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Bibi1581 Blog For 02/09/2018: Morning Edition

1…………> PetroYuan Futures: A Prelude To War

In a brazen challenge to the traditionally dollar-denominated oil business, China will list local-currency crude futures in Shanghai on March 26, with trading mostly oriented towards foreigners, as the second largest economy and biggest oil buyer in the world is finally ready to start trading its own crude-futures in yuan.

US fear is that if PetroYuan futures trading is embraced by investors, it will strengthen China challenge of the dominance of the greenback in other business sectors as well.




2…………> The Short Shutdown: Budget Hogs

The usual crowd of the D.C. swamp alligators from both GOP Establishment led by Mitch “Harry’s Twin” McConnell and Paul “Granny Crusher” Ryan, in a criminal collusion with their Democratic opposite Charles “I cried tears for the Muslims” Pelosi shot down an attempt by Sen. Rand Paul (KY) to shutdown U.S. government as a protest over a massive, bipartisan, budget-busting spending deal, which for sure will lead to the return of trillion-dollar “Obama” deficits of the last eight years.



3…………>No Tacos, Amigos: ICE

In a sharp departure from current DHS practice, established during the years under the criminal leadership of our 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama that prevented immigration officials from taking away illegals use of public benefits like food assistance and health insurance subsidies into account when reviewing their application, Trump’s DHS would allow ICE to consider an immigrants’ use of government program mes when deciding whether or not to grant them permanent status.

DHS officials have argued that legal immigrants who use public programs are a burden on the state.

4…………> Drug Ring Busted:OK

Oklahoma-based law enforcement agents and officers arrested 10 people Wednesday after executing nine search warrants looking for evidence of heroin smuggling and distribution in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Wagoner County. In addition, the following items were seized: $123,042 in U.S. currency, 4.5 pounds of heroin, eight vehicles and two firearms.

The subjects targeted are estimated to be supplying as much as two-thirds of the heroin in the Tulsa area.



5…………> Take A Hike, Trump: Comrade Un

In a huge military parade extravaganza celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of North Korea, Supreme leader Comrade Kim Jong Un watched on as tanks, missiles and thousands of troops marched in a military parade in Pyongyang, a clear sign of “thumbing their nose” at that “Old Man” Trump.

The “jewels” of the show were four enormous Hwasong-15 long-range missiles, the backbone of North Korea’s ballistics program that has triggered further sanctions from the “global” community against the country.

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