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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “The important papers the Founders left us were the most significant writings in recorded history after the Holy Books, a magic trek for peace and guidance in times of trouble, a forgotten and often ignored dimension of the Nation founding.”―”The Endless Beginning”

George Sorbane books


1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump

Florida A&M Student: Donald Trump Deserves Credit for Progress at Historically Black Colleges
Florida A&M University student Chrichanni Watson told Breitbart News that Donald Trump has made great progress for historically black colleges and universities (HCBU) and “you’ve got to give the man…
Donald J. Trump



is running for Congress in Minnesota. Michelle will protect the unborn, is Strong on Crime & Borders, Cutting Taxes, your #2A, Loves our Military, Vets, & will stand w/ our Great Farmers. Michelle has my Complete & Total Endorsement!

Support Michelle’s Campaign >>
Your support is needed today.

Donald J. Trump

Congresswoman Kay


has worked hard for Texas and been a strong supporter of our #MAGA Agenda. She’s strong on #2A and Securing our Border and is 100% pro-life. Kay has my Complete and Total Endorsement!

Kay Granger for Congress
Granger for Texas!

Donald J. Trump



for all of your support with our #MAGA Agenda. You are doing an outstanding job representing the people of Louisiana & the U.S.A. You have my Complete and Total Endorsement! #KAG2020

Quote Tweet
Bill Cassidy, M.D.
I’m committed to fighting for real solutions for Louisiana families. I’m proud to have worked with @realDonaldTrump to deliver some of those solutions & bring national success to our state, but there’s more to be done. THAT is why I’m running for re-election. Let’s get to work.
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2…………> Prince George’s County Sex Trafficker: Trafficked To Prison


Rody L. Bowden, age 41, of Prince George’s County, Maryland, previously convicted sex offender who paid a 14-year-old girl for sex, and produced a video of the victim engaged in sexually explicit conduct, was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison, followed by lifetime supervised release, on the charge of sex trafficking of a minor. Bowden was a registered sex offender at the time of the offense and will be required to continue to register as a sex offender upon his release from prison.

 “This is an egregious case because the defendant was already a twice-convicted sex offender and his victim was a 14-year old child.HSI is committed to finding and investigating predators like him so they can no longer harm our communities’ most vulnerable members – its children”, US Attorney Mr. Robert Hur said.



3…………> The Deadly COVID-19 World-Wide March: EU Risc Raised To “High”


With the number of deaths worldwide now more than 3,000, about 90% being in Hubei, China, but spreading quickly in 10 other countries, European Union disease prevention agency raised risk level to “moderate to high”, as South Korea reported 476 new cases, a total of 4,212, and a death toll of 28, Italy had more than 2,000 cases, with a death toll of 52.

The far-away countries of Senegal, Jordan, Iceland, Portugal, Armenia, the Czech Republic and Andorra confirmed their first cases,with the virus continued to spread faster outside China than inside – but the vast majority of cases globally are still inside China where more than 88,000 people are affected.

US election rallies are “safe”, President Trump assured the already panicked public:

” My(President Donald Trump’s) campaign rallies do not put people at risk of corona-virus”, he insisted.

“I think it’s very safe, you could ask that to the Democrats because they’re having a lot of rallies”.


4…………> Migrants Human Wave: Crash With Greek Police At The Turkish border


The Greek government has suspended processing asylum applications saying they will immediately return anyone who enters the country illegally. The move comes after several days of clashes at the Turkish-Greek land border where thousands of migrants are desperate to cross after Turkey’s president announced his country would no longer stop migrants who wanted to go to the European Union.” (BBC)


5…………> US Troops “Super Human” War Games: Thailand’s Jungle


The annual 39th Cobra Gold military war games, under the join authority of the Thai and US armed forces, were initiated in Thailand jungle last week, despite deep concerns that some participant countries might skip it due to concerns over the possible corona-virus threat.Along with the more conventional combat maneuvers, the exercise included survival training which involved troops drinking the blood of a decapitated cobra – a method of re-hydrating one’s body when drinking water is not readily available, as participating soldiers also learned how to properly de-fang tarantulas before eating them, and how to identify edible plants.The war-games, which kicked off on 24 February, is scheduled to end on March 6.


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