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George Sorbane Quotes: When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.


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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump


Gregg Jarrett

Trump right to commute Roger Stone’s sentence – Stone committed no crime, was framed by Mueller
Trump right to commute Roger Stone’s sentence – Stone committed no crime, was framed by Mueller -…
By commuting the prison sentence of Roger Stone on Friday, President Trump took a justified step in rectifying an egregious wrong.

Gregg Jarrett

Biased anti-Flynn rogue judge exceeds authority by refusing to dismiss wrongful charges
Biased anti-Flynn rogue judge exceeds authority by refusing to dismiss wrongful charges – Gregg…
Sullivan seems determined to send an innocent man to prison — evidence and the law be damned. Judges like Sullivan led Darrow to conclude that the illusive pursuit of justice in an American courtroom…

TV News HQ

Fox News’

on President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone sentence: “A courageous move.. it was an unjust sentence.”

Gregg Jarrett: Commutation of Roger Stone sentence was a ‘courageous move,’ he didn’t have a fair…
The commutation of political advisor Roger Stone was a “courageous move” on behalf of President Trump and his administration, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said Saturday.


2…………> Barbaric Murder Of French Bus Driver : Attack Over Face Masks Rule


The widow of a French bus driver who was beaten to death after he asked four passengers to wear face masks aboard his vehicle, has called for exemplary punishment for her husband’s killers, as five people charged in connection to the murder of the 58 years old Mr. Philippe Monguillot, left brain dead and  later taken off life support.

The President of the Islamic Sheikdom of France, politically correct Rabbinical Grand Ayatollah Emmanuel Macron dispatched Interior Minister, Ayatollah Gerald Darmanin to meet the driver’s widow:

“This bus driver was only doing his job,He left his home in the morning and did not come back, leaving a widow and three orphan girls. It is an absolutely odious act”, he said.


3…………> A Good News For Eyes Over 40 Years Old: Deep Red Light 


Staring into deep red light for three minutes a day helps to maintain vision, British researchers found that the long-wave impulses stimulate the mitochondria in the cells of the retina. A research team led by neuroscientist Dr. Glen Jeffery, professor at the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London, has now presented strong evidence for this thesis.

The scientists then gave the test persons specially constructed small LE flashlights, and demanded they to look into the deep red light beam for three minutes every day for two weeks, and  after that, the sensitivity tests for the rods and cone cells were repeated, and test results indicated that only older people over 40 benefited from the red-light treatment.




4…………> The Epstein Time Bomb: Are The High & Mighty Shivering?


The arrest and mysterious death of financier/convicted paedophile and sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein has been all over the media, and now US prosecutors are focusing on British socialite/madam Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of helping financier Jeffery Epstein groom underage girls for sex trafficking, facing trial and possibly testify regarding the clients of her lover’s network. She is on suicide, watch, with her request for  million bail expected to be declined.

Suspecting that video recordings of Epstein clients’ visits were shot using hidden cameras, and existence of records in a personal notebook that might help implicate them has led to expectations that the potential names in the records could make major headlines.



5………….> A Week In US Air Force: Photo Gallery


Maj. Joshua Gunderson, F-22 Raptor Demonstration team pilot and commander, flies an F-22 Raptor over Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, July 9, 2020, as part of JBER Salutes, a two-day event to show of appreciation to service members and nearly 100 Anchorage-area “COVID Heroes” and their guests. The service members and COVID Heroes, nominated for their support to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, toured the installation, viewed exhibits and static displays of aircraft, and watched demonstrations by explosive ordnance disposal, military working dog teams, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear experts. (U.S. Air Force photo by Alejandro Peña)



6…………> A Message Of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.



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Bibi1581 Blog For 05/21/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> “Viva Comrade Maduro”: Re-Elected


They underestimated me, today I love Venezuela more than ever,” President re-elect “Comrade” Maduro told cheering supporters outside Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, in the midst of fireworks and confetti, after Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) announced his re-election with a spectacular 67.7% of the vote, leaving his closest challengers behind, Henri Falcon with 21.2%, and Javier Bertuccithird with 10%.

It is quite amazing how these communist dictators, using just the right amount of hostility manage to get enthusiastically re-elected after their currency the “Bolivar” has been crushed by 1000% rise in interest rates, bloody riots on the streets, and acute shortages of food and medicines.

Don’t be surprised if Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, Mueller & Co manage to get rid of democratically elected US President Trump, denounce the Constitution, call a martial law and put some clown like Maduro in the White House(as they tried already).

What about the Trump supporters? The liberals will probably genetically transform the so-called “base” into thin sheets of toilet paper and back-scratchers to used in all the zoos in the US(and will be burned at the stake, thank you very much).




2…………> A Monsterous “Black Hole”: Get Ready

If you ever have been astounded by the energy of our “Yellow Dwarf” Sun, you ain’t seen nothing yet: Astronomers have identified an extremely fast-growing black hole, cataloging it as a ‘monster’ that eats the mass equivalent of our sun every two days, the fastest-growing black hole in the known universe, a super-massive celestial object some 12 billion light-years distant, thought to be at least the size of 20 billion of our suns.

