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Bibi1581 Blog For 12/23/2017: Evening Edition

1…………> Identity Fraud:

A Dominican citizen named Furvio Flete-Garcia, 45, a resident of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was sentenced to 11 years in prison today after pleading guilty  to conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), access device fraud, theft of government property, aggravated identity theft and money laundering.

According to the indictment, the defendant obtained the personal identification information of Puerto Rico residents and without their knowledge or consent, paid others to prepare and file tax returns with the IRS in their names, as he collected $7 million in fraudulent refund checks at two different check cashing businesses in Lawrence. An additional $5 million of refunds were claimed on fraudulent income tax returns presented to the IRS.’


2…………> Christmas Carol:Enter Dickens

In early 1840s post-Industrial Revolution Britain was experiencing an economic depression, with raging unemployment after few bad harvests, and the price of food well beyond the reach of the commoners, an infamous period of country’s history appropriately labeled as the ‘Hungry Forties’. About that time Charles Dickens was invited to a fundraising dinner in aid of the Charterhouse Square infirmary, and was horrified by the depth of poverty in Manchester’s population of elderly, impoverished men. 

Appalled by the establishment whom he resentfully described as “overfed, snorting cattle”, he wanted to write something on behalf of poor children that would grab people’s attention, something to strike “a sledgehammer blow” and have “twenty thousand times the force” of a government pamphlet.
This irresistible impulse for social change was amplified by the trials of his disabled nephew Harry Burnet, who became the inspiration for Tiny Tim, and the rest is a literary history.



3………….> Santa Trump: 2015 Christmas Message
A Reprint of a 2015 Christmas Post On The Trials Of Then Candidate Donald J. Trump.

As Christmas is just around the corner and most of the Establishment RomRyns (Romney/Ryan boys) had a disastrous and losing campaigns, it is appropriate to reminisce our August 27, 2015 Santa Trump post: While the peaceful Filipinos are feasting on adobo, pancit and warm rice, listening to nocturnal Sinatra songs in their island paradise, the Chinese tug boats have roped the whole archipelago, dragging it West/ North West at 1/4 miles per day. By the time Obama is out in some 500 days and the last suitcase has been thrown in the back of his limousine, the Philippines will be overlapping the Chinese artificial islands and they can take possession without firing a shot(and they really did). Obama of course could care less, and naturally “downplay” the whole crime, tossing it in the lap of the Republicans. Meanwhile, Pres. Putin would have taken over the North pole territories, de-facto making Santa Claus and his reindeer’s Russian nationals, giving then Pres. Trump his first challenge; A Western Christmas without Santa. But being the manager and commander he is, Chief Trump will quickly find a amicable solution. The Constitution does not prevent the Commander in Chief of being Santa Claus, so why not do a double duty? Get nine Fox News bred and raised reindeer’s Graham, Kasich, Pataki and Cristen, Carson, Cruzen, Santorun and Jinden, Rudolf naturally replaced by his favored girl Megyn. Who’s stocking will be empty next Christmas? Chief Trump earliest detractors at Macy and Jeb “My family loves open borders” Bush.

4…………> As the brilliant star of Jesus the Forever Light is about to raise over Bethlehem, let’s listen to Christus Vincit and pray that we are blessed with pure hearts and strong spirits to reject evil and help those who are alone, in darkness or in pain.


5………….> From Skidrow To Christmas Art: Aussie Artist 

Wayne Robinson suffered crippling depression while living on the streets, after a hard childhood and stint in jail, but a small gesture of generosity helped him blossom into an artist with a talent for creating hand-drawn cards. 
Despite that he has lived on the streets of Melbourne for half his life, in recent years he has developed a loyal following, with fans from from all over Australia and distant places as far as Singapore, Malaysia and Great Britain. 
It’s just before midday and Wayne Robinson is setting up his Christmas card display to prepare for the lunchtime hustle. 

“I never see myself as an artist,” Wayne explained. 
“I see myself as giving back.”

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