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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.”

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump



….it’s going to go nowhere. They are going to impeach not because they have the evidence, but because they hate the president. I think the American people know that this is a waste of time, this is Democrats putting on a circus.

@SenTedCruz interviewed by Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd




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Donald J. Trump



“Any president has the authority to investigate corruption. The President himself released the transcript of the call. Now the Democrats have no evidence of a crime and no evidence of violating the law. This is a kangaroo court in the House, but it’s going to go to the Senate,…




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Donald J. Trump



….Biden on the board of the largest natural gas company in Ukraine, getting paid $83,000 a month, 10 times as much as a board member of


” Thank you Ted. He also  made a fortune from China and others, but zero before his father became V.P.





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Donald J. Trump




“The Democrats are now admitting that they can’t prove a crime, they can’t prove a law was violated, and here’s why. Any president, any administration, is justified in investigating corruption, and there was serious evidence of real corruption concerning Hunter….




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2…………> Down With Macron, Viva La Belle France: Yellow Jackets Joint The Revolution


Fights broke out in Paris between police and enraged citizens, as yellow vest activists joined the wave of protest actions against the Government’s overhaul of France’s national retirement system, with the truckers’ federation opposing an increase in taxes on diesel for commercial vehicles and blocking major highways, a never ending chain of robbery of the people to finance the open borders, globalist policies of the President of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, Rabbinical Grand Ayatollah Emanuel Macron.

The combined pressure of the yellow vest movement over the cost of living and union protests against pension reform are a major challenge to President Emmanuel Macron’s efforts to balance the state budget and introduce more environmentally friendly legislation in the second half of his mandate.

A similar fuel tax is what unleashed the yellow vest movement a year ago, and this convergence of grievances could pose a major new threat to Macron’s presidency.


3…………> China Exports Trending Down: Trump’s Noose Hurting


On Friday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the 15 December deadline – to impose a new round of tariffs on some $156 bn of Chinese exports – remained in place, with experts saying that even if negotiations aimed at avoiding the new American duties are successful, many US buyers will have already found alternative suppliers.

Beijing and Washington are negotiating a potential deal aimed at de-escalating their trade dispute but so far have failed to agree on details, with China’s exports falling down 23%, the worst such result since February and the twelfth monthly decline in a row.


4…………> Navy Identifies Three Sailors Killed in NAS Pensacola Shooting


WASHINGTON (NNS) — Three Sailors died during an active shooter incident at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Dec. 6 in Petersburg, Florida.

The identities of the Sailors are:

Ensign Joshua Kaleb Watson, Student, Naval Aviation Schools Command, 23, from Coffee, Alabama

Airman Mohammed Sameh Haitham, Student, Naval Aviation Schools Command, 19, from St

Petersburg, Florida.

Airman Apprentice Cameron Scott Walters, Student, Naval Aviation Schools Command, 21, from Richmond Hill, Georgia (Not Pictured)

“The sorrow from the tragic event on NAS Pensacola will have a lasting impact on our installation and community,” said Capt. Tim Kinsella, commanding officer, NAS Pensacola.

If not for their actions, and the actions of the Naval Security Force that were the first responders on the scene, this incident could have been far worse.

  The Sailors that lost their lives in the line of duty and showed exceptional heroism and bravery in the face of evil.


5…………> Trump: Mama Lies Nadler, Schiff, Headhunters & Co Again Change Impeachment Guidelines


Donald J. Trump


Less than 48 hours before start of the Impeachment Hearing Hoax, on Monday, the No Due Process, Do Nothing Democrats are, believe it or not, changing the Impeachment Guidelines because the facts are not on their side

When you can’t win the game, change the rules!


7:29 AM – Dec 8, 2019

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37/3K people are talking about this

Trump’s tirade apparently refers to House Judiciary Committee head Jerry Nadler releasing a report on the constitutional grounds for impeaching POTUS on 7 December, with the next round of impeachment hearings starting on 9 December.

​ The report is essentially an update to the general impeachment guidelines, which explain when and how a US president can be impeached.

The report published by Nadler specifically addresses several points of criticism from Trump and the White House of the ongoing impeachment effort without altering anything else, contributing to POTUS’ accusations against the Democrats of trying to change the game rules to fit their needs.


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