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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President TrumpDwMZEHrV4AEvW9d.jpg



Donald J. Trump

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The White House



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Donald J. Trump

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Great job by law enforcement in Aurora, Illinois. Heartfelt condolences to all of the victims and their families. America is with you!

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2…………>The Wall Battle Is On: Trump vs Deep State


Democrats allege that the proclamation “shreds” the constitution, and threatened to challenge the President in court, but Mr. Trump is confident he will win any legal challenge, while the Establishment GOP who are part of Unified Party USA are split over the move, fearing it could set a worrying precedent.

Mr. Trump had demanded Congress include money for the wall, one of his biggest 2016 campaign promises, in a funding bill he was expected to sign either later on Friday or Saturday, and confirmed his belief that the emergency declaration would speed up the process of building the wall.

“We’re going to be signing today and registering the national emergency and it’s a great thing to do because we have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people and it’s unacceptable,” he reiterated.



3…………>Another Bloody US Shooting: Aurora


A disgruntled employee of the Henry Pratt Co. in Aurora, some 50 miles west of Chicago, identified   as 45-year-old Gary Martin opened fire at the company’s warehouse, killing five people and injuring several others before being fatally shot by police.

Police chief Kristen Ziman said the former worker was “being terminated”, before opening fire on the first police officers rushed to contain the carnage and were fired on immediately, as one was struck outside and four others shot inside the building.


4…………>Border Tensions: Nuke Powered India & Pakistan


“The United States calls on Pakistan to end immediately the support and safe haven provided to all terrorist groups operating on its soil, whose only goal is to sow chaos, violence, and terror in the region,” the statement from the White House press secretary’s office said in the condemnation of the suicide bombing of a paramilitary convoy in Indian-controlled Kashmir, an attack that killed 44, and is now the deadliest in the divided region’s volatile history.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi placed the blame for Thursday’s bombing squarely on neighboring Pakistan, which India accuses of supporting rebels in Kashmir, and threatened of a “crushing response” to the unprovoked attack.


5…………>The Hornet Found: 76 Years Later


The USS aircraft carrier Hornet that was sunk on October 26, 1942 with a loss of 140 sailors, while most of the crew of 2,170 men escaped the bloody battle of Midway, was located 76 years near its resting place near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.

The remains of  the Hornet was discovered this week at a depth of 16,000 feet by a research vessel funded by the late Seattle billionaire Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.

The Hornet was best known for its part in the Doolittle Raid in April 1942, the first air attack on Japan.



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