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  1. Today’s White House Tweets: President Trump


    EXCLUSIVE TONIGHT: One-on-one with — the President’s first interview since Mueller found no collusion! Tune in at 9PM ET!

    We are here today to award America’s highest military honor to a fallen hero who made the supreme sacrifice for our nation – Staff Sergeant Travis Atkins…

    ….Also discussed political fairness and various things that can do for our Country. Meeting ended very well!

    Just met with , President of , who is obviously doing quite well. He stated strongly that he is totally committed to the U.S. Military, not the Chinese Military….

    .: “Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ was always a hoax — and dirtiest political trick in modern US history”


2…………> More Crooked Than Dogs Hind Legs: A Lobbyist


A former lobbyist pleaded guilty today to making a false statement to US Postal Inspectors in connection with an ongoing federal investigation and proceedings concerning a five-year multi-million dollar high-yield investment fraud scheme, announced Assistant Attorney General Mr. Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

As part of his guilty plea, Christopher Petrella admitted that, in an attempt to mislead federal law enforcement about his involvement in a high-yield investment scheme involving Niyato Industries Inc (Niyato), he knowingly and willfully made the false claim that he had filed a “quarterly report” with the US authorities.

The charges in that case allege that the defendants raised money from investors by representing that Niyato manufactured electric and compressed natural gas automobiles when, in truth, the company had no facilities, no operations and no capability to manufacture anything.


3…………> The Fake NY Heiress: Lies, All Lies


The Russian-born trucker’s daughter became a New York socialite while allegedly pretending to be a wealthy heiress, by swindling various people and businesses out of $US275,000, arriving in the world of glitz, fame, champagne and caviar in 2016 with a new name (Anna Delvey), a high-end wardrobe to match, but behind the jet-set lifestyle and pricey threads, she was a fraudster who bilked friends, banks and hotels for a taste of the high life.

The one-time darling of the Big Apple social scene went on trial on charges alleging she swindled various people and businesses out of $US275,000 in a 10-month odyssey that saw her jetting to the Midwest and Marrakesh before landing in a cell at Rikers Island.

Ms Sorokin, 28, lived in luxury New York City hotel rooms she could not afford, promised a friend an all-expenses paid trip to Morocco and then stuck her with the $US62,000 bill, and peddled bogus bank statements in a quest for a $US22 million loan, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has alleged.



4…………> Should Trump Trust Google: Not For Glass Of Water


“We were pleased to have productive conversations with the President about investing in the future of the American workforce, the growth of emerging technologies and our ongoing commitment to working with the US government,” Google said after Mr. Trump accused it of unfairly “censoring” conservative views on its platform, an accusation the firm strongly denies, and one for which experts say there is no evidence.

The firm’s spokesman would not, however, share details of how long the meeting was, or whether the firm agreed with Mr. Trump’s characterization of the discussion, only sayingGoogle’s is “committed to the US Military, not the Chinese Military”, President Trump said after meeting the firm’s chief executive on Wednesday.



5…………> Market Report for 03/27/2019: cover short stop 25,600, CG(4860)


Stocks down 32 to 25626, DJ futures -56, rally continuing due to anti-tariff talks to end the government shutdown and China spending 1 trillion dollars to buy US products.

  Position short at 25750, cover short stop closed at 25600 for a gain of 100 points.

 New trade long 25600, sell stop 25550 for a loss of 50 points, gold down to 1309.4.



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