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1. “So Alex was counting the days until he would step on the holy soil of Boston, ready to breathe the cold Atlantic air and sense the spirits of those remarkable people about whom he had read so much with nearly religious admiration, walk the streets in their footsteps, and pray in the churches where they had found peace and solace in times of fateful junction.”― “The Endless Beginning”


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump



Donald J. Trump


Wow! Hunter Biden is being forced to leave a Chinese Company. Now watch the Fake News wrap their greasy and very protective arms around him. Only softball questions of him please!


Donald J. Trump


Will be looking into the Scott Hapgood case, and the Island of Anguilla. Something looks and sounds very wrong. I know Anguilla will want to see this case be properly and justly resolved!

@foxandfriends @SteveDucey @ainsleyearhardt


Donald J. Trump


The same people who got us into the Middle East mess are the people who most want to stay there!


Donald J. Trump Retweeted


The U.S. has the worst of the ISIS prisoners. Turkey and the Kurds must not let them escape. Europe should have taken them back after numerous requests. They should do it now. They will never come to, or be allowed in, the United States!


Donald J. Trump


Brian Kilmeade over at @foxandfriends got it all wrong. We are not going into another war between people who have been fighting with each other for 200 years. Europe had a chance to get their ISIS prisoners, but didn’t want the cost. “Let the USA pay,” they said. Kurds may be releasing some to get us involved. Easily recaptured by Turkey or European Nations from where many came, but they should move quickly. Big sanctions on Turkey coming! Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey? Never ending wars will end!


Donald J. Trump


Former Democrat Senator Harry Reid just stated that Donald Trump is very smart, much more popular than people think, is underestimated, and will be hard to beat in the 2020 Election. Thank you Harry, I agree!


Donald J. Trump


Democrat’s game was foiled when we caught Schiff fraudulently making up my Ukraine conversation, when I released the exact conversation Transcript, and when Ukrainian President and the Foreign Minister said there was NO PRESSURE, very normal talk! A total Impeachment Scam!


Donald J. Trump


Democrat’s game was foiled when we caught Schiff fraudulently making up my Ukraine conversation, when I released the exact conversation Transcript, and when Ukrainian President and the Foreign Minister said there was NO PRESSURE, very normal talk! A total Impeachment Scam! Adam Schiff now doesn’t seem to want the Whistleblower to testify. NO! Must testify to explain why he got my Ukraine conversation sooo wrong, not even close. Did Schiff tell him to do that? We must determine the Whistleblower’s identity to determine WHY this was done to the USA.

“The Democrats are trashing this President, & in the process, trashing the U.S. Constitution. Frankly, the American People need to wake up to the reality that the Democrats are so drunk on power that they’re willing to destroy this Constitutional Republic.”




2…………> A Despicable Attack On President Trump: “Fake News” Killing Video


A video showing President Trump’s head superimposed on the body of a man wearing a pinstriped suit opening fire at a “Church of Fake News”, with parishioners’ faces covered with logos of various news organizations or replaced with those of prominent critics of the president, was shown at an event where his son, Donald Jr. was scheduled to speak.

News of the video was first reported by the “Failing” New York Times after someone who attended the gathering leaked a mobile phone video of it to the newspaper, with the original has since been shared widely online,

The White House Correspondents’ Association assailed the video that depicted a fake image of Mr.Trump slaughtering members of the news media, shown at a gathering of his supporters at a resort owned by the president.


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9:42 PM – Oct 13, 2019 · Doral, FL

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“All Americans should condemn this depiction of violence directed toward journalists and the president’s political opponents,” Jonathan Karl, president of the association, said.


3…………> Japan Military-Led Rescue effort: Typhoon Hagibis


With 110,000 people involved in a massive rescue operation in Japan in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis, that left death and destruction in its wake, reports are coming that 20 people are unaccounted for, and 36 reported dead after the storm hit Japan with wind gusts reached up to 150 mi/hr, forcing rivers to burst their banks that caused most damage

The Typhoon  impacted heavily on the Rugby World Cup in Japan, brought heavy rains even before it arrived, causing landslides and filling rivers until they burst their banks

More than 31,000 troops worked through the night and into Monday, a national holiday, searching for people trapped by the disaster.


4…………>  The “Money Bat”: US Treasury Mnuchin 


New tariffs on $156 billion of Chinese goods will be imposed if a trade deal is not finalized by 15 December, the US Treasury Secretary has warned, after  agreeing to hold off on a planned 25%-30% tariff increase on imports that was due to come into effect on Tuesday.

President Trump, who described the talks as a “love fest”, said the preliminary deal would take about five weeks to complete, but his enthusiasm  was not shared by his Chinese colleagues who have been more cautious about the outcome, simply claiming there had been progress between the countries.


5…………> Attack On Mexican Police: 14 Killed in Michoacan


Mexico’s Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection released a statement that 14 police officers were killed in an attack in Aguililla, Michoacan:

“We are in communication with and making available to the state government all our human and technological resources to find the aggressors and bring them to justice”, the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection said.

The police officers were killed after being ambushed by alleged groups of armed people in the municipality of Aguililla, according to the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection

Governor of Michoacan Silvano Aureoles Conejo said that “there will be no impunity” for this aggression, where police officers and state troops were killed.—federal-security-ministry/


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