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Bibi1581 Blog For 10/13/2018: Evening Edition

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump



  1. 1 hour ago

    Thank you Kentucky! #MAGA🇺🇸

  2. 5 hours ago

    On my way to Richmond, Kentucky for a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN rally at 7:00pmE. The crowds are once again, massive. See everyone in a couple of hours! #MAGA

  3. 9 hours ago

    Heading to the Great State of Kentucky – Big Rally for Congressman Andy Barr – Fantastic guy, need his vote for MAGA! Strong on Crime, Tax Cuts, Military, Vets & 2nd A. His opponent will NEVER vote for us, only for Pelosi. Andy has my Strongest Endorsement!!! See you in Kentucky.

  4. 9 hours ago

    Highly respected Congressman Keith Rothfus (R) of Pennsylvania is in the fight of his life because the Dems changed the District Map. He must win. Strong on crime, borders, big tax & reg cuts, Military & Vets. Opponent Lamb a Pelosi puppet-weak on crime. BIG ENDORSEMENT FOR KEITH

  5. 9 hours ago

    “From a Turkish prison to the White House in 24 hours.” Kristin Fisher of @FoxNews Very cool!



 2…………> 289 Ways To Name A Winner: President Trump



“The Trump administration’s often overlooked list of achievements has surpassed those of former President Ronald Reagan at this time and more than doubled since the last tally of accomplishments after his first year in office,” Paul Bedard writes. As the President nears the two-year mark of his first term, “the administration has counted up 289 accomplishments in 18 categories, capped by the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.”






3…………> Pumpkins Artistry: Slovenia



Colorful pumpkins are displayed during a funny pumpkin exhibition at a botanic park some 20 km away from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Oct. 13, 2018. A comic pumpkin exhibition was held there recently to celebrate the pumpkin harvest season.






4…………> Hacking War On; The Pentagon



Despite the lull in “Dark Web” attacks lately, an unknown group of so far unidentified hackers breached travel records at the US Department of Defense, the attack discovered on October 4, but a defense official said that it might have occurred months earlier.

The assailants gained access to the personal and credit card data of up to 30,000 workers, according to news reports.

“The department is continuing to assess the risk of harm and will ensure notifications are made to affected personnel,” the department said in a statement.

 The announcement came days after a US government report criticized the Department of Defense for slow progress in securing major US weapons systems from hackers. 






5…………>A Message Of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace and hope, Christus Vincit circa 1982.


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