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George Sorbane books

George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “When the lower half rules, the upper half suffers.”

1…………>  Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump


The Radical Left Democrats and their Fake News Media partners, headed up again by Little Adam Schiff, and batting Zero for 21 against me, are at it again! They think I may have had a “dicey” conversation with a certain foreign leader based on a “highly partisan” whistleblowers.



Donald J. Trump


statement. Strange that with so many other people hearing or knowing of the perfectly fine and respectful conversation, that they would not have also come forward. Do you know the reason why they did not? Because there was nothing said wrong, it was pitch perfect!


Donald J. Trump


“The U.S. Economy is the envy of the world, as Europe and Asia slide ever toward recession. But the Left is trying to avoid talking about the Trump Economy.” 

Donald J. Trump


  The Best Is Yet To Come.


2…………> French Criminal Removed: ICE 


Samba Ndiaye, 42, also known as Mohamed Fall, was removed from the United States via an ICE Air charter flight and transferred into the custody of French law enforcement authorities.

 As political rhetoric continue to push against ICE as an agency, ICE officers continue to make this a safer city simply by doing their jobs, enforcing the country’s immigration laws as enacted by Congress, and arresting and removing criminal aliens from the United States

According to French law enforcement authorities, in December 2002, under his true identity, Ndiaya was convicted of a 1997 kidnapping, sequestration with acts of torture and attempted murder of a male in the city of Marseilles

“This man was convicted in his home country of the heinous acts of kidnapping and attempted murder, living in our communities as if he was immune from facing his punishment in France,” ICE official said.

“He assumed escaping to New York, a sanctuary city, the local laws would allow him to run free and continue to be a threat to the citizens of New York.”


3…………> Health Care & Opioid Fraud: Texas 


The Justice Department announced today a coordinated health care fraud enforcement operation across the state of Texas, involving charges against a total of 58 individuals across all four federal districts in Texas for their alleged involvement in Medicare fraud schemes and networks of “pill mill” clinics resulting in $66 million in losses and 6.2 million pills,  with 16 being doctors or medical professionals, and 20 were involved for their role in diverting opioids.    

 The charges announced today aggressively target schemes billing Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE (a health insurance program for members and veterans of the armed forces and their families), Department of Labor-Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs, and private insurance companies for medically unnecessary prescription drugs and compounded medications that often were never even purchased and/or distributed to beneficiaries.

The charges also involve individuals contributing to the opioid epidemic, with a particular focus on medical professionals allegedly involved in the unlawful distribution of opioids and other prescription narcotics.


4…………> Bird Populations Collapsing: A Global Warning? 


There are 9 billion — about 29 per cent — fewer birds in North America than in 1970, and that’s a trend across much of the globe that is going hand-in-hand with a rapid decline in insects, since most of the worst-affected birds are insect eaters. 

Like bees and other insects, birds pollinate our crops, distribute seeds, are food for predators, and perform myriad ecosystem services we’re not yet aware of, help to regulate the environment, and even control many of the pests that impact agriculture.

“A silent spring would have consequences for all life on earth, and we need to heed the warning,” said researcher Mike Parr, president of the American Bird Conservancy.


5…………> Final Trip Home: Pearl Harbor Hero


EL DORADO, Kansas (Sept. 14, 2019)

Sailors assigned to Naval Operations Support Center, Wichita, render military funeral honors for Seaman 2nd Class Wilbur Clayton Barrett during a funeral, Sept. 14, 2019, in his hometown of El Dorado, Kansas. Barrett was killed aboard the battleship USS Oklahoma (BB-37) during the Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In 2015, the Navy exhumed the unidentified remains of 380 Sailors and Marines lost aboard the Oklahoma, to identify them using DNA analysis so they could be returned to their families. U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Justin R. Pacheco (Released) 190914-N-NU281-11


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