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George Sorbane Quotes:

1. “Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal.”

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1…………> Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump



Daniel Cameron, who just won the A.G. race in the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a young and very talented political star. You will be hearing much from Cameron in the years to come!





Donald J. Trump



“The Democrats dirty tricks have started this whole thing. The Whistleblower, the guy who took his case to Schiff’s staff first, is what really blows the lid off this entire saga. He worked for Biden on Ukraine policy when Biden was VP. He worked for deep state henchman John Brennan, too. And the Whistleblower also worked for Susan Rice. It’s an understatement to say that this is a Witch Hunt.”


They spied on my campaign!




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Donald J. Trump



Joe Concha, The Hill: “In Emerson College Poll, Impeachment among independents, 49% Oppose, 34% Support. You see why Pelosi is reluctant to go in with this. Dems have to go home and explain why they haven’t done something on Opioid crisis, drug prices, USMCA, the Border, etc.





2…………> Hate In Vermont:Man Indicted 


Stuart Kurt Rollins, 58, was indicted this week for two violations of 42 USC/ 3631 for interfering with housing rights after he repeatedly threatened and intimidated a family because members of the family are Hispanic, and on July 29, 2019, Rollins threatened and intimidated members of a family, including three minors, because of their race and national origin and because they live in a home across the street from Rollins. He shouted derogatory comments about the family’s perceived national origin, told family members to go back to their country, and threatened both to burn down the family’s home and to set family members on fire. 


3…………> The Hong Kong Rebellion: A Desperate Fight For Freedom


As police encircled the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong last weekend, trapped and fearful students began desperately cooking up ways to escape, including crawling through sewer systems, sliding down plastic hoses to a road where waiting scooters raced in to pick them up, and other stealthy methods.

One of the students told the ABC many inside the university feared they would spend their futures in jail, describing the event as a “unforgettable experience” for the young people of Hong Kong, a movement that began with great optimism — a group of hundreds ready to defend themselves and become the symbol of Hong Kong’s democratic movement. 


4…………> Chinese Intelligence Ordered Overseas Murders: Former Spy


Former Chinese Spy Agency officer Wang Liqiang, who is hiding somewhere in Sydney, Australia  location, provided new information about the kidnapping of five booksellers from Hong Kong and their rendition to mainland China, about spies from Beijing infiltrating the Hong Kong democracy movement, Taiwan’s elections and involvement in Australian affairs.

When asked why he had decided to seek political asylum in Australia and detail his involvement in such covert operations, he said: “I know very well that the Chinese Communist Party can never be trusted.”


5…………>  The Terror Of Negative Rates: Dumping The Greenback


The world’s two biggest holders of US Treasury bonds, Japan and China, have sold a significant portion of the American government debt over the course of the last months, Japan dumping a whopping $28.9 billion worth of US government debt out of a total of $1,174 billion, while Beijing sold $49 billion in US treasuries due to its ongoing trade conflict with Washington.

The invisible, illegal, un-elected and answerable to no-one true US government aka Federal Reserve has been reducing interest rates three times since July 2019, pushing rates down to the 1/5-1/75% range on 30 October, reducing the profitability of treasuries,  and indicating its willingness to further push rates down until they turn negative. 


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