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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/13/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> IS New Playground: Indonesia

Western politicians, led by President Trump announced recently the complete and unconditional destruction of the so-called Islamic State of Levant, unfortunately, as any other cancer, it did not die, but simply mutated and found a new body to feed into. Hence the rumors of its demise were grossly exaggerated since its new target turned out to be the largest Muslim country in the world, namely Indonesia that has suffered a number of deadly incidents linked to Islamist militancy over the years:

2002 (October): A bomb attack on the Kuta Beach nightclub district on Bali kills 202 people, most of them being tourists.
2003 (August): Fourteen people are killed when a car bomb explodes outside the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta
2004 (September): Another car bomb attack outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta kills nine and injures more than 180
2005 (October): Three suicide bombings on Bali kill 23 people, including the bombers
2009 (July): Twin suicide bomb attacks on the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta killed nine people and injured many more
2016 (January): A bomb and gun attack in the center of Jakarta kills two civilians and five attackers. IS claimed to be behind the attack
2017 (May): A suicide bomb attack in Jakarta kills at least three police officers and injures 10 people
2018 (February): Several people are injured in a sword attack at a church in Sleman, Yogyakarta
2018 (May): Five police officers are killed at a high-security prison in clashes with Islamist militant prisoners 


Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, is among several nations in South East Asia that have suffered attacks in recent years by groups said to be linked to so-called Islamic State (IS). Why? Because of the relentless Russian and US bombing of desert terrorist sanctuaries in Syria and Iraq exposed a glaring weakness of the fanatical followers of the “Sheik Of Death” Al Baghdadi: there was no place to hide from the prying eyes of intelligence drones, even in a predominantly Islamic country. The solution?  Abandon the Middle East for the time being, and create new bases deep within the tropical jungles of the Philippines and Indonesia, igniting a new jihadist fire away from the long arms of the New World Disorder.




2…………> Play With Cheetahs: Family On The Run

A quiet day in the park turns into a life & death confrontation.





3…………> Vintage Cars: Poland

A Ford Mustang vintage car is seen during the 2018 Warsaw Oldtimer Show in Nadarzyn, southwest of Warsaw, Poland, on May 13, 2018. The show was held here from May 12 to May 13, attracting about 300 exhibitors to display almost 2,000 vintage cars.




4…………> Contested Capital: Jerusalem

About 45,000 Israelis, mainly ultranationalist religious Jewish youths, waved Israeli flags and blew horns as they passed through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter en route to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, ignoring high tensions that marked Israel’s 1967 capture of the eternal city.

The annual parade was held under heavy police security a day before the United States was expected to move its embassy to Jerusalem, a diplomatic move that has been boycotted by many EU and third world’s countries.


5………….> New Maritime Superpower: China

Mr.Xi new toy, the new Chinese aircraft carrier code name Type 001 which has a cruising speed of 36 miles per hour, is based on the same Soviet Kuznetsov-class design used for the Liaoning, with a ski-jump type ramp for taking off, unlike US carriers, which have more advanced catapult technology.  It can carry some 40 planes. and has a displacement of 70,000 tonnes fully loaded. A third aircraft carrier is being built in Shanghai, but all details are still state secret, a long way from US carrier force of 11 carriers, all nuclear-powered.

Although China’s 2-million strong military is the largest in the world and its navy is also the biggest in terms of numbers of ships, its defense budget in 2018, though raised, is still only about one-quarter that of the United States.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/14/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Iranian Tanker Fire & Explosion

“There is no hope of finding survivors among the [missing] 29 members of the crew,” Iran’s maritime agency chief Mahmoud Rastad said on state television, as the stricken tanker, Sanchi, drifted into Japan’s exclusive economic zone and “suddenly ignited” and finally sunk, according to Chinese state media reports.
A video of the tragedy that took the lives of the Iranian crew showed flames off the burning ship rising between 2500 to 3,000 feet in the air when leftovers of some 1 million burning barrels of condensate, an ultra-light crude oil caught on fire.



2…………..> Lunar Year: A Celebration In Lights

People walk under the colorful lights which are projected along Minzhu road in Haizhou District of Lianyungang, east China’s Jiangsu Province, Jan. 14, 2018. These days the district put up several themed lighting projects to greet the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year, which falls on Feb. 16, 2018.



3…………..>Evil Personified: Islamic State

“[The physical caliphate of Islamic State of Levant] has been broken and fractured, but the work still continues. We are going to continue our operations because we ultimately have to ensure we have conditions on the ground that ISIS can never re-emerge,” she added, using an alternate acronym for the terrorist group,”Pentagon spokeswoman Dana W. White said in a press briefing on January 11.

“Even though they failed as a caliphate, there are global manifestations of their brand that we see pop up,” Marine Corps Lieutenant General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. told reporters in the press briefing.The jihadist organization “Islamic State” has been defeated in a military sense, having lost 98% of the areas they used to control in both countries, with US forces planning to take the remaining 2% from them as well.But its ideologies live on, and so is the terror in the tender minds of the children who grew up under its regime, having been witnesses of IS violence, including brutal public punishments and executions, and other challenges like guerrilla warfare remain due to new fanatical recruits pouring through the border from Turkey into Syria.

“[IS’] global brand is fading with the defeat of the physical caliphate and as stories about the horror of life under ISIS are disseminated,” officials stated on the Defense Department’s website.



4…………> ET 2018 Greetings: Mexico

An unidentified vertical flying object, caught on camera by a Mexican woman who can be heard asking “What is that?” in the background as she films, has sparked a heated debate on “YouTube”, as social media users were confused by the “out of this world” pair of videos showing what appears to be an odd UFO hovering over the skies above Mexico and Texas.
Was it a piece of dirt or even bird excrement on a window, a set of old, deflating balloons, or the jetpack of fictional billionaire Tony Stark himself in his famous Iron Man suit?

“Any ideas what this might be people? Really curious. Also saw that this has been seen in China,” the Texas clip’s uploader wrote.



5…………> Thou Shall Not Sleep When Stealing: 11th Commandment

Police in central Islamic Merkeldom of Germany arrested a man who broke into a house, ransacked the property and then fell asleep on the sofa, giving the family from Erfurt the shock of their life to find a would-be burglar asleep on their couch. Officers have said drugs were likely the cause of the mid-theft drowsiness, and they will keep “clumsy off” in custody “in order to prevent health-endangering sleep deprivation.” 


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