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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.”― George Sorbane

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump

Crazy Nancy Pelosi should spend more time in her her decaying city and less time on the Impeachment Hoax!
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Dan Scavino

BROUGHT TO YOU BY…. @SpeakerPelosi & @GavinNewsom


4 Laura Loomer “The Antidote to The Squad”

Mother of Six Killed By Illegal Alien Previously Deported Six Times in Sanctuary City of Denver – Then He Flees the Scene

Mother of Six Killed By Illegal Alien Previously Deported Six Times in Sanctuary City of Denver –…
Illegal alien Juan Sanchez, who was deported six times, was arrested after killing a mother-of-six in Denver, Colorado. Sanchez then fled the scene. If you
Femme Fatale

Rush Limbaugh: The media is flooding the news w/negativity abt Trump in order to make us have doubts and be publicity afraid to support for him b/c of the reaction we might get. How many will join me & stand up w/o fear and boldly proclaim your support for Trump no matter what?
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Donald J. Trump

Thank you Juliet!
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We will definitely have some great Presidents in the future. But no President will ever be as great as President Trump is today.


2………..> The Age Of Mass Shootings: Enter USA


Year 2019 saw more mass killings in the United States than any year since the 1970s, as gun-related fatalities led to 211 people killed, few less than 2017 when the worst massacre in US history took place in Las Vegas.
The Walmart shooting in El Paso, Texas saw more people killed than any other mass killing this year

Thirty-three of the 41 mass killings had four or more people have been killed, excluding the perpetrator were mass shootings, with the second-most mass killings in a year prior to 2019 was 38 in 2006.

The 211 people killed in this year’s cases is still eclipsed by the 224 victims in 2017, when the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history took place in Las Vegas.

The mass shootings this year included three in August — one at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, another at Dayton, Ohio and a workplace shooting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where 12 were killed.

While the large death tolls attracted much of the attention, the killings inflicted a mental and physical toll on dozens of others. The database does not have a complete count of victims who were wounded, but among the three mass shootings in August alone, more than 65 people were injured.


3…………> In A Search Of Freedom, Or Grizzly Death: North Korean Boats


Japan Coast Guard officers say that a boat which had Korean lettering painted on the side, was part of a North Korean vessel, where police found up to seven partially bare skeletons of bodies inside the vessel that washed ashore on Sado Island, the remains including five bodies and two human heads.

‘Ghost ships’ washing up in the region are common in the area, as in January 2018, eight suspected North Korean bodies washed ashore from a wrecked “ghost ship” in central Japan.

Did these people just died at sea, trying to earn a decent day wage, or tried to fight the sea and the elements in search of freedom the tyrannical regime of Comrade Un?


4…………> The Threat Of Extinction: Save Precious Lives?


As an estimated one million species are at risk across the world, and there is no money and resources to save them all, what do conservationists must do to raise the alarm of extinction to the community, before an indescribable tragedy unfolds right in front of our eyes?

“You have to wear one of these I’m afraid,” Tanya Grigg says sympathetically, handing me a distinctly unflattering blue hair net. “Any stray hairs could wrap around the birds’ legs and injure them; they’re so delicate.” Tanya has a soft voice and gentle manner that I can imagine putting the most skittish of birds at ease.

There are just two, nervous-looking birds inside – both with miniature, shovel-shaped bills and spindly waders’ legs. They hop a little closer to each other and peer at us, apparently suspicious of the intrusion. Then Tanya unfolds a small chair, sits down and scatters some food in their direction. They are immediately, completely engrossed in eating.
Image caption After almost a decade, spoon-billed sandpipers have been bred in captivity for the first time

These are the only UK-bred spoon-billed sandpipers; two precious specimens of possibly the most threatened bird species on the planet.(BBC)


5………….> Trump Under Fire: Named Whistle-blower


President Trump is under fire again from the left, being accused of retweeting a post that included the name of the whistle-blower whose complaint led to the president’s impeachment, sharing a post from a user named @surfermom77, who described themselves as a “100% Trump supporter”.

The retweet seemed to disappear from the president’s timeline for a period but was visible again later, as the president has repeatedly called for the whistle-blower to be identified, ignoring federal laws that guarantee the protection of whistle-blowers, designed to shield those who come forward with evidence of wrongdoing by the government.

In November, lawyers for the whistle-blower – who is said to work in the US intelligence community – issued a cease-and-desist warning to the president, saying their client was “in physical danger”. But the president ignored the warning and continued to call for them to be named.


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