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Bibi1581 Blog For 10/24/2018: Morning Edition

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1……….> Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump


2 hours ago

I agree wholeheartedly!

5 hours ago

Republicans will totally protect people with Pre-Existing Conditions, Democrats will not! Vote Republican.

6 hours ago

Brian Kemp will be a GREAT Governor of Georgia. Stacey Abrams will destroy the State. Sooooo important, get out and VOTE for Brian!

6 hours ago

We are a great Sovereign Nation. We have Strong Borders and will never accept people coming into our Country illegally!

6 ago

For those who want and advocate for illegal immigration, just take a good look at what has happened to Europe over the last 5 years. A total mess! They only wish they had that decision to make over again.



2…………> In The Trashcan Of History: Karl Marx


With the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, the grotesque philosopher behind the idea of Russia communist state madness that sent nearly 50 millions people to their deaths in Stalin, Mao and puppet contries gulags, socialism is making a comeback in America. Democrats accuse Republicans of fear-mongering when they called out specific far-left policy ideas as “socialist.” Now, a growing number of Democrats are wearing the label as a badge of honor.




3…………> Obama’s Silent Holocaust: Opioid Babies


In their relentless drive to root out criminal drug cartels that freely spread their cancerous empires during the lawless years of the reign of our infamous 1st Muslim President, Grand Ayatollah Barack Obama, the Trump Administration Launched Program for Moms, Babies with Opioid Withdrawal

“The Trump administration is launching a program to help states care for pregnant women who are using opioids and for their babies who are born dependent on the drugs,” Kimberly Leonard writes in the Washington Examiner. “The Maternal Opioid Misuse program, or the ‘M-O-M model,’ will work with state Medicaid programs to help set up services for pregnant women who are dependent on opioids and their infants, who can develop [a] condition known as neonatal abstinence syndrome.”







4…………> Lesson In Dialectics: Soros, Clinton, Obama & Co


The “Antifa” professional hooligans, paid hecklers, street abusers and Trump haters have apparently found their dialectic opposite, as the US Secret Service says “possible explosive devices” have been sent to former US president Barack Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in addition to the device sent to “Liberal Devil Incarnate”, our very own “Uncle” George Soros.

Just a few weeks ago Senator Rand Paul predicted the inevitability of violence due to the twenty months of 24/7 attacks by Communist News Network and other liberal outfits on democratically elected President Trump, and his “deplorable supporters”.


“La Resistance’ movement must have forgotten the fact that in a country where some 200 millions guns are freely floating around, if only one one-thousands of a percent of gun crazy knuckleheads respond the “Antifa”, “Fake News”and communist  relentless attacks, we’ll will be facing our 2nd bloody civil war.

What shall we do? Respect the Constitution, American Institutions and traditions, and work together as great and proud nation to rectify all contradictions that have poisoned our shared consciousness.






5…………> China’s Dark Secret: Labor Camps


On 12 July 2015 a satellite swung over the rolling deserts and oasis cities of China’s vast far west, capturing a patch of empty, untouched, ashen-grey sand.

But on 22 April 2018, a satellite photo of that same piece of desert showed something new, a massive, highly secure compound had grown in the barren flats, enclosed with a 1.5 mile exterior wall punctuated by 16 guard towers.

The observers connected the mysterious compound to their first reports that China was operating a system of internment camps for Muslims in Xinjiang province last year.




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