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Bibi1581 Blog For 06/20/2018: Morning Edition 

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1…………> Sugar Daddies: Got Sweeter

The zero rates “billionaire incubator” of the New World’s Disorder has increased the cumulative wealth of the world’s millionaires and billionaires by over 10% in 2017 to spectacular $70.2 trillion.

The ever surging global markets due to easy money and artificially low rates are the reason why the wealthiest people saw their riches grow so rapidly last year, as Dow Jones Industrial Average hit its highest milestone of 26,115 points on Jan. 17, 2018.

“High net worth individuals around the world enjoyed investment returns above 20 percent for the second year in a row,” Anirban Bose, the head of Capgemini’s financial services global strategic business unit, said in a statement.

Over 61 percent of HNWIs live in just four countries – the United States, Japan, Germany, and China. Of the people who became new millionaires in 2017, 62 percent of them live in those four countries.




2…………> Kite’s War: Gaza

Even though kites have long been a favorite pastime in Gaza, with Palestinian children setting the world record for the most number of kites flying at one time, as now militants in Gaza have launched hundreds of burning kites into Israel, igniting  more than 400 bushfires, costing $2 million in damages,  firing mortar shells into southern Israel. 

The so-called “kite war” has led to Israeli retaliation, including warning shots at the kites’ organizers.

That, in turn, has drawn a barrage of rockets and mortar shells from Gaza into southern Israel in the past 24 hours.



3…………> Opiates Scandal: UK Hospital

A UK politician, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, Norman Lamb, said in a televised interview that when he was the Health Minister, he pushed for a public inquiry into the suspicious deaths of more than 800 patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital. Fearing a conspiracy by government officials who tried to hush up the inquiry by rejecting it, while he was away on holiday, Mr.Lamb then pressed for the probe to be launched into heavy sedatives that were prescribed to older patients to keep them quiet and eventually led to their deaths. 

The Gosport deaths case goes back to 1988, according to the 2013 report by Professor Richard Baker into patient care that found evidence of an “almost routine use of opiates.”

“It cannot be ruled out that a small number of [patients] would otherwise have been eventually discharged from hospital alive,” Professor Baker’s report said.



4…………> Behead Ayatollin May: Jihadist Plot

A 20-year-old Londoner identified as Naa’imur Zakariya Rahman, a Daesh* sympathizer, was charged with preparing terrorist attacks by carrying out reconnaissance, recording a pledge of allegiance, and “delivering a rucksack and jacket to be fitted with explosives.” He is also accused of helping his friend Mohammad Aqib Imran to plan terrorist acts and join Daesh by filming a sponsorship video for him, preparing to bomb the UK prime minister’s official residence and plotting to behead Theresa May herself.

The plot was exposed by an undercover MI5 agent, who posed as a fake high-ranking Daesh official in Syria, met him in a London shopping center, and was being told that Rahman planned to use a suicide belt, an improvised explosive device, a drone and poison in his attack on number 10.




5…………> Keep Families Together: Trump

President Trump said that he will take promised action to “keep families together” amid fury over separations of undocumented child migrants from adults:

“I’ll be signing something in a little while that’s going to do that,” he told reporters at the White House.

The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly drafted an executive order to stop the policy, though its wording and scope is unclear.

Mr. Trump earlier urged lawmakers to pass a bill ending family separations.

The Republican president also wants immigration laws to be toughened under any such legislation.

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