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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President TrumpDwMZEHrV4AEvW9d.jpg


Donald J. Trump

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Donald J. Trump

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Good Morning, Have A Great Day!

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2…………> Helpless In Norway: Drifting Cruise Ship


Norway’s maritime rescue service said the Viking Sky, which had about 1,300 passengers and crew on board, sent out a mayday signal as it drifted toward land, with the crew later able to restart one engine and anchor the ship about a mile off Norway’s west coast, as dozens of passengers were hoisted by helicopter and flown to a village just north of the town of Molde, while many others remained on board throughout the night.

Waves over 20 feet high during the storm made evacuation from the cruise ship very difficult, leading to injury of an elderly couple, with several vessels and four helicopters taking part in the rescue.

Social media posts from passengers showed people attempting to catch some sleep where they could, many wearing life vests.



3…………> Mossad Spymaster: Nailed Butcher Eichmann


Rafi Eitan, one of the founders of Israel’s vaunted intelligence agency and among its most prominent figures, a legendary Israeli Mossad spy who led the capture of Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann, has died at the age of 92. 

Eitan led the mission to arrest a top Nazi official who went into hiding after World War II, brought him to trial that convicted him of crimes against humanity, and sentenced the SS butcher to death by hanging.

The former spy then went on to have a career in politics, serving as a party leader in his early 80s.

Known as the “architect of the Holocaust” for his role in coordinating the Nazi genocide policy, Eichmann fled Germany after World War II and assumed the name Ricardo Klement in Argentina.



4…………> Applied Global Warming: Destructive Path of Cyclone Idai


Mozambique is still struggling with the destruction left behind by cyclone Idai, leaving thousands of homes made of corrugated sheet metal crushed or mangled by the storm.

Wide spread flooding has left hundreds of thousands of children playing in knee-deep muddy water, with danger of epidemic running high.



5…………> Islamic State Crushed By Trump: Justice For Throat Slashers Coming?


With the announcement by President Trump that the battle against the terror group “Islamic State” (IS) in Syria now over, and more than 65,000 of its members, including thousands of foreigners, are being detained in camps run by Syrian Kurds, who are lacking judicial structure to properly judge them, and Western countries not willing to take them back.

The Syrian Kurds, who have been fighting IS as part of a coalition with the United States, i.e. Al Nusra Brigade aka “The Obama Boys” are overwhelmed by the huge number of fighters who are now in their custody, have warned that they cannot guarantee their continued imprisonment in case of an expected Turkish assault on their region.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has announced that, as part of an undisclosed agreement, Iraq will try those foreign IS members from Syria who have committed crimes against Iraqis. He also promised to help repatriate other foreign members/fighters to their home countries. Fourteen French IS members have since been taken from Syria to Baghdad, along with 280 Iraqis, a number which is set to rise to 500 as part of the agreement. Talks are ongoing to transfer a total of 20,000 Iraqi IS men, women and children to Iraq, the International Red Cross has reported.



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