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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: PresidentDwMZEHrV4AEvW9d.jpg

More people are working today in the United States, 158,000,000, than at any time in our Country’s history. That is a Big Deal!

  1. Despite the most hostile and corrupt media in the history of American politics, the Trump Administration has accomplished more in its first two years than any other Administration. Judges, biggest Tax & Regulation Cuts, V.A. Choice, Best Economy, Lowest Unemployment & much more!

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    “Public optimism in their personal economy has hit a 16-year high under President Trump.” “The job market doesn’t get much better than this.” What Americans have to say about the soaring Trump Economy:

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    Great to be in Kentucky! I’m proud to stand with who is working tirelessly for the great people of the Bluegrass State! Matt stands with ’s pro-growth, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment agenda!

  4. “Donald Trump’s Approval Rating is at or near his highest level ever. The media is not being honest about what is happening in this Country.” Jesse Watters

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    . uncovers major Ohr-Steele-Fusion GPS collusion docs PLUS did Schiff conspire with Cohen to smear ? Joining on to discuss.

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    Economic security is national security. That’s the principle at work as President helps our veterans transition into great jobs at great wages in our Merchant Marine. More from Peter Navarro:

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    Since the mainstream media doesn’t cover the booming economy enough: -Wage growth just hit 3.4% – the best in 10 years -Hispanic unemployment just hit a new record low -Unemployment has been 4% or lower for a full year – the longest streak in 50 years!

  8. Will soon be 145 Judges!


    2…………>Ethiopian Airlines Nairobi Flight Crash: No Survivors


    An Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302, Boeing 737-800 MAX from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, lost control with air traffic controllers on the ground six minutes after take-off and crashed, after the pilot sent out a distress call and was given clearance to return.

    The plane model was the same as the Lion Air flight that crashed off the coast of Indonesia last year, killing 189, and this particular tragedy occurred after the aircraft experienced an “unstable vertical speed after take-off“, according to Swedish flight-tracking website flightradar24.

    “Data from Flightradar24 ADS-B network show that vertical speed was unstable after take off,” the organization reported on Twitter.



    3…………> Down With Comrade Putin’s ‘Online Iron Curtain’: Angry Russians


    “Freedom, including freedom of the internet, is the most important thing we have, there are a lot of repressive laws on free speech and other things already,” an elderly Russian woman said regarding Comrade Putin’s new law that will create ‘Online Iron Curtain’, restricting access to the world-wide web, and return the country to the times when one can get arrested by the infamous KGB goons for not doing anything in particular, but just thinking about it.

    Thousands of protesters rallied in Moscow against a draft law that aims to reconfigure the foundation of Russia’s internet, with an estimated crowd of more than 14,000 people participating, a number downgraded by Comrade Putin’s Interfax news agency that put the number at 6,500.

    Critics said the draft law, which is widely expected to pass, would lead to censorship and create an “online Iron Curtain” that cuts Russians off from the rest of the world.

    At least 16 people were arrested ahead of the protests, and eight of them were detained for using “floating devices” when they released blue balloons in a sign of protest.

    “We don’t have free elections, we don’t have press freedom, the television is completely controlled — the internet is the only place where we talk about corruption.




    4…………> The Magic Blue Jeans: A German Sailor Savior


    A German sailor named Helge Murke told a New Zealand News outfit that he were commissioned to sail a 40 foot yacht, the Wahoo, from Auckland to Brazil, when a roque wave 9 foot tall tossed his brother Arne overboard without a life jacket, and only wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

    Helge tried to throw him a rope and a life jacket, but they were caught in a filthy swells, and he was unable to grab them and was separated from the boat, as they were sailing down the east coast of New Zealand.

    “I took a deep breath, took out my jeans, made knots at the end of the legs and inflated the jeans; pull it over water and get air inside and then push it under water, I had like an improvised life vest.

    Fortunately for the two brothers authorities were alerted and several vessels and aircraft, including one from the Lowe Corporation Rescue Helicopter Service, were deployed to find Arne.

    “I saw it many years ago and I always thought if I ever go overboard without a life jacket I’m going to do that,” he told the Herald News.




    5…………> Give Me My Wall Money: Trump


    As the US House “On The Left Off Che Guevara Inquisitors” committee of Comrades Nadler, Waters, Schiff, Hoodlums & Co, supported by Jew-haters and Islamo-Fascists  Tlaib and Omar, and generously bankrolled by “Trotsky” billionaires triumvirate of Soros, Steiger & Bloomberg, a group “No Trumpers” already salivating over the imminent impeachment of MrTrump, the President will demand $86 billion to pay for a long-promised Mexico-US border wall, a demand to be attached onto the official 2020 congressional budget proposal.

    Employing a 2017 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) proposal, the White House gamble for wall funding would siphon $36 billion from the Pentagon’s military construction budget, and $5 billion from the budget of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to construct some 722 miles of new barrier, hire another 2,800 US law enforcement personnel and an additional 100 ‘immigration judges’.

    The House voted February 26 to terminate Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, and the US Senate is expected to follow suit this week, setting up the stage for a veto by the president, with neither the Senate or the House likely to be able to override it.




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