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George Sorbane books


George Sorbane Quotes:


1. “Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal.”


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


  Donald J. Trump


They are trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU!


Donald J. Trump


Will happen to all of those seeking unlawful impeachment in 50 Trump type Districts. We will win big!


Donald J. Trump


RonnaMcDaniel @GOPChair This is just the beginning of an all-out fight to defend our democracy & our president.


Donald J. Trump


Dozens of House Dems campaigned on working with @realDonaldTrump, yet fell in line with Pelosi & the Squad.


Donald J. Trump


Voters don’t support this impeachment charade & it’s going to backfire come 2020!


2…………> Red Dwarf Sun & Giant Planet: Dancing Cheek to Cheek


A giant planet orbiting a distant “Red Dwarf Sun” named GJ 3512, is defying the established science understanding of solar systems formations, since the star is about 12% the size of our sun, while the planet that orbits it has a mass of at least about half of Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet.

“They emit less energy, so they are fainter than the sun, and their surface temperature is rather cool, below 3,800 [degrees] Kelvin (3,527 Celsius) approximately. This is why they have a reddish color,” Spanish astrophysicist Dr.Morales explained.

The planet, which like Jupiter is composed mainly of gas, observed with the telescope at the Calar Alto Observatory in Spain, rotates around its star in a very elliptical orbit lasting 204 days.


3…………>  Zantac: CVS Suspends It 


US retailer CVS suspended the sale of a heartburn drug being investigated for links to cancer, after both US FDA, and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published their decisions to review the presence of N nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in medicines containing the drug ranitidine, with NDMA classified as a probable human carcinogen (a substance that could cause cancer) on the basis of animal studies.

NDMA is found in water and foods, including meats, dairy products, and vegetables, but is not expected to cause harm when ingested in very low levels.


4…………> Nigerian ‘Torture House’: A Victim Account


Nearly 500 men and boys were rescued from the building in Kaduna, which was being used as an Islamic school and correctional facility.

A survivor of the Nigerian “torture house” raided by police has described being there as “living in hellfire.”

There are concerns that similar abuse may be occurring in other such institutions.


5…………> USS Reagan: Shadowed By PLA Navy “Wolf Pack”


An image circulating in the social media, shows USS Ronald Reagan sailing alone northeast of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, surrounded by at least seven Chinese Navy PLA warships on 24 September, the posting courtesy of a Chinese Weibo social media user with the handle @zhezhongzhihuizhang.

Spokeswoman for the US 7th Fleet refused to confirm whether the incident really took place, saying only that the carrier is “conducting routine operations”, while spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry would neither confirmed nor denied that the US warship had been surrounded, but noted when responding to a question about their publication that the USS Ronald Reagan was sent to the region to “flex muscles and escalate regional militarization.

The uncomfortable question is why, and who in the Navy brass allowed a billions of dollars US carrier, with thousands of military members aboard, sailing alone, un-attended by a battle group of screen of destroyers vessels, at a torpedo length from hostile fleet of a Communist nation? Is it stupidity, arrogance, or both, and should heads roll for this idiocy?


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