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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President TrumpDwMZEHrV4AEvW9d.jpg

    Very important that OPEC increase the flow of Oil. World Markets are fragile, price of Oil getting too high. Thank you!

    Wow, ratings for “Morning Joe,” which were really bad in the first place, just “tanked” with the release of the Mueller Report. Likewise, other shows on MSNBC and CNN have gone down by as much as 50%. Just shows, Fake News never wins!

    Congressman Adam Schiff, who spent two years knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking, should be forced to resign from Congress!

    FBI & DOJ to review the outrageous Jussie Smollett case in Chicago. It is an embarrassment to our Nation!

    Mexico is doing NOTHING to help stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our Country. They are all talk and no action. Likewise, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have taken our money for years, and do Nothing. The Dems don’t care, such BAD laws. May close the Southern Border!

    The Fake News Media is going Crazy! They are suffering a major “breakdown,” have ZERO credibility or respect, & must be thinking about going legit. I have learned to live with Fake News, which has never been more corrupt than it is right now. Someday, I will tell you the secret!

    Will be heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan, tonight for a Big Rally. Will be talking about the many exciting things that are happening to our Country, but also the car companies, & others, that are pouring back into Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North & South Carolina & all over!


2…………> Family Drug Ring Busted: ICE


Three members of an international drug trafficking organization pleaded guilty Monday in US District Court in Seattle to distributing more than a thousand kilograms of illegal marijuana, announced US Attorney Brian T Moran and Special Agent in Charge Brad Bench of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Seattle Field Office.

 Qifeng Li, 41, his wife Xiamin Huang, 38, and brother Qiwei Li, 45, all face a mandatory minimum five years in prison and up to 40 years in prison when sentenced by US District Judge John C Coughenour on June 18, 2019.

 Ultimately, in an effort to streamline distribution the conspirators established a shipping company, Pony Movers, LLC, to transport their marijuana from Western Washington to a warehouse in Little Ferry, New Jersey.



3…………>  White Supremacists: Indicted By DOJ


Multiple members and associates of a white supremacist gang known as the 1488s, have been arrested and charged for their alleged roles in a racketeering enterprise involving narcotics distribution, firearms trafficking, and acts of violence including murder, assault, and kidnapping.

”Members allegedly often had tattoos incorporating Nazi-style symbols; however, the most coveted tattoo of 1488s members was the 1488s “patch” that could be worn only by “made” members who generally gained full membership by committing an act of violence on behalf of the gang”, Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, US Attorney Bryan Schroder for the District of Alaska, Special Agent in Charge Jeffery Peterson of FBI’s Anchorage Division and Alaska State Troopers (AST) Captain David Hanson, Commander of Alaska Bureau of Investigation made the announcement.

In a recently unsealed indictment, Filthy Fuhrer, (formerly Timothy Lobdell), 42, Roy Naughton, aka “Thumper,” 40, Glen Baldwin, aka “Glen Dog,” 37, Craig King, aka “Oakie,” 53, Beau Cook, 32; and Colter O’Dell, 26, have each been charged with murder in aid of racketeering, kidnapping in aid of racketeering, assault in aid of racketeering, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit assault and kidnapping in aid of racketeering, and  two other key members, Nicholas M. Kozorra, aka “Beast,” 29, and Dustin J. Clowers, 34, previously pleaded guilty to murder in aid of racketeering in recently unsealed court documents.

According to the indictment, the 1488s are a violent and “whites only” prison-based gang with approximately 50 to 100 members operating inside and outside of state prisons throughout Alaska and elsewhere.



4…………>  Migrant Pirates: Mediterranean


 “The first act of piracy on the high seas with migrants” was reported as alleged hijackers, as the Turkish oil tanker El Hiblu  rescued about 120 people,  when migrants seized control of the ship six miles from the Libyan coast, according to Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

“Poor castaways, who hijack a merchant ship that saved them because they want to decide the route of the cruise,” said Mr. Salvini, who heads the anti-migrant League party.

