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Bibi1581 Blog For 07/21/2018: Evening Edition 

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1…………> Pres. Bush Sr. Cardiologist: Assassinated


Mark Hausknecht, 65, a cardiologist who once treated former US president George HW Bush was shot dead while riding a bicycle in the city’s medical center by a man in his 30s who fired at least two shots at him from a passing bicycle, according to police.

“Mark was a fantastic cardiologist and a good man. I will always be grateful for his exceptional, compassionate care. His family is in our prayers,” Mr. Bush, 94, said in a statement.

Jim McGrath


Statement by President @GeorgeHWBush on the tragic death of Houston cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht.

1:29 PM – Jul 20, 2018 


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In search of a motive, the police tweeted the following:

Houston Police


20 Jul

Replying to @houstonpolice

UPDATE on this morning’s fatal shooting at 6600 Main Street:

Houston Police


UPDATE #2: Composite sketch just completed of the suspect wanted in yesterday’s killing of Dr. Hausknecht at 6600 Main. Suspect description remains the same. If you recognize this male, call HPD Homicide 713-308-3600 or @CrimeStopHOU 713-222-TIPS. CS reward up to $5,000. #hounews

4:41 PM – Jul 21, 2018 




2…………> Anti-Trump Boys: BRICK Bloc


In his latest counter-attack against ever-expanding bitter trade war with the Trump administration, Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in Africa on a four-nation visit seeking deeper military and economic ties, pushing new arms sales, promoting the Belt and Road initiative in several African countries, and expanding influence in both Francophone Africa and in Atlantic Ocean Ports.

China is already Africa’s largest trading partner, and it opened its first military base on the continent last year in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti, which this month launched a China-backed free trade zone it calls the largest in Africa.


3…………> Russia Fear: Helsinki Tunnels


As President  Trump met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for a special summit last week in the Finnish capital Helsinki, the 20-vehicle motorcades of the world leaders rumbled through the heavily guarded streets,
beneath which lies nearly 500 separate underground facilities and 200 miles of tunnels that snake their way throughout the city — one of the most elaborate underground systems in the world.

Despite the use of the areas are for public purposes, they have been constructed for a dual use — to serve as shelters for 750,000 people, more than the entire population of the city above, a defense against the very powerful people that were meeting in the palace above ground. 



4…………> Tariffs War: Crank It Up 


US President Donald Trump says he is ready to impose tariffs on all $US500 billion ($673.7 billion) of imported goods from China, threatening to escalate a clash over trade policy that has unnerved financial markets.

“We’re down a tremendous amount,” Mr. Trump said in an interview about trade imbalances with China on CNBC. “I’m ready to go to 500.”

His comments worried investors already grappling with the impact of the falling US dollar fell against major currencies on Mr. Trump’s threat to impose more import tariffs and his repetition of complaints about rising interest rates and the strength of the US dollar.

Donald J. Trump


….The United States should not be penalized because we are doing so well. Tightening now hurts all that we have done. The U.S. should be allowed to recapture what was lost due to illegal currency manipulation and BAD Trade Deals. Debt coming due & we are raising rates – Really?

5:51 AM – Jul 20, 2018

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5…………> A Message Of Peace


Leave the madness behind and listen to the music of eternal peace, Christus Vincit circa 1982.


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Bibi1581 Blog For 07/01/2018: Evening Edition

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1…………> Aussie, US In Danger: China Bubble Burst 


The Chinese yuan has just suffered its steepest monthly decline on record, down more than 20% since the recent peak in late January, now clearly in a now in bear territory, having lost 1.5% against the US dollar last week and is down about 3% over the past two weeks.

A weaker Chinese currency would soften the blows of higher US tariffs. 

The US-China trade conflict will ratchet up another notch this week as rhetoric transitions to action and the US imposes a 25% tariff on a narrow $US34 billion worth of imports, the threat targeting another $540 billion worth of goods should China retaliate is hanging over the markets. 

“A statement from the PBOC late on Thursday pledging [unspecified] support for the economy was a further step and it may have helped the yuan and Shanghai equities recover a little [on Friday],” Capital Economics chief Asian economist Mark Williams said. 

“If falls resume next week, more forceful intervention is likely, including foreign exchange sales and equity purchases by the ‘national team'”. 




2…………> Child Soldiers: Islamic Sheikdom Of France


“They recruited and trained orphans, and then you also have the wives of ISIS [Daesh] militants whose children have been indoctrinated with the group’s ideology and who have been taught to hate the US-led coalition and Europe,” said the French jihadist Jonathan Geffroy who was captured by the Free Syrian Army as he tried to flee the war-torn country with his wife and two children. 

He was quoted by Le Monde as saying that the terrorist group planned to use children in order “to carry out suicide missions” in Europe, having been in the know of “future external operations” promulgated “by children who grew up in the area and who, after adolescence, will be sent to the West, to Europe.” 

The child soldier plan is a brainchild of the Clain brothers, the highest-ranking French members of Daesh, who engineered the deadly November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. 




3…………> “I Better Shop Around”: Trump’s Nafta Deal


“NAFTA, I could sign it tomorrow, but I’m not happy with it. I want to make it fairer, okay? I want to wait until after the election. You’re going to have an election. I think it’ll be very interesting. I think it’s going to be fine,” President Trump said about the current political reality.

He wants to wait until after the midterm elections in November to sign a new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico.

Calling NAFTA as “the worst deal ever” during his campaign and presidency, he requested the agreement to be renegotiated in order to make it “fair” for his country, with the aim of reducing the U.S. trade deficit.

However, Trump imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports of the U.S. in March has strained relations between the three countries.

Canada responded to the U.S. on Friday by imposing $12.6 billion in retaliatory tariffs against American products that will take effect on Sunday.




4…………> World VW Day: Remember the 60’s?


Photo taken on July 1, 2018, shows colorful Volkswagen cars in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Volkswagen Beetle Owners’ Club held an annual World Volkswagen Day celebration in Colombo on Sunday.





5…………> Mexico vs The US: Border Wars 


Mexico’s richest man and entrepreneur Carlos Slim did not take President  Trump’s ” Make America Great” plan seriously when took office in Washington:

 “Even for building a wall you need Mexican workers,” he quipped when he heard the specifics of Mr.Trump border visions.

This careless attitude has vanished since, as President Trump has relentlessly humiliated the US’s southern neighbor not just during his campaign, but also during his first year in office.

“Even before his victory, Trump accused Mexico of sending criminals, rapists and drug dealers to the US, and he has stuck with this position,” Washington-based Mexican journalist Gregorio Meraz tells DW.

“His approval ratings went down after the separation of children and parents at the border,” Meraz says. “But he did it to put the Democrats under pressure so they would agree to tighter immigration laws and approve 25 billion dollars for the border wall.”


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