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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump
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Donald J. Trump

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3h3 hours ago


Congress must get together and immediately eliminate the loopholes at the Border! If no action, Border, or large sections of Border, will close. This is a National Emergency!

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Donald J. Trump


3h3 hours ago


…This will be a great campaign issue. I never asked Mitch McConnell for a vote before the Election as has been incorrectly reported (as usual) in the @nytimes, but only after the Election when we take back the House etc. Republicans will always support pre-existing conditions!

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Donald J. Trump

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4h4 hours ago


I was never planning a vote prior to the 2020 Election on the wonderful HealthCare package that some very talented people are now developing for me & the Republican Party. It will be on full display during the Election as a much better & less expensive alternative to ObamaCare…

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2…………> MS13 Punk Busted: Illegal Re-entry


A Salvadoran national and convicted felon was arrested March 2 by ICE  officers in Huntington, New York on a criminal complaint in Central Islip, charging William Umberto Martinez Chavez, 40, with illegal reentry into the United States, as a former member of the MS-13 Gang, and previously found guilty of manslaughter for a fatal stabbing on Long Island.

“Martinez Chavez is a known MS-13 gang member who was convicted of manslaughter, served his time and was removed from the United States, only to resurface on the same streets after having entered illegally,” said Thomas R. Decker, field office director for ERO New York. “It’s time to stop the political rhetoric and pay attention to criminal aliens, like Martinez Chavez, who are hiding in our communities. It is the job of the brave men and women of ICE to take those who break the laws of this country off the streets and see that they are removed back to their home countries.”

Martinez Chavez, a Salvadoran national, was deported from the United States in October 2017, after having been convicted in May 2002 of manslaughter in connection with a May 2000 stabbing outside a deli in Huntington, severing victims aorta and causing his death

 The defendant has admitted to previously being a member of the MS-13 gang and still has MS-13 tattoos, including on his abdomen and “Mara Salvatrucha” on his chest


3…………> Alabama Prisons: An Inch Above Jim Crow


The Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Offices for the Northern, Middle, and Southern Districts of Alabama today concluded that there is reasonable cause to believe that the conditions in Alabama’s prisons for men violate the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, for failing to protect the men’s prisons from prisoner-on-prisoner violence and prisoner-on-prisoner sexual abuse, and fail to provide prisoners with safe conditions.

“The Constitution guarantees all prisoners the right to be housed in safe conditions and not be subjected to violence and sexual abuse,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Civil Rights Division.

“Our investigation found reasonable cause to believe that Alabama fails to provide constitutionally adequate conditions and that prisoners experience serious harm, including deadly harm, as a result.”

 The Justice Department hopes to work with Alabama to resolve the Department’s concerns.


4…………> Trump Mocks Biden: Kissing Cousins


Mr. Trump told the dinner a story about wanting to kiss a general he met in Iraq who had promised an expedient end to a campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria.

“I said ‘General, come here and give me a kiss’. I felt like Joe Biden,” Mr Trump said, drawing laughter and applause.

In wide-ranging remarks, Mr Trump suggested the former vice-president would not pose a threat to him if he entered the 2020 presidential race, thanks to “socialists” working to take him down.

“It looks like the only non-sort-of-heavy socialist, he’s being taken care of pretty well by the socialists. They got to him — our former vice-president,” Mr Trump said.

“I was going to call him, I don’t know him well, I was going to say ‘Welcome to the world, Joe. You having a good time, Joe? Are you having a good time?’.”



5…………> Global Warming: Climate Carbon Pill


British Columbia-based Carbon Engineering has shown that it can extract CO2 in a cost-effective way, with a technology that removes carbon dioxide from the air has received significant backing from major fossil fuel companies.

A new, $68m in new investment from Chevron, Occidental and coal giant BHP received significant scientific endorsement last year with the publication of the IPCC report on keeping the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C this century.

In their “summary for policymakers”, the scientists stated that: “All pathways that limit global warming to 1.5C with limited or no overshoot project the use of CDR …over the 21st century.”

Carbon Engineering says that its direct air capture (DAC) process is now able to capture the gas for under $100 a tonne.


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