Migrants hijacked a cargo ship that rescued them in the Mediterranean Sea and forced the crew to put the Libya-bound vessel on a course north toward Europe, authorities in two European countries have said, with both Governments vowed to keep it from their territorial waters in the Mediterranean.


5…………> US Border Invasion: Anarchy & Mayhem


US-Mexico border has reached “breaking point”, due to an “unprecedented” surge in migrant numbers, and CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said it is “a matter of time” before tragedy strikes at one of their facilities, as El Paso, Texas officials reported over 13,000 migrants in custody this week, with most of the migrants entering the US are families or unaccompanied children.

“On Monday and Tuesday, CBP started the day with over 12,000 migrants in our custody,” Mr. McAleenan said at a news conference on Wednesday.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/19/2019: Evening Edition

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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump
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Bibi1581 Blog For 01/21/2018: Evening Edition

1…………> Nuclear Option: Trump

President Trump seem to be running out of patience with Pelosi/ Schumer imbeciles:

“The Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into our nation unchecked. If stalemate continues, Republicans should go to 51 percent (Nuclear Option) and vote on real, long term budget,” Mr Trump tweeted. 

 Devoted soldiers of Council of Foreign Relation and the New World Disorder, House Speaker Paul “Romney Jr.” and Senate Leader Mitch “Harry’s Twin” McConnell were quick to dismiss Donald Trump’s call to change Senate rules, which currently require a supermajority  or 60 votes for legislation to advance, if the Government shutdown drags on.

“Yesmen” and “bootliking” Republican and Democratic leaders who are really the reason for this shameful dysfunction, are continuing to try to resolve the impasse.



2…………> Mr. Xi’s Constitution: A Trek To Cult Of Personality

The man with a kind smile and steel hands, China Communist Party chief Xi Jinping has convinced the Central Committee to enshrine his writings “Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” into the Constitution.

“We should keep pace with the times and improve the Constitution while maintaining its consistency, stability and authority,” the document said about

major theoretical achievements, principles and policies adopted at the 19th CPC National Congress that should be incorporated into a revision to the Constitution, according to a communique issued after the second plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee held in Beijing. 

Translation? The wonderful “chemistry” that the D.C. “Fake News Media” “swamp alligators” postulated to exist between President Trump, a pillar of the capitalistic system, and PLA Generalissimos Mr.Xi, a new edition of Chairman Mao, is more crooked than dog’s hind legs, and if someone is still unconvinced, wait until one of those days PLA Navy tries to set on fire one of the US ships passing by the illegally pirated South Sea atolls.



3…………> AL Qaeda Weapons: Syria

Confiscated ammo boxes are seen on the ground in a military base in Damascus, Syria, on Jan. 21, 2018. A large amount of weapons and munition bound to the al-Qaida-linked rebels were confiscated near the rebel-held Ghouta countryside, east of Damascus, according to the Syrian authorities.

The lovely question still unanswered by US authorities, who is the deep pocket guy who is pouring billions in this never ending war?



4…………>Mega Billionaires: A Security Threat has maintained for a long time that the advent of “incubating billionaires” by Soros Planetary Commission and the Central Banks in the west is supported by data by Oxfam that the richest one percent exploded its wealth by $762 billion (€620 billion) in 2017, with the number of the fat cats grew to a spectacular 2,043 as amount of wealth estimated rose in the trillions.

To really get a feel of the emerging threat by this growing menace, consider the fact that 150 countries in the world have a GDP of 15 billions or less, when the number of mega-billionaires with net worth of over 30 billions is probably of the same magnitude, a claim that is supported right now by the blatant dysfunction of the US government as about ten fat cats are trying to get rid of President Trump, while few than five are supporting him.

Translation? If you have not built an underground bunker yet, you better. This outrage is not leading into good things.

5…………> Capital Of EU Culture: Valletta

“Malta is once again prepared to punch above its weight. We did not have to start from scratch. We simply had to look around us and tidy up those buildings and prepare our home to welcome our visitors,” Prime Minister Joseph Muscat told the opening ceremony at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, as thousands of Malta’s population were in the streets of the capital as Valletta was officially inaugurated as the European City of Culture on Saturday.

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