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Bibi1581 Blog For 08/24/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Hurricane “Lena”: Closing In


Schools and offices shut down in Hawaii and residents are hunkering down to ride out the storm as Hurricane Lane spins toward the islands, with social media videos showing significant flash flooding, landslides, and a massive 18 feet waves pounding the coast.

With the hurricane churning in the Pacific Ocean more than 200 miles south-southeast of Kailua-Kona, more than a foot of rain had already fallen on the eastern side of the Big Island, with at least 14 roads closed due to the storm, and two campers reported trapped on the northern coast.

The storm is packing sustained winds of 120 mi/hr.  





2…………> “Deep State” Ultimate Weapon: US Fed


The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will continue to stifle economic growth by raising the US dollar and depressing commodities, a course directly contradicting his mentor President Trump policy of MAGA, by gradual rate hikes, but will maintain a balance between impeding economic growth and letting the economy overheat.

“I see the current path of gradually raising interest rates as the FOMC’s approach to taking both of these risks seriously,” he said.

“While the unemployment rate is below the [Federal Open Market] Committee’s estimate of the longer-run natural rate, estimates of this rate are quite uncertain,” he added.

The hostile course is not surprisingly the most potent weapon of the parallel, unelected, answerable to no one US government and its supporter hordes of D.C. swamp alligators, who have waged a direct war on a democratically elected US president.  





3…………> Sessions Countdown: Trump’s Attacks


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump


“Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.” Jeff, this is GREAT, what everyone wants, so look into all of the corruption on the “other side” including deleted Emails, Comey lies & leaks, Mueller conflicts, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr……


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

3h ….

FISA abuse, Christopher Steele & his phony and corrupt Dossier, the Clinton Foundation, illegal surveillance of Trump Campaign, Russian collusion by Dems – and so much more. Open up the papers & documents without redaction? Come on Jeff; you can do it, the country is waiting!




President Trump continued to throw arrows at his attorney general, telling Jeff Sessions to investigate his political opponents, including “Crooked Hillary Clinton” and her criminal enterprise.

The public criticism prompted Sessions to retort via a statement in which he emphasized the “take control of the Department of Justice the day I was sworn in, which is why we have had unprecedented success at effectuating the President’s agenda.”

Trump has repeatedly had Sessions in his crosshairs following the attorney general’s decision to recuse himself from the federal investigation into Russia. Trump blames the choice for paving the way for Mueller’s appointment.

“What kind of a man is this?” Trump asked in an interview with Fox News aired on Thursday. “You know the only reason I gave him the job? Because I felt loyalty. He was an original supporter.”




4…………> Mueller Assasins Approaching: Trump & Co


Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s Organization’s finance boss, has been granted legal immunity in the probe into former attorney Michael Cohen after was summoned to testify earlier this year.

Cohen pleaded guilty to handling hush money for Mr. Trump in violation of campaign finance laws. Mr. Weisselberg, and David Pecker, head of the company that publishes the National Enquirer tabloid, was also given immunity.

Is Mr. Mueller surrounding President Trump’s camp with a ring of fire, few weeks before the most critical election in four decades, ready to have a row of scalped supporters and confidantes for all to see? Don’t bet against it.





5…………> Duterte War: “A Colony”?


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte blamed the United States for trying to hamper the modernization of his country’s army and for criticizing his crackdown on illegal drugs, dismissing as “utterly useless” an offer by the US defense chief and other top US officials to buy F16 fighter jets arguing that his country needs lighter aircraft to fight insurgents.

“What I need are just propeller-driven planes for anti-insurgency. We don’t need F16, and yet they dangle before us after they insulted us,” Duterte said during a televised speech at a military ceremony marking the Eastern Mindanao Command’s anniversary in Davao City.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte © AFP 2018 / TED ALJIBE

‘Who Are You to Warn Us?’ Duterte Rebukes US Advice Not to Buy Russian Subs While acknowledging that the US and Philippines have specialties, Rodrigo Duterte said he found the term “friends” hard to stomach.

“It’s hard for you to say we are friends. We are friends but remember we are friends because you made us a colony years ago. It was not a friendship agreed upon,” he said.


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