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Bibi1581 Blog For 03/31/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Brown vs Trump: Pardons Wars

President Trump blasted California Gov. Jerry Brown for his pardon of five ex-convicts facing deportation, including two who fled the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia with their families four decades ago, referring to Brown as “Moonbeam,” a nickname a newspaper columnist coined for him in the 1970s. Trump then listed the ex-convicts’ crimes before they were pardoned Friday. They include misdemeanor domestic violence, drug possession, and kidnapping and robbery.

“Is this really what the great people of California want?” Trump sarcastically asked.

A spokesman for Mr. Brown responded to a request for comment with more information about the five men but did not directly address Trump’s criticism.


2…………> “Fake Sports Apparel”: CA

A Mountain House, California man named Seyyed Ali Noori, 50, pleaded guilty to two counts of trafficking in counterfeit goods, while owning and operating Goldstar Wholesale LLC, a regional wholesale distributor based in Tracy, California, and also sold goods at the Galt Flea Market in Galt, California. In August, October, and November 2013, undercover officers with the Sacramento Intellectual Property Task Force purchased hundreds of dollars of counterfeit hats, shirts, and other accessories from Noori. These items bore counterfeit trademarks belonging to professional sports franchises in the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League, as well as apparel brands like Monster Energy, Nike, and New Era. Purchases were made from Noori at the Galt Flea Market and the Goldstar warehouse.


3…………> Pharma Fraud: Orlando

Pharmacy Owner and Pharmacist Sentenced to 160 Months in Prison for $4.3 Million Pain and Scar Cream Kickback Scheme Against Military Insurance Program

The owner of an Orlando, Florida-area pharmacy named Larry B. Howard, 53, of Oviedo, Florida, a licensed pharmacist, was sentenced today for his role in a kickback scheme involving pain and scar creams that resulted in the payment of approximately $4.3 million in false and fraudulent claims to TRICARE. TRICARE provides coverage for active duty military members and their families, as well as retired veterans.


4…………> Together With Its Stars: Prof. Hawking

A courageous man who overcome a life-long debilitating illness of neuron paralysis at age of 21, but whose restless mind wandered in distant galaxies and star clusters in search of the most profound mysteries of the Creator, has passed away. Professor Stephen Hawking was 76.
He left an indelible mark of excellence on modern physics, having discovered what is now known as the “Hawking gravitational radiation” of black holes, postulated the existence of “event horizon” in conditions of extreme gravity forces that warp time and space, and was a respected and beloved author of books on popular science that educated millions about the wonders of the Lord’s Creation.


5…………> A Message Of Peace

Turn of the channel on people who have offended and demeaned the teachings of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, also known as Rabbi Emmanuel. Walk away, let them dry on the scorching sun. Listen to the sound of Christus Vincit, a message of peace and hope.

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