 to 25777, DJ futures -87, rally continuing due to anti-tariff talks, and China spending 1 trillion dollars to buy US products.

Gold up to 1274.40 and USD/CHF at 0.98 due to President Trump setting tariffs on Chinese products. Translation? As the dollar goes down, we have to wait and see if the new Fed Chair Jerome Powell will continue pressuring gold and the Eurasian block with it down below $1000/oz in an economic WW3. Watch cover short stop at 25800 with gain of 600 points.

We have to wait and see if new Fed chair Powell will attempt to destroy Eurasian block by sending gold prices below 1000, despite the fact both Russia and China have been buying their whole gold production in local gold backed currency instead of money printing machines. In other words, US has lost controls of the precious metals complex, and with Trump’s infrastructure and tax cut campaign the National debt will soon be at, or over 30 trillion dollars, since D.C. swamp alligators have no intention dropping their pet projects. Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World Disorder.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/03/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Our Man Trump: Ratings Up

“Rasmussen just announced that my approval rating jumped to 49%, a far better number than I had in winning the Election, and higher than certain ‘sacred cows’. Other Trump polls are way up also. So why does the media refuse to write this? Oh well, someday!” Trump tweeted in response to a whiff of a fresh political air of a recently released poll that gave him an approval rating of 49% among likely U.S. voters, the highest approval rating Trump has earned since March 7, 2017. Another 49% of respondents disapprove of Trump’s performance, according to Rasmussen.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal “Fake News & Friends” poll from the same time time frame, found that only 36% of registered voters would support Trump for reelection in 2020.



2…………> US Coast Guard:”Good Job”

“The threat of transnational organized crime is a danger no one ship, agency, country or person can address alone. We stand alongside our interagency and international partners resolved in a shared purpose to protect those harmed by these dangerous drugs and bring the criminals who smuggle them to justice,” declared Vice Adm. Fred Midgette, commander, U.S. Coast Guard Pacific Area, as more than 47,000 pounds of cocaine worth over $721 million from the Coast Guard Cutter Stratton were offloaded in San Diego. The drug bundle was seized in 23 separate interdictions in the eastern Pacific Ocean by U.S. and Canadian forces operating in international waters off the coast of Central and South America.

 Former U.S. Senator from Nebraska, 35th governor of Nebraska and Medal of Honor recipient, the Honorable Bob Kerrey will deliver the ceremonies principal address, and Susie Buffett, an Omaha philanthropist and daughter of Warren Buffett, will serve as the sponsor in the commissioning of USS Omaha (LCS 12). In a time-honored Navy tradition, she will give the order to, “man our ship and bring her to life!”

The ship is the 11th littoral combat ship to enter the fleet and the sixth of the Independence-variant design. It is the fourth warship named for the Nebraska city. The first ship was a propeller-driven sloop-of-war. The second ship was a light cruiser and the third Omaha was an attack submarine.


4…………> A Message Of Peace

Turn of the channel on people who have offended and demeaned the teachings of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, also known as Rabbi Emmanuel. Walk away, let them dry on the scorching sun. Listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope. 



5…………> “Obama’s Boys” Down Su-25: Handheld Missile

The Russian MOD has released video of the downing of an Su-25 flying over the Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria after the jet fighter was allegedly shot down by a handheld air-defense missile on February 3.

Following the attack, Russian Air Forces conducted a high-precision missile strike in an area controlled by terrorist group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham [previously known as al-Nusra Front aka “Obama Boys”, a terrorist organization that for years fought against the West shoulder to shoulder with the Islamic State “throat slasher” punks], from where the missile that downed the Su-25 Russian jet fighter was reportedly launched.

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Bibi1581 01/19/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> S400 Missile Defense: Danger Ahead

How dangerous is the newest Russian S400 Missile System? Most importantly, it supports four different missiles – the very long range 40N6E-series (250 miles), the long range 48N6 (160 miles), the 9M96e2 (75 miles) and the short range 9m96e (25 miles). By comparison the US Patriot system supports only one interceptor missile with a range of 60 miles.

The 9M96E2 is the dangerous component of the S-400 system since it can fly at Mach 15 (around 15,000 feet/sec  or 11,500 mi/h), can engage targets as low as 15 feet off the ground, and it can maneuver pulling up to 20 Gs. It is designed to knock out penetrating aircraft and missiles flying “off the deck” or just above ground and neutralize cruise missiles.

So is no wonder that Saudi Arabia’s and Turkey purchased the S-400 anti-aircraft Triumph anti-missile system from Russia in a major blow to the United States and its European allies.

In addition the S-400 has optional acquisition radars designed to defeat modern stealth aircraft such as the F-22 and the F-35. They work by operating in multiple frequency bands including both VHF and L bands that can “see” stealth-protected fighters.



2…………..> Cruise Missiles: US Icebreakers

The US Coast Guard is seeking to equip icebreaker vessels operating near the Arctic Ocean with cruise missiles for the first time as US hopes to get ahead in the new “Cold War” brewing in the world’s coldest waters, a policy decision confirmed by Coast Guard Commandant Paul Zukunft that is looking for new icebreakers capable of storing and firing heavy weapons. 

Speaking before a House panel, Zukunft stated “We need to look differently… at what an ice breaker does. We need to reserve space, weight, and power if we need to strap a cruise missile package on it.”

Weaponized icebreakers are desirable, according to Zukunft, “in the event this world changes in the next five, 10, even 15 years from now… you can’t project out the status quo.”



3…………..> On A Warpath: Uncle Soros 

Infamous Hungarian-American billionaire and philanthropist George Soros said he feels “more than ready to fight back” against the ideology of “nationalism.” 

