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1. “So Alex was counting the days until he would step on the holy soil of Boston, ready to breathe the cold Atlantic air and sense the spirits of those remarkable people about whom he had read so much with nearly religious admiration, walk the streets in their footsteps, and pray in the churches where they had found peace and solace in times of fateful junction.”―  “The Endless Beginning”

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump


Where’s the Fake Whistleblower?


Donald J. Trump


….that the House Democrats have done since she’s become Speaker, other than chase Donald Trump.” This Impeachment Hoax is such a bad precedent and sooo bad for our Country!

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Donald J. Trump


….anywhere, so we’ve now had 3 years of the Democrats chasing Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi’s worried about the American voter looking for someone to blame for that eventually. Look at her own story in the House. What have they done? The average American can’t identify anything…

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Donald J. Trump



WSJ: Nancy Pelosi had it right the first time when she did not want to go down the Impeachment path. Make it a voting issue. But no, the Left insisted on raising this to the gravity of a constitutional crisis & Impeachment. The hearings suggested it’s not going…


Donald J. Trump


“What I can do here for you today is tell you what I heard from people.”

The Dems’ star witness just said he had no firsthand knowledge and is relying on hearsay for his testimony today.

So why are we still here? Time to end this pointless charade.


Donald J. Trump


Walmart announces great numbers. No impact from Tariffs (which are contributing $Billions to our Treasury). Inflation low (do you hear that Powell?)!


Donald J. Trump


Hit New Stock Market record again yesterday, the 20th time this year, with GREAT potential for the future. USA is where the action is. Companies and jobs are coming back like never before!


Donald J. Trump


@RepRatcliffe asked the two “star” witnesses, “where is the impeachable event in that call?” Both stared straight ahead with a blank look on their face, remained silent, & were unable to answer the question. That would be the end of a case run by normal people! – but not Shifty!


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Mark Meadows


Brilliant job by my colleagues today on the Intel Committee. They clearly highlighted the gaping holes in the Democrats’ argument and established the unreal levels of hearsay involved.

No two ways about it: today was a MAJOR setback for the unfounded impeachment fantasy.


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Rep. Doug Collins


A live look into Ambassador Taylor’s testimony in the Schiff impeachment proceedings


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Team Trump




: They’re using television lawyers. I’m not surprised to see it, Schiff can’t ask his own questions.




Donald J. Trump Retweeted

The White House




gave an update on relations with Turkey at the top of his meeting with President Erdogan.

Listen to @Jim_Jordan review the unbelievable amount of hearsay these allegations are based on. Spread it far and wide.

This is what Washington Democrats are impeaching on? Seriously?


2…………>  Obama’s Revolving Door: DUI Alien Kills NY Resident 


“The Buffalo Field Office’s robust enforcement programs are focused at making upstate New York communities safe from dangerous criminal aliens and those that look to exploit our nation’s immigration laws,” said ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Buffalo Field Office Director Mr. Thomas Feeley.

“By releasing an illegal alien with a history of driving under the influence, state authorities chose to release a serious public safety threat into the community where he is now implicated in a vehicular homicide.”

The repeat immigration violator Guatemalan national Heriberto Perez-Velasquez is currently with the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, where he is currently detained after being arrested for vehicular homicide.

“Sanctuary jurisdictions that do not honor detainers or allow us access to jails and prisons are shielding criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and jeopardizing the lives of law-abiding citizens.”

Perez-Velasquez was arrested a month earlier by New York State Police on DUI charges and released from state custody on an appearance ticket with no notification to ICE.


3…………> AG Bill Barr: Project Guardian


…..The Department and its partners will work together to ensure effective use of ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence Centers (CGICs) and all related resources to maximize modern-intelligence tools and technology, such as NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network) and firearms tracing, in our investigations.

This five-prong framework will enable ATF and each United States Attorney, in collaboration with our state and local partners, to fight gun crime in ways that fit the local circumstances and leverage the power of the federal law, the federal courts, and the federal agencies in this effort.

We will consult with our state and local colleagues to determine whether there is an available mental health response, and try to ensure that this doesn’t fall through the cracks simply because we don’t have an immediate law enforcement basis to arrest the person.

Attorney Michael Dunavant, Director of Memphis Police Michael Rallings, District Attorney General Amy Weirich, the brave men and women of the Memphis police force, as well as ATF Director Regina Lombardo and all of the ATF agents who work here in Memphis.

We will first ensure that information is put into the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) system so any efforts to purchase firearms will have to deal with that information.


4…………> Speaker Nancy Pelosi: President Trump Admitted To Bribery


US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy, “Anyone caught urinating in front of my mansion will be deported to Arizona”  Pelosi said that the first public impeachment hearing provided evidence of high crimes,  and suggested that US President Donald Trump had admitted to “bribery”.

