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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President TrumpDwMZEHrV4AEvW9d.jpg


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  2. . “The only time that Michael Cohen told the truth is when he pled that he is guilty.” Also when he said no collusion and I did not tell him to lie!”

  3. Unimaginable loss – Such great people!

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    Thank you for your exemplary service to our nation Secretary Wilson!

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    Happy International Women’s Day!

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    Victor Davis Hanson is on next. His new book, the Case for Trump, is out now!

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    Ron DeSantis, America’s governor

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    Jobs Report: Most Important Highlight Non-Supervisory Wages continue to surge and outpace overall wage increases This is amazing news for all Americans

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    Radical Dimms embarrass themselves: Debate over anti-Semitism charges exposes divide in Democratic Party.

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    : Democrats couldn’t condemn anti-semitism. That’s because the radical, left-wing socialists have taken over. Nancy Pelosi is having a hard time keeping Dems together. It is a shameful display of how our democracy works.

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    NEW: Cohen Testimony is Abuse of : Deep State Abuse and Leaks Targets Trump Family/WH On Security Clearances; and Clinton email scandal witnesses set to testify to attorneys. Big Judicial Watch Update!

  14. Sessions didn’t have a clue!

  15. Aluminum prices are down 12% since I instituted Tariffs on Aluminum Dumping – and the U.S. will be taking in Billions, plus jobs. Nice!

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    Mar 6

    Cohen claimed his shady father-in-law’s “in the clothing business” when in fact he’s loan shark in same taxicab medallion biz as Cohen. More, his father-in-law’s a convicted fraudster who was named, along with Cohen’s wife, in investigation. Cohen chose to sing on Trump instead

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    Mar 4

    BREAKING: Democratic Rep. Jerry “Joe McCarthy” Nadler, who just yesterday declared that Trump obstructed justice, just now on CNN admitted he doesn’t have the facts to prove obstruction of justice but just personally knows it to be true and will investigate.

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    Mar 5

    Despite running informants/stings on Trump camp, electronically spying for yr,unmasking NSA intercepts, rummaging thru Trump fixer’s files, recordings, garbage, exploiting British intel & probing by CIA, FBI/DOJ, DOS, SSCI/HPSCI, MSM & SCO, Deep State still cannot prove collusion

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    Glenn Simpson & Christopher Steele r 2 of biggest villains in Russia collusion hoax, yet neither has faced serious scrutiny. They manufactured & seeded the dossier lies & disinformation. Yet Simpson still hasnt been subpoenaed to testify publicly before Senate. Ur move Sen Graham

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    Mar 7

    Now that even some MSM acknowledging there never was a “collusion” scandal, when will MSM start investigating the real scandal of Obama DOJ/FBI & Clinton campaign making it look like there was? Oh that’s right, the MSM were accomplices in that scandal. Never mind.

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    We have reached 6,577,623 pledged new career opportunities, apprenticeships, continuing education and on-the-job training for American students and workers from 205 companies and trade associations!


2…………>Being Anti-Trump Means Never Having to Say You Are Sorry’


“All during the fight over a border wall, we were told by the media and progressives commentators that the border is practically locked down,” Rich Lowry writes in Politico Magazine

“Being anti-Trump means never having to say you are sorry or you were wrong, so the latest evidence won’t make an impression on anyone who blithely dismissed the idea of border crisis, but it should, every indication is that the situation is going to get worse.”



3…………>Fake News And Deep State Lies: Border Falsehoods 


The reason Democrats defend the status quo is not because they or anyone else believe that America’s broken immigration system is working, but the problem has only gotten worse since former President Obama himself called it a “humanitarian crisis” nearly five years ago.

Pelosi, Schumer & Co claim that there is no crisis at the border, while in fact more than 76,000 people attempted to cross our border illegally last month alone, the most of any February during the past 12 years.

Another lie is that the problem at the border used to be much worse, but unfortunately today, we face an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants that loopholes prevent from being returned quickly to their home countries, while criminal smugglers exploit these rulings and use children as leverage to gain entry.

And the final lie is that the wall wouldn’t help stop the flow of drugs, but we not know the amount of drugs smuggled between ports of entry, and building the wall will help law enforcement personnel carry out their missions more safely and effectively in remote areas of the border.



4…………> A Hot US Job Market is Coaxing People in from the Sidelines


“A surprisingly strong burst of job growth over the past year has led many economists to wonder, where are all the workers coming from?” Christopher Rugaber writes in The Associated Press.

 “The pace of hiring in 2018 was the most robust in three years, and for a surprising reason: Many more people have decided to look for work than experts had expected”.

 The influx of those job seekers, if sustained, could help extend an economic expansion that is already the second-longest on record.



5…………>Market Report for 03/08/2019, cover short stop at 25600, CG 4710, 11/21/2019


Long position at 22900, sell stop at 25100 triggered for a gain of 1900 points, last position short 25050, cover short 25150 for a loss of 100 points, new position long 25150, sell stop closed at 25850 for a gain of 700 points, new position short 25850, cover short stop 25600 for a gain of 250 points.

Stocks down 23 to 25450, DJ futures +27, rally continuing due to anti-tariff talks to end the government shutdown and China spending 1 trillion dollars to buy US products. Gold up to 1298.6.



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