“It’s déjà vu all over again with one big change — the dominant ideology in the world now is nationalism,” Soros, who is largely seen as the adept of “globalism” claimed, dubbing Russia “the resurgent power” and warning that the EU is “on the verge of a breakdown.”

Yet he appears to have a wide range of very powerful enemies as the statements below may attest to.

 “George Soros… continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments by funding organizations that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself,” the foreign ministry stated.

“The only network which operates in mafia ways, which is not transparent… in Hungary is the Soros network,” said Hungarian PM Viktor Orban “National Consultation 2017,” targeting dozens of the magnate-linked non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the country.

Despite heavy criticism from Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and American conservatives, Mr.Soros believes that Russia is behind much of the attacks against him over his support to the Georgian so-called Rose revolution of 2003, leading to Russian Prosecutor General’s Office banning the “Open Society Foundations” and its affiliates as “undesirable groups,” threatening the country’s national security.



4………….> The Mongols vs DOJ:

“Gangs that conspire to spread illegal drugs like methamphetamine and lethal opioids, extort legitimate businesses, and wage violence on our fellow Americans will be held accountable by the Department of Justice. Last year, we secured the convictions of more than 1,200 gang members, and, as this case makes clear, we are not slowing down. I want to thank the ATF and all of our incredible state, county, and local law enforcement partners who helped make today’s indictment possible, including the Clarksville and Owensboro Police Departments, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and four county sheriff’s offices. Today’s indictment is the next step in our efforts to dismantle gangs and stop the spread of deadly drugs and violent crime,” Attorney General Sessions described a 54-count indictment charged 12 members of the Mongols Motorcycle Gang (Mongols) with racketeering conspiracy,engaging in a host of violent criminal activities, including murder, attempted murder, assault, kidnapping, robbery, extortion, witness tampering, money laundering, interstate travel in aid of racketeering, and large scale drug trafficking.

Three other individuals were charged with other federal crimes including large-scale drug trafficking allegedly from California to Tennessee and Kentucky, and crimes related to the Hobbs Act.



5…………> The Americans vs Illegals: Schummer

When President Trump said that we may have a “good shutdown”, he probably meant the looming budget standoff as the Democrats are blackmailing the country to grant amnesty to 800,000 DACA so called dreamers, branding it the “Schumer Shutdown.”

Donald J. Trump tweet:

“Government Funding Bill passed last night in the House of Representatives. Now Democrats are needed if it is to pass in the Senate – but they want illegal immigration and weak borders. Shutdown coming? We need more Republican victories in 2018!”

“What they’re simply trying to do is hold the government hostage, our military, kids’ health, over something completely unrelated,” House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said on Fox News Friday.

Fearful that a shutdown will harm the U.S. military, President Trump has strongly urged Congress to keep the government open, yet with hours away from a very unpleasant event, he seemed resigned to a shutdown, blaming Democrats for prioritizing “illegal immigration and weak borders.”

The White House said that Mr.Trump will not travel to Florida as previously scheduled, until the continuing resolution is signed.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/18/2017: Morning Edition

1…………> Breaking: Amtrak Passenger Train Incident
A high-speed Amtrak passenger train has derailed near Tacoma in the state of Washington, KIRO TV reported.
While the authorities are yet to release a statement on the possible casualties in the accident, a major emergency response has been underway after the train fell off a bridge that runs above a major interstate.

2…………> Breaking: Attack on Mildenhall AFB
British police have arrested a man after responding to a “significant incident” at RAF Mildenhall located in Suffolk, England, as a man was taken attempted to break into the military base used by the U.S. Air Force by ramming a vehicle into a perimeter gate.
U.S. military personnel fired shots and “a man was taken into custody with cuts and bruises.
“No other people have been injured as a result of the incident,” according to police.

3…………> Fruitful Voyage: USS Thetis 

The Coast Guard Cutter Thetis returned to Key West following a 68-day Eastern Pacific counter drug patrol in support of Operation Martillo, seizing 6,755 kilograms of cocaine and 14 pounds of marijuana during eight separate interdictions that resulted in the apprehension of 24 suspected smugglers.
While on patrol, one of the cutter’s boats discovered a large sea turtle entangled in multiple bales of suspected contraband, observing large cuts from the lines on his neck and flippers. They went to work, carefully cutting the lines wrapped around the sea turtle and then eventually freeing him.
Three “Hip, Hip, Hooray” for the brave, concerned and humane US Coast Guard sailors.

4…………>Real X-Files: Cover Up

A story told by a distinguished Royal Navy pilot Cdr. David Fravor of Windham, New Hampshire, speaks of a mysterious 2004 encounter some 20,000 feet above Earth with a 40 feet long, cigar shaped UFO.
First reported by a US navy cruiser to be at 80,000 feet of elevation, Fravor sped his F-18 across to come closer to the object, which he thought not to be an earthly creation.

5…………> Trump’s Doctrine: US Security First

“There is an unprecedented focus on homeland security and on the border. They were never mentioned in nearly as much detail and emphasis as they are now. The economic piece also gets much more attention, the insistence that economic security is national security,” an administration official told reporters on condition of anonymity. 

President Donald Trump’s national security strategy will prioritize the U.S. border and economic interests, emphasize “preserving peace through strength”, and “advancing American influence”

President’s Doctrine will label Russia and China as “revisionist powers” for those seeking a change to the global order’s status quo, starting with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Georgia, and second with China’s buildup in the South China Sea using military means to move trends in their favor.”

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