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1. “Anything vertical will eventually be horizontal.”― George Sorbane

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1…………>  Today’s White House Tweets


Donald J. Trump

@realDonald Trump


Donald J. Trump


Good morning Louisiana! Polls are open at 7AM. Get out and VOTE for @EddieRispone to be your next Gov! He will get your taxes and auto insurance (highest in Country!) way down. Loves our Military & Vets. Will protect your 2A. Find your polling place below: Get Ready to Vote

Visit for information about voting in your state.


Donald J. Trump


“My support for Donald Trump has never been greater than it is right now. It is paramountly obvious watching this, these people have to go. You elected Donald Trump to drain the Swamp, well, dismissing people like Yovanovitch is what that looks like. Dismissing people like Kent and Taylor, dismissing everybody involved from the Obama holdover days trying to undermine Trump, getting rid of those people, dismissing them, this is what it looks like. It was never going to be clean, they were never going to sit by idly and just let Trump do this!” Rush L


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

The Hill @thehill

AG Bill Barr: “Immediately after President Trump won election, opponents inaugurated what they call ‘The Resistance’ and they rallied around an explicit strategy of using every tool and maneuver to sabotage the functioning of the executive branch.”


Donald J. Trump Retweeted

Mark R. Levin


Attorney General Bill Barr slams the constant efforts to undermine the president in a speech to the Federalist Society, AG Barr assails Trump ‘Resistance’ in fiery speech to conservative lawyers

Attorney General Bill Barr on Friday delivered one of his most effusive defenses to date of his expansive views on executive power.


2…………> Trump Fires On Marie Yovanovitch: She’s No Good 


President Trump attack- tweeted the former US ambassador to Ukraine while she was in the middle of testifying at his impeachment probe, prompting her to complain she was being intimidated, when he said “everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad”, forcing Chief “Impeachment Shaman” Adam, “Pencil Neck” Schiff to charge it is “witness intimidation in real-time by the President of United States”, while Ken Starr accused the president of an “extraordinarily poor judgement.”

Donald J. Trump


Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her in my second phone call with him. It is a U.S. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.


7:01 AM – Nov 15, 2019

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Mr. Schiff, who is overseeing the impeachment hearing of Mr. Trump over allegations of abuse of power, replied by saying that “some of us here take witness intimidation very seriously.”


3…………>  Trump’s Attacking Yovanovitch: A Video 


Former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, responds to President Trump’s real-time Twitter attacks while she testifies to Congress, that led “Impeacher-in Chief” Adam, “Pencil Neck” Schiff to accuse Mr. Trump in “witness intimidation.”


4…………>  The Kissinger Warning: Settle US/China Rift Or Else 


“There is no doubt many aspects of the evolution of China are challenging to the US. It never happened before that two major countries in different parts of the universe were in similar positions”, Kissinger said, yet warning against a permanent conflict and predicting “a catastrophic outcome” for Beijing and Washington if it happens.

“I am confident the leaders on both sides will realize the future of the world depends on the two sides working out solutions and managing the inevitable difficulties”, the 96-year-old diplomat said at an event hosted by the National Committee on US-China Relations in New York.–inevitable-outcomes-unless-us-china-come-to-terms-with-their-rivalry/


5…………> Winter EU Misery: Snow, Floods & Co


Snow hit the usually mild south of France, Germany, too, is seeing the first wintry weather, as Venice is struggling with the worst floods in more than 50 years, while parts of northern England are also underwater, leading to an emergency being declared.

Italy’s canal city is struggling to cope with the worst floods in more than five decades, with water levels remain elevated after reaching a peak of 74 inches, waters rose to knee-high level again around the iconic St Mark’s Square.


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