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Bibi1581 01/17/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> New California: Get Ready

“It’s really amazing that it doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, or whatever. If you’re Californian, everyone is concerned about the nature of the state. It seems to really be going across party lines at this point. You would think it might be a little more conservative on the New California side and liberal on the other, but we get calls from Los Angeles County and Sacramento,” that’s how Northern California, Yuba City native Robert Paul Preston envisions his dream of splitting California in two to create the nation’s sixth-largest state, called New California, a state that unlike its brethren down south will not be liberal-friendly.



2…………..> Arctic Blast Halt: Scotland

Scotland’s transport minister Ayatollah Humza Yousaf said the weather was “extremely challenging” and not witnessed for a number of years, as reports of stranded motorists forced to sleep in their vehicles surfaced indicating that a ‘snow bomb’ and freezing temperatures have brought Scotland to a standstill, while authorities were preparing for yet another Arctic storm blast.

The main motorway link M74 between Scotland and England became impassable as a fleet of gritters struggled to keep the country on the move while train and ferry links were also seriously disrupted.


3…………..> No Answers Or A Gag Order: Bannon

“Steve Bannon and his attorney asserted a remarkably broad definition of executive privilege,” said Jim Himes, a Democratic member of the committee as former chief strategist to US President Donald Trump refused to answer a broad range of questions at a committee hearing probing alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Mr Bannon claimed an “executive privilege” on questions related to his time at the White House, or the transition to the new administration, hence the panel issued a subpoena to compel him to return for a second round. His first appearance was voluntary.


4…………..> Snake In The Pocket:CIA

Around 2010 and later, some 20 US informants had been killed or jailed in China- one of the most disastrous failures of US intelligence in recent years that sparked an FBI investigation into the crippling of the CIA’s spy operation in the communist country. As a consequence of that counterintelligence operation a former CIA officer and naturalized US citizen Jerry Chun Shing Lee  was arrested in the US on charges of unlawful retention of classified information.


5…………> Truth Decay: US

“Today we see that lack of trust across many more pillars of society — in government, media and financial institutions — and a far lower absolute level of trust in these institutions than before,” said Michael D. Rich, co-author of the “truth decay”report and president and CEO of RAND Corporation.

RAND political scientist and co-author of the report, Jennifer Kavanagh agreed.

“Increasingly, important policy debates are as likely to hinge on opinion or anecdote as they are on objective facts or rigorous analysis,” she said as the phenomenon, known as “truth decay”, defined by increasing disagreement about facts, a blurring between opinion and fact, and declining trust in time tested sources of factual information has brought US government institutions triad into a state of relentless “information firefights”, de-facto grounding the flow of decision making output by elected and appointed officials.

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