President Trump mentioned during a telephone talk with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev of allegations that Biden had pressured the previous Ukrainian administration in 2016 into burying the case against the gas company, where his son Hunter was working.

The House Intelligence Committee yesterday held the first public hearing as part of the impeachment probe into President Donald Trump’s alleged abuse of power, with two witnesses –Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor and Deputy Secretary of State George Kent – testifying in the matter.


5…………> IS Lone Wolf Manual: Kill The Infidels


A new Islamic State field manual, named appropriately “Ways to Assassinate Leaders”, teaches the attackers three methods to approach their targets using various tricks, weapons, tools, and even wearing disguises, and also tells would-be terrorists to consider plans  to retreat.

A raid by US forces in Syria’s Idlib killed the head of the terrorist organization, and  Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi was appointed as the new leader, as  the terrorist group published a guide for would-be lone wolf terrorists around the world that is aimed at teaching them how to approach heavily guarded targets, such as national leaders, officials, commanders, and assassinate them.–report/


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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President TrumpDwMZEHrV4AEvW9d.jpg

    Today we celebrate the lives and achievements of Americans with Down Syndrome. and I will always stand with these wonderful families, and together we will always stand for LIFE!

We are here today to take historic action to defend American Students and American Values. In a few moments, I will be signing an Executive Order to protect FREE SPEECH on College Campuses.

819K viewers

After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!

“John Solomon: As Russia Collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.”

“The reason we have the Special Counsel investigation is that James Comey (a dirty cop) leaked his memos to a friend, who leaked them to the press, on purpose.” Totally illegal!



2…………> Drug Ring Busted: Ellenville, NY


Seven members of a drug trafficking organization that distributed large quantities of deadly drugs over a two-year period, in and around the Village of Ellenville in Ulster County, New York were indicted federally following an investigation by ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations, and charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute and to distribute controlled substances, including crack cocaine and heroin mixed with fentanyl.

 “Thanks to federal, state, and local law enforcement cooperation, a group that sold deadly drugs in the Ellenville area will now be held accountable in the courts,” stated United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York, Grant C. Jaquith.

 Four Ellenville, New York, residents were arrested this morning for selling large amounts of crack cocaine in the area as charged in an indictment returned last week by a federal grand jury, and in coordination with today’s federal arrests, the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office is prosecuting an additional 15 people who were arrested for selling drugs in the same location.



3…………> Gangster Disciples “Big Dog” aka “38” Retired: In US Prison


A Gangster Disciples gang member identified as Derrick Kennedy Crumpton, aka “38,” 35, of Memphis, Tennessee, was sentenced to 324 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release for participating in both racketeering and drug conspiracies, promoting its enterprise through member-only activities, and providing support to members charged with or incarcerated for gang-related offenses.

In that role, Crumpton directed other members and associates of the enterprise in carrying out criminal activity with other Gangster Disciples gang leaders, as well as participated directly in the criminal activities of the enterprise – including acts involving murder, kidnapping, assault, witness intimidation, narcotics distribution and weapons trafficking.

According to the indictment, Crumpton served as the “Assistant Governor” of the Gangster Disciples for the state of Tennessee, reporting directly to the Governor of the state for the enterprise.



4…………> “I Am A Fisherman Of Men: Mr.Xi Italian Trip”


Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Rome with his wife Peng Liyuan for a state visit, intended to chart out the future of the bilateral relationship and move it into a new era, the first visit by a Chinese head of state to the European nation in 10 years, who was greeted by senior Italian government officials at the airport.

Two Italian fighter jets escorted Xi’s plane as it entered the country’s airspace.

While delivering a written speech upon arrival, Xi said that the China-Italy relations have withstood the test of time and international vicissitudes since the two countries forged diplomatic ties 49 years ago, and constantly promoted their friendship and cooperation, setting an example of developing bilateral ties between two countries of different social systems, cultural backgrounds and development stages.

The ever cunning China President is clearly looking for a position of influence in the Brexit “shaken, but not stirred” world, and trying to expand its banking and investing tentacles in many of the debt overburdened EU members economies.



5…………> Market Report for 03/21/2019: long sell stop 25,750, CG(4610)


Long position at 22900, sell stop at 25100 triggered for a gain of 1900 points, last position short 25050, cover short 25150 for a loss of 100 points, new position long 25150, sell stop closed at 25850 for a gain of 700 points, short position short 25850, covered at 25600 for a gain of 250 points. Long position long 25650, sell stop 25600 closed for a loss of 50 points. Short position 25550, covered short stop 25600 for a loss of 50 points. New position long 25600, sell stop 25750 for a gain of 150 points.

Stocks up 217  to 25963, DJ futures +1, rally continuing due to anti-tariff talks to end the government shutdown and China spending 1 trillion dollars to buy US products. Gold up to 1309.9. 


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