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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/17/2017: Evening Edition

1…………> Gold Trend Up: Analysts

Despite the outrageous US monetary policy that led to 70 to 1 extended credit to actual Central Bank reserves, and dedicated campaign by US Treasury to suppress the precious metal complex, all led by recently fired Fed chair Janet Yellen, gold futures on the COMEX settled at 1257.50 dollars per ounce, recording 9.19 percent increase when compared to the end of 2016.

“The strong performance (of gold) is particularly noteworthy in a year when the U.S. has been hiking rates and equities have remained in favor. With inflation still subdued around the world, we see monetary policy tightening as likely to be gentle,” said market guru John Reade.

What is less  advertised in the West is that China and Russia have been buying their all gold production in local currency, thus denying New World Disorder charlatans the power to dictate commodity prices, a development that will have a profound effect in the coming decade, leading to 30% devaluation of US dollar and the elevation of the Chinese yuan as the new reserve currency of the planet.


2…………> Save The Last Dance For Me: 747

The venerable Boeing 747, world’s first jumbo passenger jet that was introduced in 1968 as a technological wonder and miraculous aircraft that brought millions of people around the globe together, unifying space and time and becoming a beloved center of fact and fiction, including parts of many movies.

Now the winds of time have closed the circle of magic, rendering the most iconic passenger jet aircraft of all time obsolete, with its last dance expected to come soon on a commercially-scheduled flight on December 19 for a Delta Air Lines Seoul-to-Detroit trip.



3…………> The Auschwitz Decree: Himmler

The Islamic Merkeldom of Germany will mark 75 years since SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler infamous “Auschwitz Decree” that ordered “all gypsy mixed-bloods, Roma Gypsies and non-German-blooded members of gypsy clans with Balkan origins” to be brought to the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

The Roma were designated a “foreign and inferior race” under the new legislation, much the same terminology used for Jews and people of African origin, a classification that led to the wholesale murder of millions during the Holocaust.



4………..> Aussie Photo Gallery

The best photos of life “Down Under” during last week.

5…………> Vanishing Towns: Russia

During Stalin’s “Red Terror Campaign” millions of Russians were sent to gulags, one of the most infamous being at the skulls covered banks of Kolyma river in Siberia, where the small Far Eastern coal-mining towns of Kadykchan, and nearby Kirovsk also known as “The Arctic Hollywood” existed in the Russian Arctic Circle more than 2,500 miles and eight times zones away from what the locals called the mainland: i.e. Russia.

But with the 1980s Mikhail Gorbachev’s “Perestroika” in full blast, the Soviet Union collapsed and the two towns faced a problem that is still threatening many other locations within the largest country in the world: abandoned Soviet-era buildings – cracked windows , nearly collapsed roofs sagging and entrance ways overgrown, yards full with junk.

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