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1. “Every disorder is the beginning of new and higher order.”― George Sorbane

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets

Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump
Now the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, are asking @senatemajldr
Mitch McConnell to do the job that they were unable to do. They proved NOTHING but my total innocence in the House, despite the most unfair & biased hearings in the history of Congress. Now they demand fairness!


Donald J. Trump
“FBI Director apologizes for FISA Errors (of which there were far to many to be a coincidence!).” @FoxNews
Chris, what about all of the lives that were ruined because of the so-called “errors?” Are these “dirty cops” going to pay a big price for the fraud they committed?


Donald J. Trump
95% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, a record. 53% Approval Rating overall (can we add 7 to 10 percent because of the Trump “thing?”). Thank you!


2…………> Iran Commander: We Are Responsible For Ukraine Plane Crash


General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps airspace unit, said in a press conference on Saturday that his unit accepted “full responsibility” for the incident that killed all 176 passengers on board a Ukrainian passenger plane,  including 82 Iranians, at least 57 Canadians and 11 Ukrainians,  and that those responsible for the crash will be held accountable.
“Requests were made but due to some considerations it was not done and at the same time with the flights, the war situation continued to exist.”
He said that when he learned about the downing of the plane: “I wished I was dead.”
“All this is the price of mischief, turbulence and actions of America in the region,” he said, continuing  the attack on Mr. Trump by many Democratic Party Presidential candidates, namely the South Bend “lousy mayor”, and “low life” Comrade Buttigieg, as labeled by the President, and Elizabeth, “Pocahontas” Warren.


3…………> Applied Global Warming: Giant Dust Storm Down Under


A giant dust storm  reduced visibility down to as low as 300 feet in parts of south-west Queensland.
Meteorology experts said dust storms are not uncommon in summer, and the potential for rain storms is high, as an unpredictable front pushed up from the South Australia and New South Wales whipped up the dust storm stretching from the Northern Territory border to west of Saint George in Queensland.

Meteorologist Lauren Pattie from the weather bureau said the dust storm would continue east but dissipate before reaching the Darling Downs.

“As we move into the evening, that system moves eastwards and weakens a little bit,” she said.

“There will be a little bit of dust haze around tomorrow but it will slowly start to easy back.”


4…………> Did Trump Abuse His Power by Ordering Soleimani’s Assassination?


Despite President Trump’s decision to assassinate most feared Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on 3 January, Washington and Tehran seem to have avoided a full-scale armed conflict and bloodshed, the biggest loss of life being the completely idiotic shooting down of an Ukrainian 737 jet with some 176  passengers aboard, by the Iranian so called “Space Forces”.

The “Deep State”,  Democratic Party “Trump haters” did not miss a second to jump on the “Blame the POTUS” bandwagon, attacking the unilateral decision to assassinate Iran’s top commander of the Quds Force without consulting with Congress in advance, demanding limiting in his ability to take action that could lead to a war with the Islamic Republic.

The US Constitution designates the president as “commander-in-chief of the army and navy”, but it’s generally believed by scholars that as commander-in-chief, the POTUS not only has the power to lead the military, but can also do so without a congressional declaration of war.


5…………> Jihadi Prison Held ‘Sharia Courts’: Get Ready


A convicted jihadist prisoner in the Islamic Sheikdom of UK, identified as 24-year-old Brusthom Ziamani,  currently accused of carrying out an terrorist attack, including holding “Sharia courts” in his cell to manipulate Muslim inmates, along with another radicalized prisoner using makeshift knives to attack members of staff at HMP Whitemoor, an event that police are now treating as a “terrorist incident”.

The pair of jihadists were reported to have slashed and stabbed at four prison officers using the sharp weapons that they had managed to create behind bars. One of the prison officers is said to have sustained stab wounds to his head, face and chest. The two terrorists were also wearing fake suicide bomb belts that they had also made in their prison cells.

Defendant Ziamani, who is also reported to be a Muslim convert, was put behind bars in 2015 at the age of just 22 for scheming to behead a British solider in London, being a follower of the radical hate preacher and founder of the militant Salafi group Al-Muhajiroun, Anjem Choudary.


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