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1. “The truth is like a septic tank and the smell will eventually get out no matter how hard we tighten down the hatch.”― “The Endless Beginning”


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump



THANK YOU Fayetteville, North Carolina! Make sure you get out and VOTE TOMORROW for Dan Bishop in #NC09 and Greg Murphy in #NC03!!


Donald J. Trump


NORTH CAROLINA — Vote for Dan Bishop in #NC09 and Greg Murphy in #NC03 TOMORROW. Make it a great day for Republicans!


Donald J. Trump


Received an update on Air Force One at MCAS Cherry Point in North Carolina, regarding damage caused by Hurricane Dorian.


2…………> Trump: Filthy Mouthed’ Legend


In a series of tweets the President Trump attacked both John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for not giving him credit over supporting criminal justice reform, saying he didn’t see the two of them “around when we needed help getting it passed”.

Chrissy’s response was turned into a swear word-filled hashtag which has been trending worldwide, but after her response starting trending, both John and Chrissy urged their fans to not tweet it.

“Please don’t make this foul mouthed hashtag trend,” tweeted John.

And Chrissy called it her “fight” with the President.

Mr. Trump signed into law the First Step Act – which will reduce the compulsory minimum prison term for people who commit non-violent drug offenses on a case-by-case basis and better prepare people in jail for life after prison, through education and vocational workshops. He claims “Obama couldn’t come close” in his efforts for criminal justice reform.


3…………> El Chapo’s Secret Drug Tunnels: Inter-Gang War


Notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin Guzman, 62, also known as El Chapo (‘Shorty’) drug trafficking empire grew due to a multitude of underground tunnels under the US-Mexico border, leading to the movement of billions of dollars worth of narcotics, an advantage that gave him an edge over the competition.

El Chapo was sentenced to life in US prison this summer, convicting him on 10 counts, including drug trafficking, firearm possession in furtherance of drug crimes and participating in a money-laundering conspiracy.

In late 2018, US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents discovered an incomplete cross-border tunnel near the city of Jacumba in California, less than a mile north of the US-Mexico border, according to a media report. The tunnel reportedly contained solar panels designed to run electrical, lighting and ventilation systems, pumps to drain water and a rail system that stretched its entire length. This kind of tunnel can cost between $1 million and $2 million to build, according to some but the money is made back in one drug shipment.—report/


4…………> Air Force One:Lightning Hit


Even tough a lightning bolt actually struck behind the presidential aircraft, the photo still looks pretty frightful, when shared with the president.

Steve Brusk, a CNN politics supervising producer, uploaded a photo of US Air Force One, the aircraft used by US presidents, appearing as if were hit by a lightning bolt. According to Brusk, the photo was taken by a “very wet pool crew” of Orly Ruiz, Michael Wade Sanders and Liz Turrell.

​“Pres. Trump had to cancel his planned tour of Hurricane Dorian damage because of thunderstorms in Fayetteville, NC. This was a lightning strike behind Air Force One shortly after he arrived,” Brusk tweeted.


 5…………> Market Report for 09/09/2019: sell stop 26600:CG 8668, 11/21/2019


Market up 38 to 26836, futures  +23, gold down to 1497.00, USD/CHF at 0.98.

Last position long 26,000, sell stop 25900 activated for a loss of 100 points, new position short at 25850, covered at 25850 for a gain of of 100 pointsLong position 25850, sell stop 25800 closed for a loss of loss of 50 points.

New position 25800, sell stop 25800 for a loss of zero dollars, position closed for a loss of 50 dollars, and new long position established at 25850, sell stop 26600, for a gain of 750 points.

Read “Ziban Must Die” for more details on the coming collision of Trump’s administration with “Deep State” operators funded by the billionaires’ supporters of the New World Disorder.


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