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Blog For 07/28/2018: Morning Edition

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1…………> Applied Global Warming: CA


5,000 dwellings and businesses are being threatened by a fast-growing northern California wildfire that has killed a second firefighter after high winds drove it into the city of Redding, prompting mass evacuations and destroying scores of homes, officials said. Flames raging in nocturnal Shasta-Trinity area erupted into a firestorm that jumped across the Sacramento River and swept into the western side of Redding, forcing some of the city’s 90,000 residents to flee.

Gale-force winds on Thursday night (local time) created a fire “tornado,” CalFire Director Ken Pimlott said.

“This fire was whipped up into a whirlwind of activity, uprooting trees, moving vehicles, moving parts of roadways,” Mr. Pimlott said.





2…………> Applied Global Warming: India Monsoon


Weather officials have warned of more rains in the next 48 hours in India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh, as at least 37 people are known to have died because of a monsoon which has triggered house collapses and flooded vast areas of land in northern India. The deaths have been occurring in Agra, the northern city where the white marble Taj Mahal is located, government spokesman Awanish Awasthi said.

The monsoon season usually lasts until October. In 2016, floods caused by the monsoon rains killed more than 300 and affected 6 million people. AP/ABC a house collapsed, he said.




3…………> Applied Global Warming: Vanuatu Evacuated


The population of an entire island in Vanuatu is set to be evacuated for the second time in less than a year because of an erupting volcano, threatening 11,000 people who live on Ambae island as hundreds have already left voluntarily with the situation clearly worsening.

The volcano’s alert level was raised after ash clouds turned day into a night when they blocked out the Sun due to Manaro volcano steadily increasing tectonic activity, forcing cars to turn their headlights on along roads that look like they are covered in grey snow.




4…………> China Army Games: Ready For Trump?


The seaborne assault contest of the International Army Games 2018 will open Sunday in Quanzhou city in east China’s Fujian Province. Some 200 contestants from countries that are definitely not flaming admirers of President Trump, namely Iran, Russia, Sudan, Venezuela and China will compete in three areas — obstacle course, survival trail, and relay race — from July 30 to August 10, said Senior Colonel Chen Weidong, the contest spokesperson, at a press conference on Saturday. “This is the first time China has hosted the seaborne assault contest, and all sections, imitating actual combat, will be extremely fierce and challenging,” said Chen. Participants will use Chinese equipment during the event, with training provided by the organization committee, Chen said. Activities such as cultural exchanges and displays of equipment will be held, and several Chinese naval vessels will be open for a visit to both contestants and the public until Aug. 11.

The International Army Games, initiated by the Russian Ministry of Defense, started on July 28, with 28 competitions in total this year. It is co-organized by China, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Iran.

China has been invited to take part in games for five years in a row and started to host some of the competitions last year. Three other competitions will be held in Korla in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.(Xinhua)





5…………> Urban Jungle: Amsterdam 


The politically correct Islamic Sheikdom of the Netherlands and its  capital had apparently met their dialectic contradiction: decades of unbridled and irresponsible open borders, unwillingness to enforce the laws on the books, has turned Amsterdam not only into “Prostitution Central” of EU but also into an open sewer, with littered streets and people defecating and peeing in public.

Is the disgusting reality of New World’s Disorder de-facto visible on the streets of the ancient city a window of the evil design of the globalists and their Central Banks masters to the green pastures of an open and multicultural society? Don’t bet your children’s future against it.


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