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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/30/2017: Evening Edition

1…………> Happy New Year From

Happy new year,Feliz año Nuevbonne annéeFrohes neues Jahrfelice anno nuovoszczęśliwego Nowego Rokufeliz Ano Novo, с новым годом, Честита Нова Годинаسنة جديدة سعيدة , שנה טובה

 新年快乐 , Maligayang Bagong TaonSelamat Hari Natal.

QlSmaS botlvjaj ‘ej DIS chu’ botlvjaj


Thank you very much for following my blog.

Happy New Year to you all and may the Force be with you.


Bibi1581, Akron, OhioUSA 🇺🇸 

2…………> A Message Of Peace

 Turn of the channel on people who have offended and demeaned the teachings of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, also known as Rabbi Emmanuel. Walk away, let them dry on the scorching sun. Listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope. 




3…………> Symphony In Ice: Canada

People walk on a street during extreme cold weather in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Dec. 30, 2017. Canada experienced extreme cold weather recently. 




4…………> Ready For 2018: Athens, Greece

The special cake “Vassilopita” is on display in a street in Athens, Greece, on Dec. 30, 2017. Greek bakers sent their wishes for a Happy 2018 to the world on Saturday by making and offering for free to the citizens of Athens a 2.5-ton “Vassilopita”, the special cake usually served at all households in Greece after midnight on New Year’s day.




5…………> Golden Eggs Geese: Hollywood

With 2017 coming to an end, Forbes has released a list of actors whose movies made the most money this year. Take a look at the top-10 Hollywood’s “golden geese” in Sputnik’s gallery.

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