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1…………> Today’s White House tweets

Donald J. Trump




We can all agree that AMERICA is now #1. We are the ENVY of the WORLD — and the best is yet to come!






Donald J. Trump




“The U.S. Created 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Fell to Lowest Level Since 1969”

The U.S. Created 263,000 Jobs in April | Breitbart

Economists had estimated that the economy would add 180,000 to nonfarm payrolls in April. | Economy




Donald J. Trump





“Jobs surge in April, unemployment rate falls to the lowest since 1969”

Jobs surge in April, unemployment rate falls to the lowest since 1969

The U.S. jobs machine kept humming along in April, adding a robust 263,000 new hires while the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%.




Donald J. Trump




Finally, Mainstream Media is getting involved – too “hot” to avoid. Pulitzer Prize anyone? The New York Times, on front page (finally), “Details effort to spy on Trump Campaign.”


This is bigger than WATERGATE, but the reverse!







2…………> Your Kidney’s Are Here, Mr.Smith: A Drone Delivery


Since transport and logistical issues are a major roadblock to completing transplant surgeries, a drone delivered a kidney to a Baltimore hospital, where doctors then successfully transplanted the organ into a patient, with Surgeon Joseph Scalea saying technology like this could make up to 2,500 kidneys available per year.

The drone was also set up to monitor the organ’s health during the flight, in the first live test of the kidney-carrying aircraft, designed by doctors and engineers at the University of Maryland to help speed up the transfer of organs.

The three miles trek took just under 10 minutes, but Joseph Scalea, a University of Maryland Medical Centre transplant surgeon, said it represented the potential for many more lives to be saved in the future.


3…………> Farting Verboten: Gruppen Fuehrer Zukerberg


Facebook banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and American black nationalist Louis Farrakhan from its main service and from Instagram, along with a slew of alt-right proponents, saying they violated the company’s ban on hate and violence on promoting far-right and anti-Semitic views.

The company said it had also banned right-wing extremists Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Nehlen, Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer, along with Jones’ site, Infowars.

He was banned from entering Australia earlier this year following his comments on social media about the Christchurch terror attack, in which 50 Muslims were killed during prayer.


4…………> A Five Starship Attack On Trump: Lord Dart Nadler


The hostility of some of the exchanges between AG Bill Barr,and House committee Chief Inquisitor,Lord Dart Nadler investigating  multiple legal and political thorny disagreements between the Democrats in Congress and President Donald Trump, just a day after the Attorney General  traded blows with senators, points to deeping hositilies as he refused to testify to another committee and the Democratic leadership accused him of lying under oath.

Meanwhile, Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the treasury department is reviewing the request to turn over the president tax returns, calling it improper and insisted that the IRS would not comply.


5…………> Attack On Dark Net:Wall Street Gang


The police of the Islamic Merkeldom of Germany said that three men were being held in custody as part of an international investigation into the illegal online operation named “Wall Street Market,” which was shut down on Thursday.

State prosecutors believe the platform was “at least” the second-largest illegal marketplace operating on the Darknet, and was mainly used to sell cocaine, heroin, cannabis and amphetamines, as well as hacked data, forged documents and malware, and underground enterprize that had been running for two years.

The police investigation involved security services from the US and Netherlands, as well as the European policing authority Europol and Germany’s ZIT internet crime agency


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