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  • North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, will become a great Economic Powerhouse. He may surprise some but he won’t surprise me, because I have gotten to know him & fully understand how capable he is. North Korea will become a different kind of Rocket – an Economic one!

    My representatives have just left North Korea after a very productive meeting and an agreed upon time and date for the second Summit with Kim Jong Un. It will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam, on February 27 & 28. I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim & advancing the cause of peace!


2…………>The Road To Greatness: President Trump


“President Trump in his State of the Union address Tuesday night issued a call for unity and an end to the political divisiveness that has ensnared Washington,” Melissa Quinn reports, During the speech—with its theme of “choosing greatness”—President Trump laid out five priorities that should unite both parties in Washington: “American jobs and fair trade, rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, reducing the price of healthcare and prescription drugs, creating a safe and lawful immigration system, and pursuing a foreign policy agenda that ‘puts America’s interests first”.



3…………>A Weeek In The US Air Force: Photo Gallery


An F-16 Fighting Falcon flies over the coast of Florida during a training sortie during a deployment at Patrick Air Force Base, Feb 4, 2019 The Patrick AFB training provides the strategic agility needed to fight against a formidable and aggressive adversary in a continually strained fiscal environment.(Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Hope Geiger)



4…………>Spring Festival at Ditan Park: Beijing


People visit a temple fair to celebrate the Spring Festival at Ditan Park in Beijing, capital of China, Feb 9,2019.(Xinhua/Li Xin)




5…………>Rio Slum Wars:Drug Gangs


Fourteen people died in a shooting in a Rio slum, with the shooting occurring in the Fallet-Fogueteiro of the Santa Teresa neighborhood, which is close to Rio’s historical center and has some tourist spots of city  downtown .

According to the Rio police, drug dealers confronted a policemen from the Special Operations Command, and even though the identities of the 14 dead were not disclosed, all are suspected to be drug dealers from a local gang in the slum.

The police said they were carrying out an operation to fight drug trafficking in the area with the support of the riot control forces. Officers reportedly have received an anonymous tip about a group of drug dealers who gathered in a house.

The police seized some rifles and several handguns as well as grenades. Three drug dealers tried to escape in a school van but were arrested.




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