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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.”

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump


Vice President Mike Pence@VP·Oct 27 President@realDonaldTrump

proved to the world last night that our fight against ISIS is unrelenting


Donald J. Trump


The S&P just hit an ALL-TIME HIGH. This is a big win for jobs, 401-K’s, and, frankly, EVERYONE! Our Country is doing great. Even killed long-sought ISIS murderer, Al-Baghdadi. We are stronger than ever before, with GREAT upward potential. Enjoy!


Donald J. Trump


As Diwali commences, @FLOTUS Melania and I wish those observing the Festival of Lights a blessed and happy celebration! #HappyDiwali

2…………> President Trump Attack Superintendent Eddie Johnson: Chicago Violence


Speaking before IACP, President Trump launched a brutal attack on police Superintendent Eddie Johnson and the city’s gun violence in Chicago, accusing him of protecting “criminals and illegal aliens” ahead of city residents and promoting values that are a “disgrace”.

Trump called Chicago “the worst sanctuary city in America” and cited the refusal of the city’s Police Department under Johnson to detain people in the country illegally for immigration enforcement.

“Chicago protects criminals at a level few could even imagine,” Trump said, contending 1,162 requests to detain people from Immigration and Customs Enforcement were denied last year in Cook County.


3…………> Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Death: Trump Defends Not Informing Congress


Mr. Trump had said he spoke with Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Burr over the weekend, but decided not to notify congressional leaders ahead of the raid because “Washington leaks like I’ve never seen before”.

“They were talking about why didn’t I give the information to Adam Schiff and his committee and the answer is I think Adam Schiff is the biggest leaker in Washington,” Mr. Trump said

Mr. Trump called Mr. Schiff a “corrupt politician” while answering questions from reporters on his way to Chicago, where he is due to attend a conference of police chiefs.

When Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011, the then-House intelligence chair, Republican Mike Rogers, said the Obama administration had kept him apprised of the situation.

The “gang” includes the House speaker, minority and majority leaders of both the House and Senate, as well as the chairs and ranking members of both chambers’ intelligence committees.


4…………> Senior CPC BigWigs Learning From Party founder Li Dazhao: Where Is Mr.Xi?


A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) called for efforts to learn from and pass on the noble spirit of Li Dazhao, a founder of the CPC, and other veterans of the revolution, calling him the earliest disseminator of Marxism in China,  and made significant contributions to the Party and the people, extolled as a pioneer of China’s Communist movement, a great Marxist and an outstanding proletarian revolutionary.

All this praise, and third day in a row without a word from a man named Mr.Xi, who supposedly had a “great chemistry” with the “devil incarnate” and exponent of capitalism, namely the “Hillary deplorable” President of US Mr.Donald Trump, democratically elected and confirmed by the Electoral College.

What’s going on around CCP Central Committee? Did the “MAGA” tariffs create an impossibility for Mr.Xi 21st century socialism to continue as before, necessitating the election of a new leader who’ll be Mao tough on the “capitalistic pigs”, as Comrade AOC & have been? Don’t bet against it.


5…………> Fast-Moving LA Fire: Evacuation, State of Emergency 


According to state authorities, the Californian wildfire, which has been burning since 23 October, has grown to 85 square miles, obliterated 94 buildings, and is threatened another 80,000 houses – including parts of the city of Santa Rosa.

As the raging fires across Los Angeles and Sonoma Counties continue to threaten people and cause severe damage to buildings in the area, the US state of California announced on 25 October a state of emergency, as social media users published photos and videos of the wildfires, showing the large plumes of smoke and footage depicting scenes of burning houses reminiscent of hell.

Some 180,000 people were ordered to flee in Sonoma County, the sheriff’s office said earlier, adding that it might be the largest evacuation order in memory.—photos-videos/


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