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George Sorbane Quotes: 1. “The Manitou of America will creep in you, rejoice you when she shines above, and offend and sadden you when she is put down.”― “The Endless Beginning”
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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets

Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump
On my way to the Great State of South Carolina. See everyone soon! #MAGA #KAG
RSBN Flag of United States

Donald J. Trump
Nobody fights harder for Montana than
. Steve is a close friend of mine, a STRONG Conservative, and a tremendous supporter of our #MAGA Agenda. He is strong on Crime & Borders, GREAT for our Military & Vets, & will protect your #2A. Steve has my Complete Endorsement!

Donald J. Trump
The ems are working hard to take the prized nomination away from Bernie. Back room politics, which Bernie is not very good at. His people will not let it happen again!


2…………….> Dominican Drug Dealer Busted: New York ICE


A 25-year-old illegally present Dominican national previously charged with participating in a M fentanyl ring was arrested Feb. 27 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) after being released from custody without bail, as a result of New York State’s recently enacted Bail Reform Act.
Livio Alexander Valdez Zabala, entered the U.S. March 12 as a non-immigrant visitor with authorization to remain until Sept. 11. Valdez Zabala, however, failed to depart the U.S. in accordance with the terms of his admission. On Jan. 28, the New York Police Department (NYP) and the rug Enforcement Administration arrested Valdez Zabala and charged him with criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal use of drug paraphernalia in New York Criminal Court. Valdez Zabala was arraigned and released on his own recognizance prior to ERO officers being able to lodge an immigration detainer. Under New York’s recently enacted criminal justice reform laws, a judge cannot impose bail for a nonviolent drug trafficking offense.
“It’s incomprehensible that someone who was arrested for participating in a drug ring worth over million dollars would be released back into the community instead of collaborating with ICE to keep the city safe,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ERO New York. “Valdez Zabala is an illegal alien who was arrested for multiple criminal charges, and before ERO could lodge a detainer, he was released due to laws implemented to protect criminals. ICE operates in the interest of public safety, and it is clear that New York politicians do not operate in the interest of their constituents’ safety.”


3…………….> Christian On Death Row: Pakistan


Asia Bibi: ‘I kept thinking, what is happening to me, the Pakistani Christian woman who spent years on death row after being convicted of blasphemy, has recounted her ordeal.
In 2009, a long-standing dispute with neighbors culminated in a group of local women accusing her of insulting the Prophet Muhammad.
She told the BBC’s Mishal Husain that she cried for a week when she was taken to prison.
Ms Bibi also recalled how it felt being reunited with her family – and gave her message to Pakistan’s government.(BBC)


4…………….> Corona-Virus Vaccine Coming Soon: Israel


Israeli Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis confirmed Thursday that scientists are close to developing the first vaccine against the COVI-19 novel corona-virus, be ready in 90 days if all goes well.
“Congratulations to MIGAL [The Galilee Research Institute] on this exciting breakthrough. I am confident there will be further rapid progress, enabling us to provide a needed response to the grave global COVI-19 threat,” he said.
The scientists have also been working over the last four years to develop a vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), a corona-virus that affects chickens, but after sequencing the NA of COVI-19, MIGAL researchers discovered that IBV is very genetically similar to the novel corona-virus and uses the same infection method. Given the fact that Israeli scientists have been working on an IBV vaccine, they could be able to develop a human vaccine for COVI-19 very quickly, MIGAL’s biotechnology group leader said.—israeli-scientists/


5…………> Market Report for 02/28/2020: cover short stop 26550:CG 1100, 11/21/2020


Stocks down 357 to 25409, futures +327, gold down to 1588.4, US/CHF at 0.97, new position short 29250, cover short stop 26550 for a gain of 2700 DIA points. Read Ziban Must Die for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with Deep State operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World Disorder.


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