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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/12/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> 1st Digital Pill: Stand By

If you are one of the “Einsteins” who forget to take the daily pills, don’t sweat, help is underway. The 1st “smart digital” pill has been approved in the US for patients suffering from schizophrenia and related diseases, incorporating a “smart” sensor made of silicon, copper and magnesium that interacts with your stomach acids and then sends a message to an OS device app, which in turn may remind you, or share information with health providers of your choice.


2…………> Sarmat: Putin’s “Wild Card”

“All the practical, scientific, technical and manufacture-related issues have already been overcome. The facilities that are necessary for [the manufacturer] of the number of [Sarmat] missiles ordered by the Defense Ministry are ready,” Minister Borisov told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper in support of a statement by President Vladimir Putin that Russia had started the mass production of the hypersonic weapon Avangard, capable of travelling intercontinental distances in dense layers of the atmosphere at speeds faster than Mach 20.

The Avangard system, mentioned by the president, is well-tested and capable of striking aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers of a potential enemy. 



3…………> Fateful Till The End: Homeless Man’s Dog

Since the dawn of time, people have cherished the friendship between man and his dog, immortalized by the touching story of a Japanese pooch named “Hachiko” that famously waited almost 10 years at a train station for his owner who died after leaving it on the platform in the 1920s, with his devotion commemorated by a bronze statue that stands at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. 

Now yet another loving, devoted and nameless “Hachiko” has been observed near the entrance of a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, more than four months after its owner, a homeless man, was stabbed in a local park and rushed to Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte medical centre where he died from his injuries.

Following the fatal incident, the dog chased the ambulance carrying his owner and has waited at the doors of the medical centre ever since, still refusing to leave, and was cared for by the Hospital staff. 

Wouldn’t you wish to have a devoted friend like Hachiko? 



4……….> The Leica Legend: 100th

A Leica camera from 1923 has fetched a record price at auction in Vienna, with the prototype 0-Series piece was snapped up for the princely sum of €2.4 million – six times the opening price.

The camera — serial number 122 — went on auction at a start price of €400,000 ($492,300). After a bidding war ensued in the room and by phone, the sum rose to €2.4 million — the hammer price of €2 million plus a €400,000 surcharge for the auctioneer.

“The remarkable price certainly also reflects the camera’s fantastic original condition,” said a press release from Westlicht. The camera was bought by a private collector in Asia. 



5…………..> Slingshot: Danger Within

In line with sending hostility to people computers worldwide, “Dark Web” anti-social computer code assassins have created a new malware named “Slingshot”, recently discovered by Kaspersky Lab that is capable of compromising the routers of personal computers with the help of multi-level attacks.

Slingshot malware includes the module Cahnadr and the user mode module GollumApp, affecting the kernel code, which allows attackers to gain expanded access to computer memory at all levels, while the other damages the user level, taking control of the files and constantly monitoring the persistence of malware in the operating system.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/01/2018: Morning Edition

1…………>China’s Counter Power: India

India  launched the third of its six Scorpene-class submarines, named “INS Karanj”, yet another addition to its fleet of 15 submarines. Scorpene submarines can undertake multifarious types of missions i.e. anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, mine laying, area surveillance. 




2…………> 99 Cents Aussie Secrets:2nd Hand Store
Who needs James “Stirred but not shaken” Aussie Bond when two locked cabinets containing “top secret” and classified documents from the Federal government were found in a Canberra second hand store that sold ex-government furniture, with many of which were designated “top secret,” “sensitive,” “Australian eyes only,” and “cabinet-in-confidence.” 

 Prime Minister Turnbull  was clearly not amused by the find, promising to launch an “urgent investigation” into how the furniture containing the sensitive files was lost.



3…………> Porn “Shame” Scam: A Warning

Like bare skin? Looking for some excitement in the still of the night? Take a note of Kaspersky’s Lab warning that nearly 50% of users face the threat of the clicker/WAP-subscription malware when they use an unknown app offering adult content.

 The “Trojan horse” is a malware which under the guise of porn independently examines advertisements and signs up the gadget owner to paid services. Under this scenario, money is immediately removed from the owner’s mobile account.

“The banking Trojans lock the screen of the device and show a message stating that illegal content (usually child porn) has been detected on the device, and the device has been locked. In order to unlock the device, the victim has to pay a ransom. This message usually comes with screenshots from actual child porn videos,” the study explained.



4…………> Robb The Gas Station: Blame The Cops

Now as the asses of the conspirators and saboteurs of our beloved 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama are facing the DOJ grinder and the compromising FISA memo is about to hit the bookstores at any moment, “Convoluter in Chief” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is warning of a looming “constitutional crisis” if Republicans release the classified memo that attests to blatant abuses of power by both FBI and the Justice Department’s Russia investigation.

The fact is that we have had an constitutional crisis ever since Trump took office as “Deep State” McCain, Graham, Clinton, Hoodlums & Co parallel US government alligators had gone to the point of subversion and mutiny to negate the voice of the people, remove a democratically elected leader and lead the country in the direction of globalist dictatorship.



5…………> “La Resistance”: Uncle Soros Style

In statement of defiance against the will of the American people and their elected leader, President Trump, a representative sample of Uncle Soros “La Resistance,” an umbrella of broad array of social justice groups, celebrities and other “refuseniks” gathered for three hours of speeches and music at Town Hall theater in midtown Manhattan, hoping to raise up their spirits, dry their tears after an eternity of miserable rejection of their failed doctrine, looking ahead to the challenge of organizing to capture a majority in the House of Representatives and hundreds or more state legislative seats in the looming elections later this year.

 Just 24 hours before President Trump’s first State of the Union speech in Washington, a mixture of New Yorker former and current hippies, service and domestic workers, college students, activists and many other “paint snuffers” crawled out on a cold night for an event billed as the People’s State of the Union, yet  an alternate way for resistance movement activists to prepare for the coming struggle.