“This black hole is growing so rapidly that it’s shining thousands of times more brightly than an entire galaxy,” stated Dr. Christian Wolf of the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, cited by

“If we had this monster sitting at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, it would appear 10 times brighter than a full moon. It would appear as an incredibly bright pinpoint star that would almost wash out all of the stars in the sky,” he added.

“If this monster was at the center of the Milky Way,” Wolf detailed, “it would likely make life on Earth impossible with the huge amounts of x-rays emanating from it.”





3…………> The Shadow Of The Fuehrer: The Evidence

This must a sorrowful day for all those dedicated or new-hatched Neo-Nazis, Skin-Heads and alike, who for years have been hoping that their beloved Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler is still hiding somewhere in the Amazon jungle, in a secret submarine base in the Arctic, or on the dark part of the Moon.

A team of French pathologists was recently allowed to inspect a set of teeth kept in Moscow that were recovered in Berlin in early May 1945 — the first time that Russian authorities had allowed anyone to examine the remains in over 70 years. And the researchers’ conclusions, published late last week in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, are unambiguous.

Philippe Charlier


#Hitler est bien mort en 1945 à Berlin, et ses restes sont à Moscou. Notre étude biomédicale définitive est à lire ici : 

6:33 AM – May 18, 2018 · Versailles, France

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The research team was also allowed to look at fragments of Hitler’s skull to confirm the means by which he committed suicide. The teeth matched descriptions provided by Hitler’s dentist and revealed no trace of meat — consistent with the fact that the Führer was vegetarian, concrete findings that should put an end to crackpot notions that the Nazi leader somehow escaped the destruction of the final days of World War II.

“We can stop all the conspiracy theories about Hitler,” Charlier said. “He did not flee to Argentina in a submarine; he is not in a hidden base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon.”





4…………> Cancer Treatment: Graphene

The semi-metal, super material of the 12th century is without a doubt the graphene, a carbon atom thick sheet that is incredibly strong, very light, and has been found to be extremely sensitive to light (1,000 times more than traditional digital cameras and smartphones), a new dimension that can be used in drug screening, application of selective painkillers, and selectively destroying cancer cells.

The graphene has the ability to wipe out cancerous cells without damaging neighboring healthy cells, since the electrical resting potential (ERP) of cancer cells is usually lower than healthy cells, which means it takes far less electrical stimulation to open their ion channels, and if kept open long enough, a deathly influx of ions can nuke them.


5…………> An “Noose” For Iran: Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has issued a steep list of 12 demands to the Middle East nation of Iran that should be included in a nuclear treaty to replace the Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama’s era deal, threatening “the strongest sanctions in history” if Iran doesn’t change course, warning punishment against European businesses which continue to trade with Iran.

“Iran has no possible path to a nuclear weapon, ever. These will end up being the strongest sanctions in history by the time we are complete,” Mr. Pompeo said at the conservative Heritage Foundation, his first major policy speech since taking over as top diplomat.

He said Iran must “stop enrichment” of uranium, allow nuclear “unqualified access to all sites throughout the country,” Mr. Pompeo said.

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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/24/2017: Morning Edition

1…………> As the twinkling lights of the zodiacs above have bashfully surrounded the brilliant star that has risen over Bethlehem and the world, let’s celebrate the birth of a child, a son of God that has come to shine the golden rays of his love and mercy on us. Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas from Miss KotKot 1581


2………..> A celebration of light, a victory over darkness

In this season of divine expectations and wishes for miracles, let’s share the blessings of the child from Bethlehem with all of Abraham’s children.


3…………> Back To Church: Mosul

Christian worshippers in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul celebrated their first Mass on Sunday since Daesh overran the city in 2014.
The Mass was held at the Church of St. Paul in eastern Mosul, pastor Saad Saliwah told Anadolu Agency.
“Our church bells rang for the first time in more than three years since Daesh captured the city,” he said.

The Mass was attended by the patriarch of Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic Church, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako, and a host of religious and military figures.


4………….>Jesus Birth: The Gospels

The real stories of Christmas have very little to do with the reality according to research by distinguished theologians.
Firstly, the actual birth day of Jesus was not on December 25, but a date we celebrate that was adopted by the Christian church as his birthday in the fourth century. 

Secondly, linking Jesus’s conception with his death nine months prior to December 25 was important for underscoring salvation.

Thirdly, the actual birth of our Saviour according to Luke recounts the story of the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, the couple’s journey to Bethlehem because of a census and the visit of the shepherds. And finally, according to Luke 2:7 “Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, she swaddled him and laid him in the feeding trough because there was no space for them in their guest room”, since Joseph and Mary stayed with family but the guest room was too small for childbirth and hence Mary gave birth in the main room of the house.

5…………> Son Of God: Buddha

Photo taken on Dec. 22, 2017 shows a golden statue of Buddha under the starry sky on Mount Emei in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Mount Emei, one of the four sacred mountains for Buddhism in China, has been placed on the World Heritage list by the UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee.

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