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1. “Not crazy are those souls who marvel at God’s creation, but the ones who ridicule them.”― 

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump



People are VERY disappointed in Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve. The Fed has called it wrong from the beginning, too fast, too slow. They even tightened in the beginning. Others are running circles around them and laughing all the way to the bank. Dollar & Rates are hurting our manufacturers. We should have lower interest rates than Germany, Japan and all others. We are now, by far, the biggest and strongest Country, but the Fed puts us at a competitive disadvantage. China is not our problem, the Federal Reserve is! We will win anyway.


Donald J. Trump


The Greatest Witch Hunt In American History!


Donald J. Trump


Trick-or-Treat @WhiteHouse #Halloween2019


Donald J. Trump


China and the USA are working on selecting a new site for signing of Phase One of Trade Agreement, about 60% of total deal, after APEC in Chile was canceled do to unrelated circumstances. The new location will be announced soon. President Xi and President Trump will do signing!


Donald J. Trump


Congratulations to@FoxNews, you left @CNN  & @MSNBC in the dust (that’s because the don’t tell the truth!).


2…………> Brazilian Human Smuggler Indicted: DOJ


Extensive coordination and cooperation efforts between United States and Brazilian law enforcement authorities culminated in the Brazil Federal Police (DPF) conducting a significant enforcement operation to disrupt and dismantle a transnational alien smuggling organization, including the arrest on Brazilian charges of an alleged alien smuggler who has also been indicted in the United States.

The enforcement operation included the execution of multiple search warrants and the additional arrests of seven Brazil-based human smugglers on Brazilian charges: Saifullah Al-Mamun, 32; Saiful Islam, 32; Tamoor Khalid, 31; Nazrul Islam, 41; Mohammad Ifran Chaudhary, 39; Mohammad Nizam Uddin, 28; and Md Bulbul Hossain, 36.

The alien smugglers targeted in this operation are alleged to be responsible for the illicit smuggling of scores of individuals from South Asia and elsewhere, into Brazil, and ultimately to the United States.


3…………> Trump Impeachment: House Shamans Heat-Up The Coals


The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution to formally proceed with the impeachment inquiry against President Trump,  accusing him  of trying to pressure Ukraine into investigating unsubstantiated corruption claims against his political rival, Joe Biden, and his son who worked with the gas company Burisma.

After the vote, the White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a statement: “Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats have done nothing more than enshrine unacceptable violations of due process into House rules”. 


4…………> Rescuers Save Animals From Wildfires: California


Despite winds over 80 mi/h fanning the flames of several  California wildfires,  an iconic building in the area was spared due to the efforts of vegetation-munching goats.

In the Simi Valley, animals had to be saved from a ranch surrounded by flames


5…………> Down With Nancy: Tea Party Complaint


After the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to approve a resolution on impeachment procedures against President Trump, disregarding Republican complaints that the ongoing inquiry is unconstitutional and lacks public oversight, a coalition of 40 American conservative groups filed an ethics complaint against US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy, “Anyone caught urinating in front of my mansion will be deported to Arizona” Pelosi, urging the Office of Congressional Ethics to launch a probe into her alleged “misconduct” in “weaponizing” the impeachment inquiry and using it as “a weapon of partisan political battle”.

“In launching her ‘official’ impeachment inquiry without benefit of a vote of the full House of Representatives and without indicating anything remotely qualifying as ‘treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors’ that is the subject of the inquiry, Speaker Pelosi has weaponized impeachment”, said the letter.


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1…………> Today’s White House tweets

Donald J. Trump




Beautiful #TrumpRally tonight in Green Bay, Wisconsin with a massive crowd. Thank you for joining me, I love you! #MAGA🇺🇸


184.2K viewers


Official Team Trump

Team Trump




Donald J. Trump



Apr 27

….for the more traditional, but not very bright, Sleepy Joe Biden. Here we go again Bernie, but this time please show a little more anger and indignation when you get screwed!






Donald J. Trump



Apr 27

The Democratic National Committee, sometimes referred to as the DNC, is again working its magic in its quest to destroy Crazy Bernie Sanders….





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Donald J. Trump




….Ever since Andrew came to my office to ask that I appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I said NO, he has been very hostile! Also asked for pardon for his friend. A good “pal” of low ratings Shepard Smith.





2…………> Mr.Xi’s World-Wide Event: A Challenge To America


At a time when Mr. Xi has expanded his “China Dream” by spreading country’s economic influence through the massive, trillion dollar Belt and Road Initiative, a new Silk Road of infrastructure and investment covering more than 68 countries, 65 per cent of the world’s population and 40 per cent of global GDP, a study of brainwashing in China by Robert Jay Lifton is saying the Communist Party forces “confession” of past “evil” and then re-education in the “image of the state,” publishing a firsthand account by Gulbahar Jelilova that she was beaten, lost 40 pounds in a month and would be forced to stare at walls for hours on end during 15 months in detention.

China is rapidly modernizing its military, extending its strategic reach into the Pacific, South Asia and parts of Africa, and doubling down on its territorial claims in places like the South China Sea, and at the same time Democracy is under attack, authoritarianism is on the rise, dissidents are being locked up without trial, journalists are declared enemies of the state, corruption is rampant and champions of freedom are harder to find.


3…………> Swiss 5th Language: A Deep Secret


The canton of Fribourg along the border of French- and German-speaking Switzerland is a center of an incredible diversity of languages within such a small country, yet residents of Fribourg’s Basse-Ville combined French and Swiss German to create a new dialect, “le Bolze”, whose exact origins  are unknown, with many experts believing that it was created during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century, as people began to migrate from the countryside into cities to fill up jobs  available during the industrial boom.


4…………> Orthodox Christians Easter: World Celebration


Orthodox Christians follow a different calendar and celebrate Easter a week later than some of their fellow believers

 An estimated 260 million Orthodox Christians observed the religious holiday worldwide



5…………> Trump A Threat To The New World Disorder: Islamic May’sdom Of UK Snowflakes


“He never has been, and he does not deserve the honor of a state visit to [UK]”, Labor Shadow Foreign Secretary of the Islamic May’sdom of UK, righteous Ayatolyn Emily Thornberry assailed the upcoming visit of President Trump to the UK in June after his recent decision to pull-out of the unratified international Arms Trade Treaty, adding that the move was “the final confirmation that [Trump] is not the leader of the free  [Islamic] world”

She continued her attack on the [infidel] Trump,  saying has been “nothing but a disgrace” to his presidential post and went even further by claiming that he is a threat to the existing world order; i.e. to total conversion to Islam by Western Europe.


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